What to eat after root canal treatment

What to eat after root canal treatment is the most asked question. This dental procedure protects teeth from decay or damage. It is important to consider the factors that can help you achieve better and optimal results. If you are too worried about your diet after getting this treatment, then give it a read. 

Let’s Briefly Discuss Root Canal Treatment In Islamabad:

This is a dental procedure that is performed to save an infected tooth. An infected pulp can lead to tooth decay, and in order to protect the tooth and its functions, this dental procedure is carried out. During this treatment, the dentist removes the infected pulp of the tooth instead of removing the infected or damaged tooth. Not only does this treatment preserve the natural tooth and its functions, but it also limits the risks of further infection.

What To Eat After Root Canal Treatment:

Well, this is a dental procedure and involves surgical interventions. We need to understand that only treatment is not enough to get satisfactory and desired results. We should also focus on other factors that stimulate the healing process and keep the treated area unharmed to avoid complications and get the desired results.

  • Do not eat or drink anything unless the numbness goes away. To allow smooth and fast recovery of your mouth, you should stick to a soft diet. Sticking to a soft diet supports recovery and does not pose any severe complications because they are easily chewable.
  • Eat food that does not get lodged with the surgical site and is non-irritating
  • Focus on fruits, vegetables and dairy products to get required nutrients and promote recovery
  • You can eat mashed potatoes, mashed eggs, properly cooked vegetables and yoghurt
  • You can also use pasta and noodles 
  • Your diet should be soft, healthy and non-irritating to get optimal results and reduce the chance of infections

What To Not Eat After Root Canal Treatment:

You must follow the instructions of your dentist and dietary guidelines if you want to achieve the maximum benefits of this procedure and prevent further prevalence of infection.

  • Do not use hard and crunchy food. This sort of diet may disturb the recovery period or damage the treated site 
  • Refrain from using too hot and cold food as it can also lead to infection
  • Also, avoid spicy foods to avoid irritation and the risk of infection
  • Do not use straw as its use can also dislodge the blood clot
  • Refrain from smoking for at least a few days

Have you undergone root canal treatment and are wondering whether you are doing the required thing or you are a person who is aiming to get this treatment to protect the decayed or damaged tooth? Then, you can consider a consultation session at Royal Cosmetic Surgery to get your oral health evaluated and learn about this procedure to make an informed decision.

Do You Feel Comfortable About Your Root Canal Aftercare Treatments?

You must ask your dentist about what to do after getting this treatment to get optimal results and speed up the recovery period. He will inform you to follow certain practices to avoid the risk of complications and get better results. You can also consider the following point to comply with standards aftercare procedures.

  • You may observe the sensation of pain and discomfort after the treatment. Use only prescribed medicines to manage pain and discomfort
  • Focus on your dietary habits and stick to soft foods. Do not move to hard foods without getting approval from your dentist
  • Do not ignore the importance of optimal oral health; keep your oral health optimal and brush your teeth regularly
  • Use salty, warm water to reduce the chances of infection and augment the healing process

The Final Thought:

After getting a dental treatment, such as root canal treatment in Islamabad, you must be careful about what to eat afterwards, as your dietary habits may support or spoil the healing process. You should stick to a soft diet that is easily chewable and avoid hard and crunchy diets as it could disturb the healing process. One should not neglect diet-related instructions in order to get excellent results.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to get a first-class treatment and restore optimal oral health. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and find the most suitable procedure to meet your desired ends.


What to eat after root canal treatment?

You should rely on soft foods after getting this treatment for a few days. Once you feel comfortable then you can switch to hard or crunchy foods after consulting with your dentist
Maintaining oral health is optimal to get better results. You can brush your teeth after this treatment, but gently.
This is a long-lasting solution that prevents a tooth from damage or decay and preserves it. The results of this treatment last several years, making it a durable treatment