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What to Expect During a Dental Crown Procedure

A broken or cracked tooth can damage the functions of teeth and disturb oral health. Untreated teeth may be lost. Dental crown in Islamabad protects a weak tooth, protects from tooth decay and restores normal function and aesthetics of teeth. In this blog, we will explore about what to expect during a dental crown procedure?. 

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is basically a tooth-shaped covering or cap. It is placed over a cracked or fractured tooth in order to prevent tooth decay and reinstate the shape, look, appearance and strength of a weak tooth. A crown covers the entire tooth and also hides issues associated with that particular tooth. 

Benefits Of Dental Crowns:

  • Covers a damaged tooth and restores its normal shape and appearance 
  • Prevents further damage and strengthens a decayed tooth
  • Conceals imperfections such as discolouration and stains
  • Preserves the integrity of the tooth and increases its longevity
  • Restore functions of a fractured tooth by covering and stabilising the tooth
  • Offers a durable and long-lasting solution by providing a customised treatment
  • Creates a more aesthetically pleasing smile and boosts confidence

What To Expect During A Dental Crown Procedure?

The procedure intends to cover the entire tooth, replace its functions and aesthetics and hide imperfections associated with that tooth. This cosmetic procedure improves chewing and biting and also augments the appearance of a fractured tooth. 

First of all, you must visit an experienced dentist for a consultation session. This initial session is of utmost importance because it will allow you to learn about the treatment procedure and what you will feel and observe during and after treatment. Your dentist will analyse the status of your cracked tooth and inform you about the best possible procedure to bring about your desired results.

In the first session, your dentist will analyse your tooth, its shape and appearance. He also prepares teeth for the treatment. He will also take X-rays to provide a sophisticated treatment. Notably, a dentist might remove the outer layer of the tooth to prepare it for the procedure.

Based on the specific requirements of an individual, a dentist prepares a crown. At the time of treatment, he places the crown and fixes it with an adhesive. You do not need to stop brushing, and it is better to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

A crown not only hides stains and discolouration of teeth but improves biting and chewing abilities and adds to the durability of a damaged tooth. This dental treatment produces quick results. You will not feel any pain or discomfort because local anaesthesia is used to manage these adverse sensations. 

Aftercare Procedure:

  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly
  • Avoid sticky or hard food to avoid any issue
  • You may also observe sensitivity-related issues
  • Inform your dentist to treat those negative concerns
  • Do not eat and chew hard objects
  • Maintain a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene

The Bottom Line:

A dental crown in Islamabad is a dental technique performed to address infected or damaged teeth and restore their functions and aesthetics. Crowns are custom-made shells of coverings that are placed over a cracked tooth to improve its functions. Inform your dentist if you intend to consider this treatment. Generally, this is a painless technique as local anaesthesia is used during the procedure. Inform your dentist to address every sort of dental issue.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to increase the charm and elegance of your personality. We strive to produce better results and satisfy the concerns and issues of our patients. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and let us redefine your beauty aesthetics.


What to Expect During a Dental Crown Procedure

Normally, the procedure takes around 1 hour. You will have to schedule consultation sessions before getting this treatment. During the procedure, your dentist will cover your cracked tooth with a shell or covering to increase its strength and durability.
You will experience mild pain, discomfort and sensitivity after getting this procedure. These sensations subside after a very brief period. Inform your dentist if you do not get any relief.
Dental crowns in Islamabad are coverings that conceal stains and discolouration of a cracked tooth. This treatment makes your smile more confident, expressive and attractive. You can even get more than 1 crown at a single time.

Dental Implant FAQs

Dental implant in Islamabad is an orthodontic treatment that is aimed at improving the functions and aesthetics of teeth and overall jaw structure.  Given its importance and use, it has become a popular choice nowadays. Still, many people seem confused about this dental procedure. In this blog, we will try to address some common dental implant FAQS to help you make an informed or educated decision.

Dental Implant FAQS:  

What Is a Dental Implant?

An implant is basically an artificial tooth root made of biocompatible material. This procedure is performed to replace a missing tooth. This tooth root is inserted or implanted into the jaw of an individual, where it infuses with the passage of time and replaces the functions and aesthetics of a lost tooth. 

How Does This Procedure Work?

The tooth implant is basically an artificial tooth root that replaces the functions of the missing tooth. It provides a stable and firm foundation for tooth replacements such as crowns or dentures. These materials are surgically placed into the jawbone, where they gradually infuse and then start serving as tooth roots.

What are the benefits of these biocompatible materials?

  • Prevent teeth shifting and also preserves jawbone
  • Offers a natural feel and restores the functions and aesthetics of a missing tooth
  • Provides a durable solution and improves biting and chewing abilities
  • Customised treatment and reinstates the aesthetics of oral health

Am I a candidate for a dental Implant?

