Types of dental Fillings

A crucial step in dental restoration is repairing a decaying tooth. A cavity or hole in the tooth results from the dentist having to remove the decayed portion. The tooth surface will next be levelled up and given a natural-looking dental filling to cover the hole. The various kinds of dental restorations that can be used to fill teeth are discussed in this article. This blog will explain to you about What are the different types of Dental Fillings?

What are Dental Fillings?

The decayed part of the tooth will be removed by your dentist in order to repair a cavity, and the empty space left by the decayed material will be “filled” with dental material. Additionally, fillings can be utilised to restore teeth that have been worn down by usage or that have cracks or breaks. You can read about What Experts are saying about Dental Filling? Here.

5 Types of tooth-filling materials

Five types of materials are usually used to cover a hole caused by decay. Different types of dental fillings in Islamabad include:

Silver amalgam fillings:

This is a popular filling. Dental amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, tin, and zinc that is used to repair cavities in teeth. It is occasionally referred to as a “silver-filling” because of the way it looks. About half (50%) of the weight of dental amalgam is mercury.

Composite fillings:

Composite resins, sometimes known as tooth-coloured fillings, offer good durability and fracture resistance in small- to medium-sized fillings that must endure moderate pressure from the continuous stress of chewing. On the front or back teeth, they can be applied. For those who prefer a more natural-looking filling, they are an excellent option.

Ceramic fillings:

It is both strong and aesthetically pleasing because it is made of porcelain. Costing more than conventional fillings, ceramic fillings are tooth-coloured and outperform composite resin in terms of stain and abrasion resistance.

Glass ionomer fillings:

A few common applications for glass ionomer fillings include
1. Temporary fillings.
2. Degeneration found along the gumlines.
Toddler teeth In orthodontic procedures, the substance is additionally employed as an adhesive. A flexible material called glass ionomer is utilised to create a tight seal between the inside of a cavity-exposed tooth and its surroundings. The tooth can continue to be protected since it functions as a sealant.

Fillings (Gold Inlays):

Gold fillings are made of an alloy of gold, copper, and other metals. They are also known as inlays or onlays. Although this kind of dental filling is typically thought to be the most long-lasting, lasting 20 years or more, it is also the most expensive. A dental laboratory must create impressions for gold fillings, which means multiple office visits are necessary to place them.

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The Procedure of Dental Filling:

What to anticipate when getting a filling for a tooth is as follows:

  • The region surrounding the damaged tooth will be numbed up.
  • The dentist will wait a few minutes for the region to go numb.
  • To remove the tooth’s damaged portions, a drill or laser will be employed.
  • After that, the region will be cleaned with a gel.
  • To fill the tooth, the filling material will be used.
  • The tooth will be covered in adhesives and composite material to preserve and seal it.
  • The material can be hardened by exposing it to a bonding light for a few seconds.
  • The tooth will be polished and the dentist will sand down any sharp edges.

Knowing When to Replace a Filling:

It’s possible that you need to get your filling replaced if you’ve had a cavity filled at least once. Before they need to be replaced, most fillings survive for years. As you chew, grind, or clench your teeth, they will deteriorate, though. Your fillings may require replacement much sooner if you have a tendency to grind your teeth.

Any cracks or wear and tear should be reported to your dentist. When you chew with a filling that is broken, a crack may result. There’s a chance you’ll need more work done, which is typically more expensive than a straightforward dental filling. Your dentist may recommend a crown to fix a tooth if the cavity is too badly damaged.

Book Your Consultation:

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