Real Hair Wig price in Pakistan

A fuller hairhead establishes a youthful look, makes you confident and adds value to your personality aesthetics. Hair loss or baldness decimates the charm and elegance of your personality. Whether you want to treat receding hairlines or try new hairstyles without altering your original hair colour and pattern then a Hair wig in Islamabad, Pakistan is your ultimate and feasible solution.

Nowadays a lot of people prefer getting a hair wig not only to conceal their lost hair or to try trending hairstyles. People often ask about the overall cost of this hair loss concealing method. In this blog, we are going to find the real hair wig price in Pakistan.

Transform The Glory Of Your Crown: Hair Wigs

A wig is basically hairpieces that are worn on the head to conceal hair loss or baldness, get a new hairstyle or alter the texture or colour of natural hairs. Natural hair or synthetic fibre can be used to develop a hair wig. Normally, people consider this option to conceal hair loss, improve their personalities and enhance confidence and self-esteem.

Increase Your Glamour: Top Benefits

  • Minimally invasive, painless and effective hair loss treatment
  • Hides bald areas of the scalp and offers an impressive look
  • Alters hairstyle, hair colour and texture without affecting natural hair
  • Offers a quick solution and redefines the beauty aesthetics of an individual
  • Boost the confidence and self-esteem of an affected person
  • Allows people to explore new fashions without damaging natural hair
  • Protects natural strands from environmental factors and develops an aesthetically pleasing personality

Real Hair Wig Price In Pakistan:

Real hair wigs price in Pakistan ranges PKR 40000. This cost bracket might vary because of a few price-determining factors. Yes, there are a few factors that can influence the overall treatment cost. You must get a consultation session to explore your estimated price bracket.

Here Are A Few Cost-Determining Factors:

Quality of wig

The quality of the material significantly impacts the price of the procedure. You may proceed with a natural or artificial hair wig based on your specific requirements or objectives. Your wig choice will determine the actual cost.

Length and Density

Besides quality, the length and density of strands also affect the cost of a hair wig. A professional may also assist you in choosing the most suitable or required length and density of a hair wig to offer personalised results.


When it comes to personality aesthetics, everyone wants to adorn themselves based on their preferences. Though people can also choose from ready-made wigs. If they seek custom-made procedures or get optimal results then the actual cost will definitely alter.

Intricate Styling

A wig can be simple or fancy. Based on its styling, its price varies. If you get a wig having intricate styling then simply you may have to pay more.

It is better to consult a professional in order to get your requirements properly assessed. Also, an expert’s advice will assist you in getting the most suitable and appropriate hair covering.

The Bottom Line:

Hair wigs in Islamabad hide hair loss or baldness, act as a covering, protect natural hair, add value to personality aesthetics and enhance the grace and elegance of a person’s appearance. Before getting a hair wig, you must know about its benefits and approximate expenditures. Usually, the cost of a hair wig in Islamabad is around PKR 40,000. The cost bracket often changes because of a few price-determining factors such as the type and quality of a hair wig and specific requirements of an individual.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to replace your dull look and restore the charm of your personality. We offer personalised treatments and enable people to observe their desired results. Get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Real Hair Wig Price in Pakistan

A hair wig in Islamabad may consist of natural hair or artificial fibre. If you use a natural hair wig then it develops a seamless blend with natural hair and looks real.
Not really. Hair coverings in Islamabad do not cause pain and discomfort. It does not require incisions. You may feel irritated if you use it for a longer period.
Some people may experience allergic reactions or sensitivities. In addition to that, it is not easy to maintain them and a wig is deemed a temporary solution.