You are a suitable candidate if

  • Your jawbone density is adequate and enough for this procedure
  • You aim to improve the aesthetics of your oral health
  • Seeking a solution to prevent jawbone
  • Your overall oral health is good for this treatment
  • Looking for a long-term or durable solution

Are dental implants painful?

Local anaesthesia is used during this treatment, which eliminates the risk of pain or discomfort, making it a painless treatment. If an individual observes pain or discomfort after getting this treatment, then a dentist can suggest specific medications to manage those sensations.

How long do dental implants last?

This is a permanent treatment as biocompatible material is surgically placed into the jawbone, where it fuses gradually, making it an enduring and long-lasting treatment. It can even last for 30 years if a person takes care of it properly.

Will I be able to eat normally?

After the treatment, you will be asked to stick to a soft diet for a few days to ensure you get optimal results. Afterwards, you will be able to eat whatever you want because this treatment completely replaces the functions and aesthetics of natural teeth.

Are there any risks of complications with teeth implantation?

You may observe infection and nerve damage, or even this procedure may not bring about your desired results. In order to circumvent these side effects, you must choose an experienced professional. You can visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery for consultation and proper treatment and to get your calculated results.

Can this procedure deal with multiple missing teeth?

Yes, if you have enough jawbone, then you are an eligible candidate for this procedure. Getting a single implant is not a hard and fast rule, but if you are in need of extensive treatment, you can proceed with this to have more than one dental implant and restore your normal oral health.

How successful is tooth implantation?

Mainly, it depends on the dentist. If you get this procedure from an expert, then you will observe 100% satisfaction. It means the success rate of this treatment is 100%. An experienced professional understands associated intricacies and manages them properly, leading to your desired results.

How do I care for my artificial tooth root or implant?

Luckily, this treatment does not require any specific treatment. You can take care of dental implants through brushing and flossing. You will have to visit your dentist for a check-up to increase its longevity.

Are dental implants safe enough?

Yes, it is a safe and effective treatment, especially when a specialist performs it. This procedure replaces the functions and aesthetics of missing teeth and does not produce any side effects or harm.

What is the safest material for an implant?

Titanium implants are deemed the most safest type of implant. It creates a perfect bond with the jawbone, restores the functionality of the missing tooth and improves oral aesthetics without involving any risk factors.

How much does dental implant cost?

The cost of dental implants relies on a few cost-determining factors such as the number of implants, the material used, the clinic’s location, available facilities, aftercare treatment and the expertise of a dentist.

Which is the best clinic to get this treatment done?

Royal Cosmetic Surgery is one of the best clinics in Islamabad, which offers satisfactory and desired results. If you are aiming to get this treatment or want to know more about dental implant FAQs, visit RCS, get a consultation session and then choose based on your knowledge and information. 

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad deals with all sorts of cosmetic problems efficiently. If you want to rejuvenate your appearance by reducing the ageing signs, then visit our clinic and let us redefine your beauty standards. 

10 things you don’t want to hear about dental implant 

Serious accidents or injuries can occasionally affect a person’s entire life. Other causes could include severe gum disease or teeth being extracted as part of cancer surgery. Any damage or accident that results in the loss of all teeth necessitates dental surgery, which can replace all missing teeth in a single procedure. In addition, dental surgery is available for individuals who have lost their teeth – known as dental implants. On the other side, there are 10 things you don’t want to hear about dental implant due to their procedure and function.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about dental implants and those things that you don’t want to know. So, take a moment and read the following details if you really want to know.

An Overview – Dental Implants:

The implants supporting the outer teeth are placed during this dental treatment. Your teeth will be fixed perfectly in place by the dental bridge, which will be supported by implants. The procedure will be surgical and performed under local anesthesia. You’ll get long-lasting effects that restore your quality of life.

There are many cutting-edge options available nowadays that can fix your dental problems; traditional treatments are no longer performed. Dental implants, one of the more advanced methods, can take up to 48 hours to complete. Additionally, they are common, and practically everyone chooses dental implants to improve facial aesthetics and beauty due to their immediate placement.

Things You Don’t Want To Know About Dental Implants:

There are specific 10 things you don’t want to hear about dental implant, and you will always prefer the good things. However, these points are mentioned below.

