what is the expected life of root canal treatment

 Root canal treatment in Islamabad improves oral health and the natural appearance of the teeth, offering a seamlessly captivating smile. An infected tooth damages the aesthetics of your smile and also disturbs the functionalities of the teeth. This cosmetic procedure not only rescues a tooth from decaying but also magnifies its appearance and rejuvenates your smile. This blog will inform you about the lifespan of your root canal treatment. 

Let’s Understand Root Canal Treatment:

Also known as endodontic therapy, a root canal is a dental procedure carried out to save a damaged or infected tooth.  A severely damaged tooth is secured or fixed through this dental treatment. If your tooth has been damaged and you are unable to perform routine functions such as chewing or biting then root canal treatment in Islamabad reverses the situation and enables you to bite and chew normally, Additionally, it also improves your smile and self-image.

Root Canal Treatment: Top Benefits

  • This treatment reduces the inflammation and eliminates severe toothache
  • The infected pulp is removed to prevent the spread of bacteria and complications
  • Prevents tooth decay and maintains the functionality and appearance of the natural tooth
  • This dental treatment improves oral health and the overall well-being of an individual
  • Prevents the spread of damage to neighboring tissues and teeth
  • This treatment offers long-lasting results, maintaining the original charm of the teeth

What is the Expected Life of Root Canal Treatment?

Usually, the duration of this treatment varies from individual to individual because it depends on a few factors that include an individual’s hygiene practices, the extent of damage, regular check-ups, the quality of treatment, etc. Normally, if you have this treatment, your tooth can last between 10 to 15 years. In addition, this duration or lifespan can increase too with proper consideration.  It means the results of root canal treatment in Islamabad are long-lasting. You can prevent your teeth decay, infection spread and improve your oral health for a longer period through this dental procedure. 

We all understand the impacts of oral health issues. These issues do not let us eat, drink and talk properly and infection further augments the situation, damaging overall health. An infected tooth also decreases our working efficiency, lowering our output at workplaces, etc. This treatment not only improves oral health but also restores our working capabilities and offers enduring benefits.

Factors That Affect The Lifespan of a Tooth After Root Canal Treatment?

You must know about factors that can damage your teeth after treatment

Tooth’s Location

Your tooth will last longer if it is not directly exposed to pressure. On the contrary, when a tooth is directly exposed to bite force or pressure, its lifespan will decrease. Given that, the location of teeth impacts their longevity

Age Factor

No one would disagree that our age has a significant role in the functioning of our body and its processes. The duration of this treatment will last longer in younger people because their bodies support this treatment.

The Extent of the Treatment 

This is an important factor to consider. Sometimes, dentists make mistakes like they could not remove all pieces of infected pulp which create problems afterward. In this case, as time goes by, the condition of the tooth worsens. That’s why you should always visit an experienced dentist for optimal results. You can also consider Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad as it is a reputable clinic and known for its quality services.

What can you do to Increase the Lifespan of a Root Canal Tooth?

As the longevity of this treatment depends on several factors and one of them is proper hygiene. If you maintain your oral hygiene, refrain from consuming too hot and cold beverages and food enhances the duration and prevents sensitivity. 

Do not ignore the following factors to increase the duration of the treatment

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Visit your dentist regularly for professional assessment
  • Use a mouthguard during physical activities
  • Maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle
  • Try to refrain from or limit smoking
  • If you feel pain or swelling then inform your dentist

All Summed Up!

Tooth canal treatment in Islamabad improves the aesthetics of your smile by addressing infected teeth. This procedure prevents tooth decay, halts the spread of infection and improves oral health and overall well-being. Generally, the expected lifespan of a treated tooth is 10 to 15 years but several factors may contribute to its longevity such as hygiene practices, the extent of the treatment, age factor, location of the teeth, etc. 

If you are unsatisfied with your oral health or it is disturbing your routine life then do not let it dismantle your health and lifestyle. Visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to address your oral issues and restore your captivating smile and charming personality.