What are the two types of hair fillers?

Many Clinics in Islamabad offers one of the most effective treatments for premature hair loss or thinning. “Hair filler treatment” or injectable hair enhancement describes this process. Hair Fillers Treatment was created in Islamabad to treat hair issues like hair loss. This unique blend of active ingredients may penetrate the scalp and reach the hair roots, promoting hair growth and follicle activity.

How Does The Treatment Works?

Hair Filler Treatment gradually releases active ingredients into the hair root. Every important active component is present. These treatments treat causes of hair loss in males and females. Seven extended-release peptides are injected into the scalp, where hair follicles exist.

Peptide-hyaluronic acid treatment can stop hair loss in many cases. This also stimulates the scalp and hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Clinically, unique peptides and hyaluronic acid improve hair follicles, producing more thicker and stronger hair.

Types of Hair Fillers:

  • Therapeutic hair filler repairs broken, lightened, or lost hair, boosting its health and vitality. Therapeutic hair is sometimes called filler.
  • Cosmetic and therapeutic hair filler: This filler uses hair to treat the same issues as filler treatments, but it also contains chemicals to reduce wrinkles and retain shine.
  • The colouring hair filler tints hair while meeting therapeutic hair filler standards.

Ideal Candidates for Hair Fillers in Islamabad:

Good prospects for the operation include:

  • Women losing hair
  • Male-patterned alopecia.
  • Thinning hair in any age group Patients have alopecia areata.
  • Male and female hair transplant candidates
  • People with Alopecia.
  • Both men and women with damaged hair want to avoid braiding, hair treatments, hair dyes, and other activities.
  • Patients seeking better hair transplant results
  • Avoiding age-related hair loss will result in fuller, healthier hair.

Composition of Hair Fillers:

The following ingredients are in hair filler:

  • This product protects, treats, and strengthens hair follicles with natural keratin.
  • Cells have native hyaluronic acid. This lotion is used on lips, cheeks, and chest. This chemical holds water well, keeping hair moist longer than other chemicals.
  • Argan tree oil quickly hydrates and revitalises hair, giving it a youthful and healthy appearance.
  • Zanthalene relaxes and tightens hair.

Treatment Procedure:

Your doctor will examine the problem area and recommend a treatment during the operation. The severity, size, and cause of hair loss will be considered.

The dermal needle may hurt, but the surgery is painless. The affected area could receive topical anaesthesia. In the next stage, Hair Filler is injected into the scalp dermis at one-centimetre intervals. After two months, there should be four therapy sessions, one every two weeks. According to your doctor, you can book future sessions and keep the results.

Final Results:

Thinning hair is treated by increasing its thickness and volume. It protects hair from pollution, dust, and trauma while thickening and enhancing it. The hair loss cure is safe. It promotes scalp stem cell growth. It has no side effects when used on the scalp. After a long time, the effect disappears. Three treatments every 15 days are usually needed for effective treatment. 

Benefits include:

Alopecia, or hair loss and thinning, can affect men and women of all ages for many reasons. Food, hormones, age, pregnancy, stress, and heredity can harm sensitive hair follicles. Older folks lose hair gradually and have less active hair follicles.

Some benefits of this procedure:

  • This stops hair loss.
  • This feeds hair follicles and cells.
  • Improves scalp blood flow and moisture.
  • Your hair will become stronger.
  • Adds volume to all hairstyles
  • Risk-free care

Minimum Session Count:

  • Every 15 days.
  • The entire process takes two months.
  • Must attend four sessions.
  • The doctor will choose the number of sessions based on patient needs.

Cost of Hair Fillers in Islamabad:

The average cost of hair fillers in Islamabad starts from 25000 PKR. Because everyone has different issues, hair fillers may cost differently. Your practitioner will tell you the fee once you address all your concerns. Additionally, no insurance provider covers this cosmetic therapy. You must cover all costs.

Why Choose Royal Cosmetic Surgery?

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