  1. As you know, a dental implant is a procedure performed in 2 sessions, it can also perform in a single session. If you get it in a single session, it might be a long, tiring, and painful surgery for you. Also, it can be a time-consuming surgery. So, it would be best to follow your dental surgeon’s experience.
  2. When placing implants, additional surgical procedures can be necessary. If there is no bone to support dental implants, you may need surgical procedures like a sinus lift or bone augmentation, which could raise the cost and lengthen the recovery period.
  3. It is not suitable for everyone; for people who have weak gums or bones and are aged then, it will not be recommended to them. The fact is, it can harm your gums or not going to be a successful surgery. So, you have to discuss things with your expert dental surgeon.
  4. Dental implants take several months and a lot of care to be healed and permanent; otherwise, if you don’t take good care and are careless in oral health, then you may have to pay double for this carelessness.
  5. You don’t want to hear about the cost of dental implants because they are expensive. It is a costly procedure because it requires several hours to perform, and only expert and experienced surgeons can handle such delicate surgeries.
  6. If you are considering any insurance plan, then you must know that no insurance company will cover the surgery. It is regarded as a cosmetic dental surgery that any insurance company cannot cover. So, you have to discuss these factors and choose the treatment accordingly.
  7. Several health risks are related to placing dental implants during surgery for people with preexisting conditions. Some patients have reported experiencing tingling in their mouths, which a slight nerve injury may have caused. Usually, this can be fixed right away. An open wound inside your mouth, while the healing process is taking place, increases your chance of developing an oral infection. Antibiotics can be used to treat this.
  8. Only the portion of the tooth that supports a set restoration on top of it is your implant. The porcelain in a dental crown or bridge may still deteriorate over time and require replacement every few years or once every ten years. You might be able to get the most time possible out of your porcelain dental treatment by wearing a protective biting splint.
  9. Once the dental implant is inserted, it would be very painful and hard to extract. So, implants are permanent, and they are not changeable or extractable.
  10. Last but not least, getting dental implant surgery from an inexperienced or unprofessional one can lead you to a big problem. You may have to experience many complications or pay extra to fix them. So, always choose the best dental surgeon for it.

The Bottom Line!

Therefore, these are the few things that might be unacceptable, but you must know them. So that is how you can choose the best treatment that will be effective and easy to handle for you. Still, if you want to know anything about these things, then you can visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic anytime.

Cost of Dental Implants in Islamabad, Pakistan!


Getting treatment for your teeth can cost you a hefty amount of money if you are not aware of the market rates. Many people believe that if something is priced at a higher number, there is a 100% guarantee that it is the best service or product ever. The same goes in the field of cosmetic dental procedures. The more you pay for it the better it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes you pay a higher price for one of these procedures that just turns out to be not what you expected. But we at The Royal Cosmetics Surgery Clinic offer the best services and Cost of Dental Implants in Islamabad, Pakistan!

What are Dental Implants?

Your teeth don’t last forever. Be it old age, decay from disease or just physical trauma to the face, broken teeth can rot away and need to be surgically removed. After the extraction, the empty cavity is implanted with a titanium screw. This metal implant is drilled into the bone, making it become a part of the jaw bone. This provides a better alternative to getting dentures as this is non-reversible.

As for dentures, they can be easily removed and placed back in. After the implant is set in, a porcelain crown will be adjusted on top of the implant. This crown will be made exactly to match the color and texture of your current teeth.

Why Should You Pick This Option Instead of Dentures?

Dental implants can take some time to merge with the bone and tissue in your jaw but it is a good alternative to dentures. Following are some reasons why you should opt for Dental Implants in Islamabad, Pakistan:

  • If your jawbone has fully matured
  • If you have the suitable bone structure needed for the implants to be secured.
  • If your jaw can handle a bone graft
  • If your mouth has healthy gum tissues
  • If you don’t have any blood diseases or health problems
  • If you do not prefer wearing dentures due to aesthetic reasons
  • If you only have one missing tooth
  • If you are a non-smoker

What is the Price of this Treatment in Islamabad Pakistan?

The Cost of Dental Implants in Islamabad, Pakistan can range anywhere from 70,000 PKR to 120,000 PKR. This cost depends on influencing factors such as the doctor’s fee and the material of the implant. The total expenses of this procedure at our clinic also include a number of other elements that can either increase or decrease the total pricing.

What Affects the Cost:

The factors that are affecting the Cost of Dental Implants in Islamabad, Pakistan are as follows:

Number of Implants:

The number of implants that you get can increase or decrease the amount of money you spend on this procedure. One implant would cost less as compared to getting two or more.

Type of Material used:

Titanium implants can increase your spending budget but there are alternative cheaper metals that can also be used.

Doctor’s Expense:

If our head dental specialist treats you, you might have to pay an extra fee. But rest assured at all our dental surgeons are the best in the city

Additional Expenses:

The doctor’s assistant’s fee is also included in the overall charges. Other additional expenses include fixing a porcelain crown on top of the implant, follow-up examinations to make sure the implant is healing properly, diet plans, etc.

Required Medication:

The anesthesia charges are included in the total bill as well. However, several clinics charge that for it separately. Another thing to remember is the expense of prescribed medication. After the treatment, the doctor will give several prescription pills and syrups to help heal the wound quicker

Can Insurance Cover This Process?

Several insurance companies deem this procedure a cosmetic need and not something that is needed medically. But there are some cases where you can get insurance coverage for implants. Insurance policies cover dental implant procedures in the case of physical trauma or oral cancer.

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