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What are the two types of hair fillers?

Many Clinics in Islamabad offers one of the most effective treatments for premature hair loss or thinning. “Hair filler treatment” or injectable hair enhancement describes this process. Hair Fillers Treatment was created in Islamabad to treat hair issues like hair loss. This unique blend of active ingredients may penetrate the scalp and reach the hair roots, promoting hair growth and follicle activity.

How Does The Treatment Works?

Hair Filler Treatment gradually releases active ingredients into the hair root. Every important active component is present. These treatments treat causes of hair loss in males and females. Seven extended-release peptides are injected into the scalp, where hair follicles exist.

Peptide-hyaluronic acid treatment can stop hair loss in many cases. This also stimulates the scalp and hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Clinically, unique peptides and hyaluronic acid improve hair follicles, producing more thicker and stronger hair.

Types of Hair Fillers:

  • Therapeutic hair filler repairs broken, lightened, or lost hair, boosting its health and vitality. Therapeutic hair is sometimes called filler.
  • Cosmetic and therapeutic hair filler: This filler uses hair to treat the same issues as filler treatments, but it also contains chemicals to reduce wrinkles and retain shine.
  • The colouring hair filler tints hair while meeting therapeutic hair filler standards.

Ideal Candidates for Hair Fillers in Islamabad:

Good prospects for the operation include:

  • Women losing hair
  • Male-patterned alopecia.
  • Thinning hair in any age group Patients have alopecia areata.
  • Male and female hair transplant candidates
  • People with Alopecia.
  • Both men and women with damaged hair want to avoid braiding, hair treatments, hair dyes, and other activities.
  • Patients seeking better hair transplant results
  • Avoiding age-related hair loss will result in fuller, healthier hair.

Composition of Hair Fillers:

The following ingredients are in hair filler:

  • This product protects, treats, and strengthens hair follicles with natural keratin.
  • Cells have native hyaluronic acid. This lotion is used on lips, cheeks, and chest. This chemical holds water well, keeping hair moist longer than other chemicals.
  • Argan tree oil quickly hydrates and revitalises hair, giving it a youthful and healthy appearance.
  • Zanthalene relaxes and tightens hair.

Treatment Procedure:

Your doctor will examine the problem area and recommend a treatment during the operation. The severity, size, and cause of hair loss will be considered.

The dermal needle may hurt, but the surgery is painless. The affected area could receive topical anaesthesia. In the next stage, Hair Filler is injected into the scalp dermis at one-centimetre intervals. After two months, there should be four therapy sessions, one every two weeks. According to your doctor, you can book future sessions and keep the results.

Final Results:

Thinning hair is treated by increasing its thickness and volume. It protects hair from pollution, dust, and trauma while thickening and enhancing it. The hair loss cure is safe. It promotes scalp stem cell growth. It has no side effects when used on the scalp. After a long time, the effect disappears. Three treatments every 15 days are usually needed for effective treatment. 

Benefits include:

Alopecia, or hair loss and thinning, can affect men and women of all ages for many reasons. Food, hormones, age, pregnancy, stress, and heredity can harm sensitive hair follicles. Older folks lose hair gradually and have less active hair follicles.

Some benefits of this procedure:

  • This stops hair loss.
  • This feeds hair follicles and cells.
  • Improves scalp blood flow and moisture.
  • Your hair will become stronger.
  • Adds volume to all hairstyles
  • Risk-free care

Minimum Session Count:

  • Every 15 days.
  • The entire process takes two months.
  • Must attend four sessions.
  • The doctor will choose the number of sessions based on patient needs.

Cost of Hair Fillers in Islamabad:

The average cost of hair fillers in Islamabad starts from 25000 PKR. Because everyone has different issues, hair fillers may cost differently. Your practitioner will tell you the fee once you address all your concerns. Additionally, no insurance provider covers this cosmetic therapy. You must cover all costs.

Why Choose Royal Cosmetic Surgery?

Islamabad’s Royal Cosmetic Surgery-PK offers hair fillers. Ask Royal Cosmetic Surgery professionals about hair filler treatment costs in Islamabad, as they will cover all relevant elements. Our highly trained personnel perform several cosmetic procedures. Call or fill out the form below to schedule a consultation.

Is PRP Treatment for Shoulder Pain Effective?

People of all ages and backgrounds can have shoulder pain. It can cause severe pain, making daily chores difficult. Many remedies are available to deal with this pain. However, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is effective for many health problems and pains. It is also an alternative for joint pains. 

Furthermore, people must understand Whether PRP treatment for Shoulder Pain is Effective. Therefore, we will discuss it in this blog in detail. Additionally, RCS-PK offers PRP treatment after viewing the patient’s condition and the causes of the pain.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy:

A certified surgeon uses it in clinical settings and for medical purposes. Moreover, an accredited physician takes human platelets that contain human plasma and more growth factors. Additionally, they take blood from a vein of the body. Afterwards, they spin it to separate the layers of blood. Then, they mix platelets with a high count with plasma in small amounts.

The latest ideas say that putting PRP-containing growth factors on the skin can significantly help. These growth factors contain fibroblast, connective tissue, and highly active platelets. Therefore, it can speed up the healing process and help muscles grow.

