What's the survival rate of a fractured tooth

You may experience a tooth fracture because of teeth grinding, injury, trauma, or weakened structure. Many people encountering this issue ask whether they can restore the structure and functions of a damaged tooth. Well! Yes. It is possible. Dental treatments in Islamabad allow people to address their specific problems and reinstate normal appearance. This blog will inform you about the survival rate of a fractured tooth.

Optimise Your Oral Health:

Excellent dental functioning and optimal oral health allow an individual to chew, bite, and speak normally. Given that, everyone strives to maintain outstanding functioning. Furthermore, it also enables a person to smile and express his feelings to the fullest. Inadequate care and injuries can damage dental hygiene, leading to fractures. 

Core Benefits Of Addressing It:

  • Offers relief from associated pain and discomfort
  • Preserves natural teeth and also prevents infections
  • Restores normal structure and functions, improving smile aesthetics
  • Extends long-lasting results and improves overall oral health
  • Reduces the risk of complications such as tooth loss
  • Improves functions such as speaking, biting and chewing

What Is The Survival Rate Of A Fractured Tooth:

The survival rate depends on numerous factors. It is essential to comprehend those factors to facilitate the treatment process and get the desired results. The extent and the location of an injury are primary considerations. Furthermore, the ageing factor, the type of treatment you choose, and when you decide to get a procedure also influence your chances of survival. 

Extent Of The Issue:

Minor or superficial cracks generally have a good prognosis. The risk of teeth loss is negligible in this specific case. On the contrary, treating damage affecting the pulp requires a more intensive procedure, and the chances are quite higher. An expert dentist can also minimise the danger by incorporating the required approaches in order to reverse the damages.

Approach To Care

It is better to get an appropriate technique as early as you start observing an issue. Timely treatment is very important, and delaying it will only exacerbate your condition. Given that, the survival rate is quite high if you get your issue fixed in a timely by an expert.

Type Of Procedures:

We cannot deny the role of a treatment technique and its impact on survival rate. For minor cracks, bonding and crowns are considered to prevent further damage. You may have to undergo root canal therapy in Islamabad to address more intense cracks or damages. 

So, what’s the actual survival rate:

Though it is a complicated question. Because in order to address it, we need to analyse an individual’s conditions, the intensity of the problem, type and extent of a procedure, etc. At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad, our dentist considers all involved factors, such as analysing the extent of the damage and the suitability of a method. Here, we strive to bring about your desired results by treating the affected area and restoring normal structure and appearance. Generally, the survival rate at RCS remains around 97%. 

Are you observing any dental issues, or are you distressed because of a crack? Then, visit our clinic to get an appropriate treatment and normalise the functions and appearance of your teeth. Notably, if a crack extends below the gum line, it might not be treated.

Summing Up:

The survival rate of a fractured tooth depends on several factors, such as the intensity and location of damage and the procedure used to address this specific concern. Given that, the success rate may vary. The ageing factor also influences it. AT RCS, our success rate is about 97% because our team of dentists is adept at bringing about satisfactory results and restoring excellent oral health.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to find out the most suitable procedure based on the intensity and location of damage. We offer personalized treatments and enable our patients to see their desired outcomes. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


What’s the survival rate of a fractured tooth?

Yes. It is possible. You can save your fractured or injured tooth. Dental crown and  Root canal treatment in Islamabad can be used to preserve a natural tooth and restore its functions.
No. If a broken tooth is left untreated, it will only exacerbate the damage. Therefore, it is necessary to get timely treatment to preserve a natural tooth and restore its structure and functions.
Yes, You can, and you should. Brush your broken tooth gently and carefully because hard brushing could cause pain and discomfort.