Can a fractured tooth repair itself

Robust dental health contributes to a confident and graceful smile and is also crucial for overall oral and physical health. What if the status of your healthy teeth is compromised or one of your teeth is injured? Can it repair itself? Well, many of our patients ask this question: can a fractured or cracked tooth repair itself? You will discover here what we explain to them. 

The Phenomenon Of Fractured Tooth:

Luckily, most of us are enjoying optimal oral health, and our teeth are firm, strong and stable. There are elements that can damage the firmness or stability of our teeth. Though our teeth are robust, they can sustain injuries or traumas, which can cause tooth decay. Despite its firmness, a tooth can experience crack, injury or fracture. The intensity of injury can vary from tooth to tooth.

Causes Of Cracked Tooth

  • Extensive Teeth Grinding
  • Injuries Or Traumas
  • Erosion Of Enamel
  • Poor Dental Health
  • Careless Bite
  • Application Of Extensive Pressure

These are the reasons that can damage the structure of a tooth or lead to a cracked tooth. Some causes can extend a minor fracture to the structure of a tooth, but some factors can cause severe damage or fracture to the tooth. 

Can A Fractured Tooth Repair Itself?

The simple answer is “No”. A fractured or damaged tooth is not able to repair itself. Many people wonder why a tooth cannot repair itself while other body parts can do that job and then why teeth cannot. Simply because the formation of teeth is quite different from the composition of other body parts. Tooth enamel is made of calcium phosphate and calcium intake strengthens our tooth structure. There are no living tissues or blood vessels inside a tooth. That’s why it cannot repair or regenerate itself.

It is an individual who can protect his/her teeth from any possible damage in the first place. So, we must be very careful with our dental care routine and take steps to ensure optimal oral health. Furthermore, if we observe any smashed or cracked tooth, then we should try to preserve that damaged tooth to maintain the integrity of the jaw structure. 

Tips To Protect Teeth From Fracture

  • Maintain good oral health and brush your teeth at least two times a day
  • Reduce the use of plaque-causing foods and beverages
  • When you are to participate in sports then, wear a mouthguard to avoid any possibility of damage
  • Refrain from using the tooth as a tool to break packages or open bottles

Cosmetic Treatments To Preserve A Fractured Tooth

If one of your teeth has fractured, then do not worry because Royal Cosmetic Surgery is always here to preserve your natural teeth and recover your optimal oral health. At RCS, we offer some specific orthodontic treatments to deal with damaged or cracked teeth. 

Dental Bonding:

A tooth-coloured resin is applied to a cracked or damaged tooth. This is a dental job that is carried out to protect damaged or cracked teeth and preserve the integrity of teeth structure. This quick and non-invasive procedure is quite effective in dealing with minor imperfections. 

Root Canal Treatment

This procedure is performed to handle an extensive crack. During this dental procedure, the infected pulp of the teeth is removed from a damaged tooth and is replaced with a filling. Though this procedure may weaken the tooth to a certain extent, it preserves the natural tooth.

Dental Crow

If the enamel of the tooth is damaged, then a dental crown in Islamabad is the best technique to consider. These are basically custom-made tooth covers or caps that are used to preserve damaged or weakened teeth. This dental procedure aims at improving the shape, structure and appearance of a fractured tooth.

Summing Up:

Tooth fracture or damage is not impossible. Many people experience fractured or cracked teeth. Several factors can be blamed for this dental problem, but it is a reality. Unfortunately, our teeth cannot repair themselves, or a tooth cannot restore its normal structure after facing a crack or injury. Therefore, we should follow some instructions to prevent any possible damage or fracture to our teeth structure. Besides that, there are various cosmetic procedures that can help you preserve your fractured tooth and retain the integrity of your jaw structure. 

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to revitalise your appearance and deal with your cosmetic and dental issues. AT RCS, you will get satisfactory and personalised treatments. Visit our clinic, experience our unique approaches and unleash your full potential!


Can a fractured tooth repair itself?

No, it is impossible. A cracked or fractured tooth cannot repair itself. The anatomy or formation of a tooth does not assist it in repairing itself. There are a few dental procedures that can help us deal with a damaged tooth and restore optimal oral health.
Normally, it depends on a few factors, such as the severity of the problem or intensity of the fracture and the procedure that is being carried out. Generally, minor fractures can be treated in a matter of a few days.
If the enamel of your tooth is damaged or fractured, then you will not observe any sensation of pain or discomfort. You will not feel pain unless the sensitive pulp is revealed.