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What’s the difference between acne marks and acne scars?

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and wondered why certain areas of your skin were so difficult to get rid of? Are acne scars and markings the same thing, or is your skin communicating a secret language that you’re still not understanding? What makes an acne scar different from a mark, and why does it matter? Learn More about What’s the difference between acne marks and acne scars. 

What’s the difference between acne marks and acne scars? 

Although they relate to different skin disorders, acne marks and acne scars are frequently used interchangeably.

Acne Marks (Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)

Acne marks are dark spots or discolorations that remain after an acne lesion has healed. Instead of being actual scars, they are the outcome of inflammation and an increase in melanin synthesis brought on by the acne.

Colour: Depending on your skin tone, marks can be red, purple, brown, or black.

Texture: There are no elevated spots or indentations; the skin’s texture is normally regular.

Over time, marks may naturally disappear; however, certain skincare procedures, including exfoliation and the application of skin-brightening chemicals, can expedite this process.

Acne Scars:

Damage to the dermal collagen resulting from acne can produce changes in the texture of the skin. This kind of injury can leave the skin with elevated spots or depressions called indentations.

Types: There are several varieties of acne scars, such as rolling, boxcars, and ice pick scars.

Colour: Scars can turn discoloured; however, this discolouration frequently comes with textural changes.

Persistence: Unlike markings, scars usually don’t go away on their own. To improve the texture of the skin, more aggressive procedures like laser therapy, microneedling, or chemical peels may be necessary.

Ideal Candidates:

  • A kind of hyperpigmentation known as PIH appears after an inflammatory acne lesion. PIH-related brown or dark patches may be seen in ideal candidates.
  • Atrophic scars are skin indentations brought on by tissue loss. Candidates with rolling, boxcars, or icepick scars might be ideal.
  • Candidates should be in good overall health and not be ineligible for any particular therapy. The appropriateness of specific operations may be impacted by specific medical conditions or drugs.
  • Nominees should know that results may vary and that total scar eradication may not always be achievable. Setting reasonable expectations is essential to being happy with the outcome.

What treatments are there?

Topical Interventions:

Retinoids: Prescription retinoids, such as tretinoin, can lessen discolouration and assist the texture of the skin.

Vitamin C: Topical vitamin C serums can encourage the formation of collagen and help lighten hyperpigmentation.

Chemical Peels:

In chemical peels, the top layer of skin is exfoliated using an acid solution, which encourages new, smoother skin formation.


To minimize the appearance of scars and blemishes, this process uses a machine to exfoliate the skin’s outer layer.

Laser Treatment:

Numerous laser procedures, including fractional laser therapy, can increase the production of collagen and enhance the skin’s texture.

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What’s the difference between acne marks and acne scars?

Inflammation and injury to the skin during the healing process are common causes of acne scars. After acne lesions heal, marks like hyperpigmentation may remain.
Acne scars might not always be completely removed. Nonetheless, several procedures can greatly enhance their appearance.
Rolling scars, boxcars, and icepick scars are common varieties. Rolling scars produce a wave-like texture, boxcar scars are wide and well-defined, and icepick scars are deep and narrow.

Laser Treatment For Acne Scars Cost In Islamabad


It’s a popular misconception that lasers can treat every type of scar or body area. But only the look of scars is merely diminished. The outer layer of skin is removed during this procedure. This will encourage the growth of fresh skin cells, which will cover the damaged areas. This technique is being utilized to treat scars, keloids, age spots, and skin wrinkles. Scars cannot be completely eliminated. Only a dermatologist who has received board certification may do the procedure. This article will explain all you need about Laser Treatment for acne scars cost in Islamabad.

Some Quick Facts:

Here are some quick facts about laser treatment for acne scars in Islamabad, Pakistan:

  • You may not get the same results that your friend got as results vary from person to person
  • You will need more than one session to get the required results
  • Results are not immediate rather they will take time to appear
  • You will need follow-up treatments
  • You may need to follow a good skincare routine for better and perfect results

Are All Acne Scars Treatable?

Scarring is not always the case but it can still leave permanent marks on the skin. The skin may discolor but it can heal itself after some time. However, skin texture improvement is permanent in some cases. Following are some of the types of acne scars:

  • Ice pick scars: These are deeper holes
  • Rolling scars: Bands of scar tissue that grow beneath the skin generate rolling scars.
  • Boxcar scars: After certain types of acne have healed, your skin will have an oval or round depression known as a boxcar scar.

Generally, acne does not leave scars but if you are suffering from nodular acne or cyst then you are most likely to get a scar. As scars are permanent so you need to see a dermatologist for their treatment.

Cost of laser Treatment For Acne Scars:

The cost of Laser Treatment for acne scars cost in Islamabad may range from PKR 15,000 to PKR 25,000 This is the cost of both ablative and non-ablative types of treatments. There are certain factors that affect the cost of laser treatment for acne scars. Following is the detail of those factors:

  • It depends upon the number of scars
  • The size of the area under treatment
  • How many sessions do you need
  • The experience of your physician
  • This whole process is a multi-session process so you need to prepare your mind for this

There is no requirement for downtime. You will get a rough estimate of the cost by booking the first consultation. The first consultation at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad is free.

Pre-Treatment Guidelines For Laser Hair Removal For Acne Scars:

There are certain precautions that you need to observe before going for the procedure:

  • Avoid taking blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen
  • You must prohibit smoking for 2 weeks before the procedure
  • You cannot use any product that has retinol in it over the area that is going to be under treatment
  • You cannot take any medication to treat your acne
  • You must tell your provider about cold sores so he will provide you with the respective medicines

Principles of Laser Treatment For acne scars:

  • Removal of the top layer of skin by laser
  • Peeling off the first layer of skin
  • Stimulation of formation of a healthy layer of skin
  • Growth of normal cells which are healthy
  • Improvement in blood flow to the area
  • It becomes easy for the skin to heal.

The dermatologist moves the laser repeatedly on the area which will diminish them. Those patients who have photosensitive are not advised to get this treatment.

Side Effects of Laser acne scars:

The type of side effects may vary according to the type of laser used yet some similar side effects may include:

  • Pain and swelling at the treatment site are present.
  • Infection at the site
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • After an hour or two, pain from acne scar laser treatment is typically gone. The fading of redness could take up to ten days. Fever or extensive swelling are the signs of infection, you must immediately consult your service provider if you are experiencing such symptoms.

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