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What are the side effects of human hair wigs?

A human hair wig in Islamabad hides bald patches of the scalp, gives a natural look and restores the confidence and self-esteem of an individual. Furthermore, it also expands styling options and is deemed a painless yet effective hair loss treatment. If you are considering this approach to increase your fascination, then it is better to learn about it, its benefits and possible outcomes. 

Everyone loves having a fuller hair head. It keeps a person looking attractive and youthful. On the other side, people dealing with receding hairlines or baldness are not that much confident and they even cannot live to the fullest. Given that, it is essential to protect natural strands or get a proper treatment.

Unwrapping The Concept Of Wig!

Unfortunately, hair loss has become a common problem. It may occur because of genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalance and nutrient deficiency. Some people try wigs to hide this personality defect and reverse its effects. It can be made of human hair or synthetic materials. The former one is, though, expensive but popular.  No doubt, it reinstates the natural look of an affected person, but we cannot ignore the associated drawbacks.

What Are The Side Effects of Human Hair Wigs?

Scalp-related Issues

Its prolonged use can cause scalp-related problems. A person using it should not compromise on hygiene. If he ignores it, he may face issues with the remaining hair or scalp underneath. Therefore, an individual should not ignore the instructions of a professional.

Discomfort and Heat

If a person wears it for an extended period, it may cause discomfort and heat buildup, leading to irritation and sweating. Therefore, you should not wear it all the time.

Maintenance Challenges

Unlike natural strands, it needs special consideration. Human hair wigs especially require more care and maintenance than other ones. If you overlook proper maintenance, you may end up losing the charm of your new look.

Allergic Reactions

Some people experience allergic reactions because of the material used, such as adhesive or wig cap. It can cause itching, irritation and redness. Considering its effects, you need a protective approach to get the most suitable option.

An Expensive Option

Generally, it is deemed a costlier procedure. Given its offerings, such as natural-looking appearance, longevity, versatility in style and customisation options, it is deemed a better way of hiding lost hair. But these qualities make it quite expensive.

Limits Activities

The use of a wig can limit the activities of a person like a person cannot swim with it. And also you cannot wear it every time and have to remove it at night because you cannot sleep in it.

Protective Measures

If you want to reduce the risk of associated effects, maintain its quality and use it for a longer period, then you need to follow some protective measures to increase its longevity and get better outcomes.

  • Be very gentle and do not pull the strands to avoid breakage
  • Wash it very carefully to avoid tangling
  • Do not exposure it to the sunlight
  • Do not wear it in extreme weather and while swimming
  • Take proper care of it and do not wear it all the time

Summing Up:

Hair loss is dreadful. It diminishes the charm and aesthetics of an individual’s personality. Reduces the confidence and self-esteem of a person. Hair transplant in Islamabad can restore your lost strands but it is a surgical procedure. Hair wig in Islamabad is deemed a painless, secure and effective way of achieving a fuller hair head and restoring youthfulness. It can also cause some effects such as irritation and allergic reactions and also limit your activities. So, do not forget to consult a professional before considering this option.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to restore your lost locks and redefine the elegance of your youthful look! Our team helps people achieve their desired appearances. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and let us choose the best possible option for you!


What are the side effects of human hair wigs?

Yes. You can wear a wig everyday with proper care. There is no issue in doing this. A human hair wig in Islamabad offers a natural look and makes you confident and self-assured.
A human hair wig in Islamabad is quite expensive than synthetic wigs. Furthermore, the weather may also damage them. Besides that, you may have to spend more time to have your desired hair style.
The cost of a human hair wig in Islamabad starts from 85,000 PKR. The price may fluctuate from individual to individual because some factors can influence its pricing.

Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan

It is not okay to see bald patches on the scalp. People have to suffer because of baldness or receding hairlines. This problem tarnishes the personality of a person. The ageing factor, hormonal changes and poor lifestyle may lead to it. Luckily, this suffering is reversible because we offer a quick fix. Hair wigs in Islamabad offer immediate transformation by concealing baldness and producing a denser, natural and desired front and side look. 

We may call it a non-surgical alternative to transplantation in Islamabad. A person can restore his/her natural look and youthfulness by concealing bald patches on the scalp. Let’s explore the benefits and Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Understanding The Importance Of Abundant Locks:

We all want to impress others and even ourselves through the youthfulness and glamour of our personalities. Whether you are a male or female, the role of thick and luxurious hair cannot be denied. They can significantly impact our personalities. People dealing with baldness are often disturbed and worried about their looks. That’s why everyone loves to have a head full of hair. Given its significance, it is essential to address baldness or receding hairlines to make people more confident.

Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan

The price of male hair wigs in Islamabad starts from 45,000 PKR. You may find a bit of fluctuation in the overall price. This might be because of several cost-determining factors. When considering this procedure, people normally ask about the cost of this painless approach. 

Factors Impacting Its Price

  • The type of artificial strands
  • Quality of material used
  • Condition of the scalp
  • The clinic’s location and reputation


  • A painless way of achieving a head full of hair
  • Hides bald patches of the skull and restores the glamour of personality
  • Does not involve a pain factor
  • Offers immediate outcomes and is deemed a quick fix
  • Suitable for everyone with guaranteed results
  • Offers natural-looking results as can be produced in a personalized way

Who Should Go For This Method?

This procedure does not entail cuts and incisions. People undergoing this procedure do not feel any pain and discomfort. You may discuss its advantages and disadvantages with your practitioner. Generally, everyone is a good candidate. No matter whether you have donor hair or not, you can go for this technique.

Wearing A Wig: Tips To Maintain It

The quality of hairpieces matters. It can impact the longevity of these artificial strands. The other thing that matters the most is how you take care of it. If you maintain it and give it due consideration then you can extend its durability.

  • Invest in quality material and strive to get the best available option
  • Use a specific brush to comb it properly without causing any damage
  • Use a specific shampoo to clean it
  • Do not use heat tools for styling as it could damage strands
  • Do not dry but gently squeeze excess water to dry it

The Bottom Line:

Hair wig cost in Islamabad, Pakistan, starts from 45,000 PKR. Given its advantages, it is not an extensive approach. You can conceal the bald patches on your scalp and get natural-looking and shining strands to augment the aesthetics of your personality. Factors such as the type and quality of material used in it can impact its cost.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to rejuvenate your appearance. At RCS, you can find personalised treatments and address each of your cosmetic concerns. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan

The lifespan of a male hair wig in Islamabad depends on a few factors such as type and quality of wig, maintenance and care and frequency of its use. Generally, it can last somewhere between 3-6 months.
Normally, experts do not recommend it. It is not suggested to sleep while wearing a wig because friction during sleep can lead to damage. That’s why, it is better to avoid wearing it while sleeping.
The cost of a male hair wig in Islamabad starts from 45,000 PKR. The price depends on several factors such as the type of material used, quality of a wig, etc. 

Top Trends in Men’s Hair Wigs Today

Hair wig in Islamabad is a non-invasive hair loss treatment. It enables an individual to conceal bald areas of the scalp or protect natural hair from the scourge of the environment and explore diverse looks. Nowadays, its role in hair styling has become crucial. 

This is the era of trend-setting and personality development. We cannot rely only on what is being developed or innovated. We have to adhere to our unique features and try to amalgamate them with the latest or popular innovative styling approaches.

When it comes to men, they are not restricted to a particular sort of fashion. They have choices. The same is the case in hair styling. Men can now enjoy a diverse range of hair styling through men’s hair wigs without damaging their natural hair.

Top Trends In Men’s Hair Wigs Today:

Natural Styling

Having a natural look and seamless blend is the ultimate desire of many individuals. Have you lost your natural hair strands and been disturbed because of your strange look? A hair wig can offer you a natural styling option that you have been pursuing since childhood.

Grey and Silver Strands

Not only do aged people choose these trends, but the youth also seem interested in grey and silver hair colours. These styles provide a modern and edgy look and also add to the uniqueness and decent look of an individual. You can observe these styling options everywhere, allowing people to present their personalities explicitly.

Lace Front Wigs

A sheer lace is attached to the front of the wig cap, creating a natural scalp. Hair strands are tied to the lace in a particular way to reveal a person’s unique styling option. You can find both human hair and synthetic wigs based on your personal preferences and styling choices. 

A Multi-colour Wig

The youth of today seems interested in newness, uniqueness and a refined look. A multicolour wig is a dynamic approach to satisfy your hunger for different styling. It highlights your scalp and adds dimensions to your hair styling, creating an interesting yet attractive look.

Messy Style Wigs

If you seek a trendy appearance or tousled curls or produce a chick or relaxed look, then this sort of appearance without spending extensive time on styling. These are low-maintenance styling techniques that fulfil the aesthetic styling needs of an individual. 

