Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan

It is not okay to see bald patches on the scalp. People have to suffer because of baldness or receding hairlines. This problem tarnishes the personality of a person. The ageing factor, hormonal changes and poor lifestyle may lead to it. Luckily, this suffering is reversible because we offer a quick fix. Hair wigs in Islamabad offer immediate transformation by concealing baldness and producing a denser, natural and desired front and side look. 

We may call it a non-surgical alternative to transplantation in Islamabad. A person can restore his/her natural look and youthfulness by concealing bald patches on the scalp. Let’s explore the benefits and Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Understanding The Importance Of Abundant Locks:

We all want to impress others and even ourselves through the youthfulness and glamour of our personalities. Whether you are a male or female, the role of thick and luxurious hair cannot be denied. They can significantly impact our personalities. People dealing with baldness are often disturbed and worried about their looks. That’s why everyone loves to have a head full of hair. Given its significance, it is essential to address baldness or receding hairlines to make people more confident.

Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan

The price of male hair wigs in Islamabad starts from 45,000 PKR. You may find a bit of fluctuation in the overall price. This might be because of several cost-determining factors. When considering this procedure, people normally ask about the cost of this painless approach. 

Factors Impacting Its Price

  • The type of artificial strands
  • Quality of material used
  • Condition of the scalp
  • The clinic’s location and reputation


  • A painless way of achieving a head full of hair
  • Hides bald patches of the skull and restores the glamour of personality
  • Does not involve a pain factor
  • Offers immediate outcomes and is deemed a quick fix
  • Suitable for everyone with guaranteed results
  • Offers natural-looking results as can be produced in a personalized way

Who Should Go For This Method?

This procedure does not entail cuts and incisions. People undergoing this procedure do not feel any pain and discomfort. You may discuss its advantages and disadvantages with your practitioner. Generally, everyone is a good candidate. No matter whether you have donor hair or not, you can go for this technique.

Wearing A Wig: Tips To Maintain It

The quality of hairpieces matters. It can impact the longevity of these artificial strands. The other thing that matters the most is how you take care of it. If you maintain it and give it due consideration then you can extend its durability.

  • Invest in quality material and strive to get the best available option
  • Use a specific brush to comb it properly without causing any damage
  • Use a specific shampoo to clean it
  • Do not use heat tools for styling as it could damage strands
  • Do not dry but gently squeeze excess water to dry it

The Bottom Line:

Hair wig cost in Islamabad, Pakistan, starts from 45,000 PKR. Given its advantages, it is not an extensive approach. You can conceal the bald patches on your scalp and get natural-looking and shining strands to augment the aesthetics of your personality. Factors such as the type and quality of material used in it can impact its cost.

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Price of Male hair wigs in Islamabad, Pakistan

The lifespan of a male hair wig in Islamabad depends on a few factors such as type and quality of wig, maintenance and care and frequency of its use. Generally, it can last somewhere between 3-6 months.
Normally, experts do not recommend it. It is not suggested to sleep while wearing a wig because friction during sleep can lead to damage. That’s why, it is better to avoid wearing it while sleeping.
The cost of a male hair wig in Islamabad starts from 45,000 PKR. The price depends on several factors such as the type of material used, quality of a wig, etc.