Why is teeth scaling once a month important? Teeth scaling

Optimal teeth and oral oral health are essential for other body functions. Besides functionality, its role cannot be neglected in terms of aesthetics because an exuberant and appealing smile is the outcome of optimal oral health. People with dental issues cannot deliver their best and start compromising on their efficiencies. Teeth scaling in Islamabad addresses teeth-related issues and adds to the grace and elegance of cheerful smiles.

We should care for every part of our body to live a happy and complete life. If one of our body organs is damaged, then we cannot even live a normal life and have to compromise on a lot of matters. Oral health is no exception. Today’s lifestyle and dietary habits can easily damage our oral health and the status of functional teeth, stressing the need for professional approaches to maintain oral health.

Maintain A Radiant and Bright Smile: Teeth Scaling

This is a dental procedure that is carried out to remove tartar, plaque and stains from the teeth surface and improve the appearance and functions of the teeth. It has become an essential procedure to maintain oral hygiene and prevent any damage to teeth because of tartar and stains.

Benefits Of Teeth Scaling:

  • Eliminates tartar, stains and bacterial build-up from the teeth surface
  • Addresses stains and limits the risk of gum disease 
  • Deals with teeth problems that cannot be addressed via normal brushing
  • Improves oral health and refreshes breathe
  • By removing stains, adds to the brightness of the teeth
  • Makes teeth look more refined and beautiful
  • Increases the grace and elegance of an appealing smile
  • Makes an individual look confident and self-assured

Why Is Teeth Scaling Once In A Month Important?

Definitely, there is no set standard for the teeth scaling timeline. Not every person is supposed to get this procedure too early. Furthermore, individual conditions also influence the time frame for teeth scaling from person to person. Given that, in some cases, it becomes crucial to get this procedure each month to maintain optimal oral health and reduce the risk of plaque and bacteria build-up. 

A few conditions may dictate your decisions. You must go for teeth scaling if you are dealing with the following conditions.

  • Individuals with a history of gum diseases should seek this treatment frequently
  • People who are more prone to experience plaque or tartar
  • There are a few medical conditions that can lead to plaque or bacteria build-up
  • Individuals who have undergone any orthodontic treatment like braces must adhere to this frequency of getting dental scaling as normal brushing cannot meet the desired ends
  • Smokers should also consider getting scaling once a month

How Long Does Teeth Scaling Take?

It takes around 45 minutes to complete the scaling procedure.  This is a general time frame. It may also differ from person to person because the requirements of each person vary from each other. You can deal with plaque build-up in a single visit, which will take a maximum of 45 minutes.

What To Do After Getting This Procedure?

You must consider follow-up procedures after getting this treatment to get optimal results.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Do not ignore flossing
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid using extremely cold and hot foods
  • Take prescribed medicines if observe pain
  • Keep in contact with your dentist

The Bottom Line:

Teeth scaling in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that a dentist performs to remove tartar, plaque, and bacterial build-up from the teeth’ surface and improve the appearance of teeth’ enamel. This is a dental procedure that brightens the teeth and improves the aesthetics of the smile. People who are dealing with gum disease or are more prone to experiencing plaque and stains must get this procedure once a month. Furthermore, individuals with braces also undergo this procedure every month, as normal brushing cannot remove stains and plaque completely.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Clinic Islamabad to restore normal functions and appearance of your teeth and revamp the brightness and glamour of your smile. At RCS, we are always ready to deal with your dental issues and reinstate optimal oral health. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


What is the cost of teeth scaling in Islamabad?

The cost of teeth scaling in Islamabad is about PKR to PKR. The cost may also vary because the extent of the procedure is not the same for every individual. Furthermore, the clinic’s location, additional treatments and the expertise of a dentist may also influence the cost.

Should I do scaling each month?

If you wear braces or other orthodontic devices or experience plaque and stains frequently, then you should get dental scaling in Islamabad every month.

Does scaling cause gaps in teeth?

The purpose of this dental procedure is to remove plaque and stains and restore optimal oral health. It does not cause gaps. You may observe gaps after scaling because it removes plaque or bacterial build-up.