Here Is Why To Follow Wig Trends:

  • To adopt the latest and in-demand styling options
  • Explore different looks and yet portray a trendy appearance
  • Ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience
  • Enjoy your styling choice and inspire others
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem

The Bottom Line:

Hair wigs in Islamabad redefine your personality aesthetics and allow you to redevelop the shine and look of your personality by concealing hair loss and creating a catchy look. Nowadays, people not only hide bald areas of their scalps but also strive to decorate those patches based on their preferences. Trends are continuously evolving. Based on the recent data, we have compiled a list of modern hair styling techniques; you can choose one to develop an expressive personality.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to make yourself aware of modern trends and develop your personality and desired look. We at RCS offer a wide range of cosmetic and styling options and bring value to the lives of our patients. Visit our clinic and let us create a trendy look of yours!


Top Trends in Men’s Hair Wigs Today

Yes. Lace front wigs in Islamabad produce a natural appearance, allowing men to redefine their masculine look. Their offerings, such as styling and versatility, make them trendy.
Why not? You can follow any trends. You must understand the importance of your hair styling for your personality. Further, these trends can be adapted based on your facial features. So, you are free to move ahead.
Consider your hairstyle, face shape and specific aspirations. Besides that, you can also discuss with a specialist or get a consultation session to make an informed and appropriate choice.

Transform Your Look with Premium Hair Wigs in Islamabad

Hair loss or baldness brings chaos and disturbance in the personality of an individual. People observing this personality problem are often compelled to live a compromised life. They understand that the psychological impacts of hair loss can dismantle the lifestyle of an individual. People often seek non-surgical yet effective ways to address their cosmetic concerns. Hair wigs in Islamabad restore the charm of a denser and luscious look by concealing baldness or receding hairlines. Discover how a premium hair wigs in islamabad can transform your look!

Elevate Your Style: Hair Wig

The importance of a fuller hair head cannot be denied. It offers a luxury of fashion and styling. Many people lose the charm of a fuller hairhead. This disturbs their personalities and leads to self-consciousness. Hair wig in Islamabad is basically a hair covering produced from natural or synthetic hair. It is an artificial hair cap that provides length and density without damaging existing hair patterns.

Top Benefits Of Hair Wig

  • Changes hairstyle quickly and effortlessly
  • Conceals hair loss or baldness and boosts confidence
  • Protects existing hair from any potential damage and supports hair growth
  • A cost-effective yet productive hair treatment in Islamabad
  • Transforms the appearance and look of an individual
  • Easily manageable as it does not require any specific treatment

Reshape Your Look with Premium Hair Wigs:

Now, you do not need to be worried if hair loss or baldness has disturbed your personality and led to a compromised look because you can defeat this problem and produce your normal and attractive appearance. Hair wig is a simple, non-invasive, cost-effective and quick way to hide bald patches of the scalp, get a desired hair look and restore the brightness and elegance of personality.

A hair wig can be produced by human or synthetic hair. This effortless hair treatment creates a sense of perfection and offers you an opportunity to express your feelings and emotions to the fullest as it creates seamless hairlines and also allows you to develop your favourite hairstyle. The use of a wig reshapes your appearance and look by dealing with your hair loss problem and redeveloping the beauty of denser hair scalp.

Ideal Candidates For This Hair Procedure:

  • People dealing with hair loss because of medical issues and seeking a way to recreate their normal look
  • Individuals who require temporary alteration without any changes in natural hair
  • People who are going to get hair transplants in Islamabad and require a temporary solution
  • Individuals wishing to attend a special event or ceremony
  • People who enjoy hair styling frequently without disturbing natural hair must consider it

Cost Of Hair Wig In Islamabad

The cost of a hair wig in Islamabad ranges from PKR 40,000. The cost is not the same. It depends on a number of factors such as hair wig material or type, specific requirements of an individual, the clinic’s location and aftercare treatment. The price of a specific procedure plays a crucial role, but it is not the only determinant. Given its offering, it is better to prioritise your objective of restoring your luscious hair locks.

The Final thought:

Hair wig in Islamabad is a custom-made or artificial cap that is designed to conceal hair loss or baldness. People observing excess hair fall or are in trouble because of baldness can go for this hair treatment to hide their flaws and produce a glowing, impressive and youthful look. Wig can transform your personality by restoring the elegance and grace of a fuller hairhead. Get a consultation session before getting any procedure to produce optimal results!