How PRP Treatment Works?

PRP treatment for shoulder pain tries to treat the primary causes of the pain. It can also work on tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, bursitis, or osteoarthritis. PRP shots can speed up tissue repair. Therefore, improves features by directly sending a concentrated dose of increased factors to the injury site. This can help the body’s natural restoration reaction.

Is PRP Treatment for Shoulder Pain Effective?

Much research has looked at whether PRP treatment for Shoulder Pain is Effective. Therefore, it effectively works for shoulder pain and has very advantageous effects. People get this injection to help them heal. Your doctor will draw blood from you. Moreover, they use a centrifuge to separate the PRP from the rest of the blood. After that, they inject a PRP shot right into the shoulder. The PRP will increase the body’s growth factors.

Therefore, it will help the body heal its organs and make new cells. It will bring back hyaluronic acid to the muscle. Moreover, it helps keep joints working and cushions them. The method is slightly invasive and does not need any surgery. Some pain or soreness may happen around the injection site. However, it usually goes away in a few days to a week. The healing process is based on how bad the problem was and how well the treatment worked.

Benefits of PRP Treatment for Shoulder Pain:

  • Non-Surgical Approach: This is the best option for people with shoulder aches. It can also help anyone looking for immediate relief from pain without any surgical process.  
  • Natural Healing: This process uses the body’s natural healing systems to help tissues fix and grow again. It is a secure and natural way to treat injuries.
  • Pain Relief: PRP treatment can efficaciously relieve shoulder pain and improve movement. It lowers infection and encourages tissue repair, allowing patients to return to their normal activities with extra comfort and ease.
  • Long-Lasting Effects: The duration of pain relief relies upon the seriousness of the condition and the man or woman’s response. However, many patients see adjustments that last for months or maybe years after PRP treatment.

Consult with Expert:

If you have shoulder pain and want to try PRP treatment, you need to talk to a professional doctor. Moreover, you should consult a surgeon specialising in regenerative remedies or orthopaedics. Therefore, consult with RCS-Pk to get an in-depth evaluation. It will assist in figuring out if the PRP remedy is suitable for your condition and medical needs. Talking to a doctor about the viable risks, benefits, and consequences of PRP treatment can also help you make an informed decision. Approximately whether to use it as a part of your plan to handle your shoulder pain.

Final Thoughts:

PRP remedies show promise as beneficial treatments for shoulder pain. PRP shots can reduce inflammation, whether the pain is caused by sicknesses like tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, or osteoarthritis. They speed up tissue restoration and ease pain by enhancing the body’s natural recovery ability.

Consult RCS-Pk for advice for PRP therapy for shoulder or any other pain. 

Is PRP the same as Sculptra filler?

Have you ever wondered if your blood holds the secret to achieving timeless beauty? What if there was a method for naturally revitalizing your skin that made use of your body’s healing capacity? Come along on an exploration into the secrets behind PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) in Islamabad, the revolutionary cosmetic technique. Learn more about Is PRP is the same as Sculptra filler.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a cutting-edge aesthetic procedure that encourages skin renewal by utilizing the body’s natural healing powers. To put it simply, a tiny sample of the patient’s blood is taken and processed to separate blood particles, and then the enhanced plasma is carefully reintroduced into the skin. Platelets, which are rich in growth factors that promote collagen synthesis and improve tissue repair, are the key to the magic. PRP basically functions as a natural elixir made from your own blood, revitalising your skin and giving it a youthful glow.


  • It stimulates the creation of collagen and rejuvenates the skin by utilising the platelets in your blood to support the body’s natural healing processes. As a result, one seems more bright and natural.
  • They usually require little recovery time because it is a non-surgical technique. Patients with hectic schedules find this to be a convenient option because they may usually return to their regular activities soon after the procedure.
  • PRP isn’t just for face procedures. It has proven remarkably efficient in a number of applications, such as scar reduction and hair restoration. Because of its adaptability, PRP is a complete solution for anyone looking to improve their skin overall.

Is PRP the same as Sculptra filler?

No, Sculptra Filler and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) are two separate aesthetic procedures with different goals and modes of action. A tiny amount of the patient’s blood is drawn for platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is then processed and reinjected into the skin. In addition to treating wrinkles and fine lines, this procedure promotes general skin renewal by increasing the production of collagen. 

Conversely, the synthetic substance poly-L-lactic acid makes up Sculptra Filler. Sculptra injections gradually increase collagen synthesis, giving the treated area a hint of volume. While both procedures improve the appearance of the skin, PRP uses the patient’s blood to promote natural renewal, whereas Sculptra Filler employs a synthetic material to promote collagen formation and add volume.

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Is PRP the same as Sculptra filler?

PRP is frequently used to treat joint pain, hair loss, and face rejuvenation. It can also be used in a variety of cosmetic and medical operations.
Because platelet-rich plasma (PRP) uses the patient's own blood, there is less chance of infection or adverse reaction. Individual reactions, however, could differ.
Sculptra is frequently used to treat volume loss in the face, particularly around the cheekbones and temples. Additionally, it helps make fine lines and wrinkles look less noticeable.
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