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to transform your look with premium hair wigs. We at RCS listen to your concerns and objectives and make you see your desired results. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Transform Your Look with Premium Hair Wigs in Islamabad

Human hair wigs in Islamabad create a natural look and make you feel relaxed and comfortable, as this sort of wig produces an alignment with existing hair strands. Human hair wigs can give you a natural look.
No. It is not. Hair wig in Islamabad is a temporary solution. It may last for a longer period, but it does not last forever. This treatment brings benefits for the time being and allows you to enjoy your favourite ceremonies and events.
If you wear a hair wig, you do not need to be worried because hair wigs do not inhibit the growth of existing hair follicles. It does not create any disturbance. So, hair continues to grow naturally.

How long is a hair wig safe to wear?

Hair loss or baldness disheartens people and dismantles the aesthetics of their personalities. This problem has become common these days as many people, including men and women, are experiencing receding hairlines. Besides surgical options, hair wigs in Islamabad are a non-surgical solution that conceals baldness and redefines personality aesthetics.

Wearing a wig has become a viable solution to conceal hair loss. Many individuals are utilising this approach to maintain the youthfulness and grace of their personalities. This technique does not require any surgical involvement, incisions or cuts, offers immediate results and uncovers a good-looking and attractive version of an individual.

Primarily, this is a head covering that is made of human hair or synthetic fibre to hide hair fall or baldness, create a fuller head appearance and add to the charm and glamour of an individual. Most people use this hair covering to conceal baldness, and many use it to prevent any possible damage to their hair or reduce the effects of environmental factors. 

Unwrapping Hair Glory: Top Benefits

  • Conceals hair loss or baldness and gives an improved appearance
  • Offers an immediate solution against hair loss and does not cause any side effect
  • Extends a refined appearance makes an individual look attractive without involving incisions
  • Protects your styling habits without making you suffer from extended recovery periods
  • It is a cost-effective procedure and allows everybody to meet their desired ends
  • Protects remaining hair or scalp from external factors such as sunlight
  • It does not eliminate your discretion, as you can mould your look further or get alterations
  • Boosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual and adds to his uniqueness and individuality

How Long To Wear Hair Wig Safely?

In order to discuss this question, we need to consider several factors, such as the quality of material used for a specific wig preparation, the type of wig, its usage, the maintenance of an individual and the effects of external factors. Given these factors, we can state that the longevity of a hair wig is not the same as it varies significantly. Both ends- the quality of a wig and its use- play a crucial role in its longevity. 

Human hair wigs can last for about a year. If you take care of your wig, then you can easily enjoy your wig experience for an extended period. Proper care is needed to increase its longevity and get the desired benefits. Do not rub and over-wash your human hair wig. A synthetic wig can easily last from 4 to 6 months if you use it on a daily basis. Do not ever ignore the instructions of your surgeon if you wear a wig to avoid any possible side effects and increase the productivity of wearing a wig.

How To Increase The Longevity Of Hair Wigs?

  • Do not use harsh chemicals and styling products 
  • Protect your wig from excessive sun exposure
  • Wash it regularly, but do not over wash wig
  • Do not wear it while sleeping as it could be damaged
  • Use a wig cap to protect your remaining hair and scalp
  • Brush your wig gently to reduce the risk of damage
  • Get professional services to keep it functional

The Bottom Line:

Hair loss or baldness damages the personality of a person, making him unsatisfied. Many people do not welcome surgical interventions to deal with aesthetic issues such as hair loss. Hair wigs in Islamabad are deemed acceptable solutions as they conceal hair loss, protect the remaining hair, and do not involve any cuts and incisions. Synthetic fibre and human hair can be used to develop a wig. The longevity of its duration of effectiveness varies from wig to wig and person to person because several factors determine its duration, such as the quality and type of material used, human care, maintenance sessions and an individual’s adherence to the given instructions.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Clinic Islamabad to add value to your charm and personality and bring peace and contentment to your life. We deal with all sorts of cosmetic issues and ensure effective results by delivering the best services. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision! 


How long is a hair wig safe to wear?

Yes. There is no issue with weaning a wig every day as long as you take care of your scalp, wash it regularly and prevent dirt buildup. You can use it daily as it does not cause any damage to your hair and skin.
A person should avoid sleeping while wearing a wig. It is possible, but it is not recommended. Surgeons usually do not recommend and suggest that individuals should sleep without wearing a wig. 
If you wear a wig properly and follow the instructions, it does not damage your hair. You must wear a cap to protect your hair and scalp.

Which hair wig lasts the longest?

Hair wigs in Islamabad are a non-surgical procedure to conceal hair loss or baldness and restore the grace and elegance of an individual’s personality. No one can neglect the importance of a fuller hair head, but hardly a person can maintain natural hair after a certain period. Furthermore, hair fall or baldness is no longer an issue for elderly people because people of young age are also dealing with this issue. If you are a fan of non-surgical hair restoration procedures, then this is a must-read for you. This blog will explain the phenomenon of hair wigs and which type of wig lasts for an extended period.

Hair Wigs: Ins and Outs

If you are dealing with receding hairlines or baldness, then you must have heard the word “wig”. A wig is basically a custom-made covering that hides bald patches of the scalp and also protects natural hair. This can be made of human hair or synthetic fibres to deal with the issue of baldness or hair loss. A person can easily wear a wig to improve his appearance and get back his confidence and self-esteem.

Top Benefits Of This Hair Treatment:

  • Improves the aesthetics of an individual’s personality by hiding bald areas of the scalp
  • People dealing with extensive hair fall can conceal revealed areas 
  • This is a non-invasive, non-surgical, productive and cost-effective treatment
  • The best solution for people who seek non-surgical options
  • It has no downtime, nor does it leave any scar
  • Protects remaining hair from external damages

Which Hair Wig Lasts The Long?

Though several factors can determine the longevity of a hair wig, such as the type of wig and how an individual maintains it.  Generally, human hair wigs are deemed the most effective and long-lasting type of wigs. This sort of wig can easily last for a year, and if you take proper care of it, then the longevity of its duration can be extended. 

The use of natural hair to conceal baldness or hair loss has a multitude of benefits. First of all, they are resilient and create a natural-looking appearance. Furthermore, the styling options are also more in comparison to other types of wigs. It is quite easy to maintain because it does not require any specific treatment and also it is versatile in nature.

How To Increase The Longevity Of A Human Hair Wig?

Natural hair receive oils and vitamins from the scalp, but once a hair strand falls, it stops receiving the required nutrition from the scalp. So, if you get a human hair wig, then you must consider this factor to maintain its integrity and increase its durability. 

  • Wash human hair properly on a regular basis to increase their utility
  • Use a sulphate-free shampoo to avoid damage
  • Protect your wig from direct sun exposure, as the sunlight can reduce its shine and longevity
  • There are several wig-friendly products. Only use them to get extended benefits

Why Should I Prefer a Human Hair Wig?

If you are confused and thinking about which type of wig you should use, then we suggest you use a human hair wig to get 

  • Natural-looking and realistic experience and sensation
  • Durable, long-lasting and extended results
  • Quality results through quality approaches
  • Pragmatic or realistic texture and more confidence
  • Yourself free from extensive maintenance procedures

Summing Up:

Hair loss or baldness is a common issue nowadays. People, including men and women of every age, are experiencing this problem. Baldness decreases the brightness and charm of an individual’s personality. Many people seek non-surgical treatment. For them, Natural hair wig is the most effective and enduring procedure to hide or conceal bald patches on the scalp. This type of wig does not require specific treatment, and with proper care, you can extend its effectiveness up to 2 years.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery to get the finest solution to regain your grace and elegance and bring back your confidence and self-esteem. We are determined to provide optimised treatments and reinstate the element of joy and satisfaction in our patients. Visit our clinic and let us improve your personality!


Which hair wig lasts the longest?

Normally, a hair wig can last from 1-2 years. The longevity of its effectiveness largely depends on an individual’s care. If you properly take care of a human hair wig, then you can even enhance the stated period of its utility.
The purpose of a wig is not to damage natural hair but to conceal hair fall or baldness. But if you do not wig it properly or do not adhere to the given instructions, then you may end up experiencing damage to your hair. Always wear a wig cap to protect natural hair and avoid friction and damage.
Not really! It is not intended to do that. It is a royal fallacy that a wig can stop hair growth. If you wear a wig and follow all instructions or take protective measures, then there are no side effects in wearing a wig. Furthermore, it is better to consult with a professional and learn about the possible outcome of this hair-concealing procedure.

Best Hair Wigs for Men in Islamabad

A common unfavourable outcome of many ailments or disorders is hair loss. It’s up to you how you choose to approach it. To cover your head, you can choose to wear a hat, scarf, or wig. If you decide to wear a wig, there are many types to consider. You should ideally choose one that gives you a sense of security and comfort. Read more about Best Hair Wigs for Men in Islamabad. This article will explain to you the types of hair wigs and methods to apply them.

Types of Wigs on the Basis of Synthesis:

There are following types of wigs:

Synthetic wigs:

Affordably priced and long-lasting are synthetic wigs. They are easy to style and maintain their colour beautifully. Planning your washes correctly can help your synthetic wigs dry in 8 to 12 hours.

Human hair wigs:

Wigs made of human hair can feel and appear more realistic than those made of synthetic materials despite being more expensive. Additionally, because they are simpler to dye, cut, and style, they last longer and provide more styling possibilities. They require more maintenance because they react to the environment and fade in the sun.

Commonly Used Wigs to Fight Baldness:

You may have different options available to fight baldness. So if you are looking to get the hair wig then you are at the right place.These are the most popular types of hair wigs available in the market for treating male baldness:

●    Mono Hair Wigs:

Mono hair wigs are a good option for men who desire a long-lasting hair restoration product. Our selection of mono hair wigs features the following as its top choices:

Vigor: It features an ultra-thin skin perimeter and a fine mono basis, which makes it soft and lightweight on one side while being strong and long-lasting on the other.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to refer our Vigor-C and our Vigor mono hair wig as identical twins given how similar they both appear. It has a lace front, a super-thin perimeter, and an 8″ x 10″ base composed of fine monofilament, just as the previous monofilament hair system. Because there are clips, it is distinctive.

●    Lace Front Hair Wigs

Lace front hairpieces for males are said to be the most hyper-realistic options. Even Hollywood superstars use these devices because they create hairstyles that are so natural-looking and fit their actual personalities rather than just their on-screen personas.

●    Full Lace Hair Wigs:

The distinction between lace front and full lace hair wigs must already be clear to you. There is no issue with males wearing them in various haircuts. Full lace hair wigs are typically more breathable than skin in terms of toughness and comfort, but they could be less resilient if the crown area is mono.

●    Swiss Hair Wigs:

Despite being less sturdy than French lace, Swiss lace hair wigs look more natural because of how well they blend in with the skin. Swiss lace wigs are comfortable to wear, simple to put on, and provide plenty of scalp ventilation.

●    Afro Hair Wigs:

Afro hair toupees are made by hand-tying premium foundation materials with top-notch hair strands. People who want to experiment with a distinctive hairstyle should use these kinds of wigs.

●    Skin Hair Wigs:

Men all across the world tend to like skin hair wigs. They are essentially human hair toupees where the hair strands are dragged through a fine polyurethane (PU) material combination that resembles skin.

Benefits of Wearing Hair Wigs:

Following are the advantages of wearing a hair wig:

  • Non-Invasive Technique
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Customized For a Better Fit
  • Styling Adaptability

How to Wear Hair Wig?

Following steps need to be followed to wear a hair wig:

First the skin is prepared by following these steps.

Prepping Your Hair and Head:

  • Pick a wig type
  • Prepare your hair
  • Prepare your skin
  • Put on a wig cap
  • Apply the glue or adhesive tape

Then following steps are followed for applying the hair wig.

Applying the Wig:

  • Prepare the wig
  • Place the wig on your head
  • Secure the wig
  • Style and accessorize

Wigs Need Care and Maintenance:

  • Wigs need care and maintenance.
  • They are first purchased.
  • They are cut and trim by your stylist.
  • Use only wig care-specific tools such as combs and brushes if you must use products.
  • Wigs should be washed every 10 to 14 days.
  • You might need to wash your hair more regularly if you use hair products.
  • When shampooing, use lukewarm water because hot water could melt any glue.
  • After that, dab it with a towel and spray conditioner on it.
  • To dry, place the wig on a stand.

Cost of Hair Wigs for Men:

The cost of Best Hair Wigs for Men in Islamabad may vary depending upon the type of wig used. You can get the full information about the price of wigs by booking your free first consultation with us. Our team will guide you further in this regard.

Yet there are certain factors that affect the price of hair wigs in islamabad. They are as under:

  • The cost charged by a licenced practitioner.
  • Place and clinic’s standing.
  • Material for the hair wig.
  • Volume requirements.
  • Other substantiating allegations

Book Your First Consultation With Us for Hair Wigs:

The wig, topper, or hairpiece you take home must be the ideal fit for you in every manner, and we want to make sure of that. You should invest in your hair. We don’t want to expedite the procedure because of this. We want to make sure your new hair makes you feel good and confident. So if you are trying to get to know about Best Hair Wigs for Men in Islamabad then Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad is the best option for you. Contact us by calling on the given number or fill out the form below.

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