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Needle to Rejuvenate: The Art and Science of Microneedling Therapy

Getting older is a natural phenomenon and it cannot be stopped. What we can do is reverse the effects of ageing, maintain the natural-looking glow and brightness of the skin and beautify the skin and texture. Wondering how! Microneedling in Islamabad brings back the glamour and elegance of the skin and makes a person confident and self-assured.

Needles of Beauty: Microneedling Therapy

The cosmetic field has invented several treatments to treat the scourge of ageing and environmental factors. After a certain age, people start observing skin-related imperfections such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. These ageing signs disturb skin tone and texture, leading to dull and tedious texture and also making individuals self-conscious. 

Microneedling Therapy is basically a collagen induction therapy that is performed to disappear skin blemishes and produce a refreshing and reviving look. A device containing needles is used to create micro-punches for the targeted areas of the skin in order to foster the healing process and collagen production in the body. This technique treats fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture and enlarged pores and adds to the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Collagen Induction Therapy: Top Benefits

  • Creates small injuries to the skin and augments the production of collagen 
  • Disappears skin-related issues such as wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation
  • Creates a smooth, natural-looking and flawless skin appearance
  • Improves the effectiveness of serums and creams
  • Deals with scars and promotes the growth of healthier skin cells
  • A tailor-made approach, allowing individuals to seek desired treatment
  • Offers long-lasting results and also its downtime is quite limited

If you are worried about the roughness of your skin and are seeking a comprehensive treatment to address skin imperfections and augment the glow, brightness, and firmness of the skin, then microneedling therapy is your treatment. Get this procedure and unleash a radiant and rejuvenated look!

Suitable Candidate For Microneedling Therapy:

Cosmetic procedures are not suitable for every individual. It is always better to consult with a professional to explore whether a particular procedure suits you or the chances of benefits and side effects. Besides that, you can also consider the following points. A person is a suitable candidate if he/she

  • Wants to treat skin-related imperfections and restore natural-looking glamour
  • Strive to address wrinkles and fine lines and maintain a smooth and flawless texture
  • Intends to enhance the grace and elegance and add to the glamour of the skin
  • Aims to seek better and extended results without involving risk factor
  • Has consulted with a professional and has realistic expectations

Cost Of Microneedling In Islamabad:

 The cost of Microneedling in Islamabad is not the same for every individual. It may fluctuate because of a few cost-determining factors such as the scope of the procedure, specific requirements and objectives of a patient, the clinic’s location, aftercare treatments and the expertise of a professional.

Aftercare Treatment:

  • Clean the treated areas with a mild cleanser
  • Protect your skin from direct sunlight
  • Avoid using harsh skincare products 
  • Avoid hot baths and visiting saunas
  • Do not pick or scratch the treated area
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Inform your surgeon if you face any issue

The Bottom Line:

Microneedling therapy in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that is used to treat skin-related problems and rejuvenate the appearance and glamour of the skin. Small injuries are created with fine needles to foster collagen production and add to the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Dealing with skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, or hyperpigmentation then consider getting microneedling from Royal Cosmetics Surgery Islamabad.   

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to add to your charm and increase the glow and illumination of your skin. We at RCS offer custom-made treatments and ensure our patients get the desired results. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Needle to Rejuvenate: The Art and Science of Microneedling Therapy

This is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of tiny needles to create micro-injuries in order to foster collagen production in the body and add to the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
The longevity of this treatment’s results varies from person to person. Normally, you can enjoy its results for about 4 to 6 weeks. You can extend the longevity of its results by adhering to the instructions of your surgeon. 
Most people observe significant changes after getting a treatment. Microneedling in Islamabad disappears skin-related issues and increases collagen production in the body. Get this treatment to defeat ageing signs!

How does microneedling help us look better?

Glowing skin defines the personality aesthetics of a person. We feel satisfied and confident with their skin tone and texture. This glow and elegance of the skin disappear after a certain age because of poor lifestyle and hormonal changes. Microneedling in Islamabad addresses skin-related imperfections, uncovers a natural-looking appearance, and improves skin tone and texture.

Achieve A Flawless Complexion: Microneedling

Collagen induction therapy is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that is performed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and create youthful, glowing and gorgeous skin. A fine needle is used to produce small micro-injuries to get aesthetic benefits. The procedure begins with the application of a numbing cream on the specific area of the body, and then a device is rotated to produce microscopic punctures.

The purpose of creating small injuries is to stimulate collagen production in the body, reduce ageing signs such as wrinkles and fine lines, restore the elasticity and firmness of the skin and also foster the absorption of skin care products, adding to the charm and brightness of the skin.

Top Benefits Of Microneedling:

This skin rejuvenation treatment brings about numerous benefits. It makes an individual look beautiful and attractive by revitalising the skin tone, texture and appearance. 

  • Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin by fostering collagen production
  • Deals with ageing signs and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Adds to the skin tone and texture and decreases the appearance of scars
  • Eliminates skin blemishes such as pigmentation, scars, dark spots, etc.
  • Addresses sun damage and discolouration of the skin and restores natural glow
  • Non-invasive in nature and requires minimal downtime to create desired results
  • A versatile procedure, allowing people to treat their specific skin problems

How Microneedling Helps Us In Looking Better?

The demands of the modern era are different. Nowadays, it is essential to maintain an impressive and glowing personality.  Factors such as hormonal changes, growing age, lifestyle and dietary habits of people diminish natural looking look. The cosmetic field offers collagen induction therapy or microneedling procedure to make people look better and more beautiful. This specific procedure revitalises the skin appearance by stimulating collagen production in the body and improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin. In short, it restores a youthful look by eliminating the signs of ageing.

Who Is The Right Candidate For This Procedure?

  • Individuals who have taken a consultation session and have realistic expectations
  • People dealing with skin-related issues such as wrinkles and fine lines
  • People who are seeking a proper treatment to redefine the glow and elegance of their skin
  • Individuals who are physically healthy and are ready to adhere to aftercare procedures

Aftercare Procedures:

  • Keep the treated area clean, and do not use an abrasive cleaner, as it could lead to irritation
  • Reduces your sun exposure and also refrain from using harsh skincare products
  • Drink plenty of water, keep yourself hydrated, and apply only recommended serums of cream to support the healing process
  • Refrain from strenuous activities and also limit your movement
  • Do not rub or scratch the treated area, and also avoid makeup for at least 24 hours

The Bottom Line:

Microneedling in Islamabad treats skin blemishes like wrinkles, fine lines, scars and pigmentation. This is a cosmetic procedure carried out to create micro-injuries on specific areas of the skin to stimulate collagen production. Collagen production leads to glowing skin tone texture and also adds to the skin elasticity and firmness. People unsatisfied with their skin tone and succumbed to skin imperfections must undergo this cosmetic treatment to regain their youthful and glamorous look.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to rediscover the beauty and perfection of your skin and reestablish the illumination of your tone and complexion. We at RCS offer custom-made treatments to make our patients feel and look good. Visit our clinic and let us enhance your beauty and glamour!


How does microneedling help us look better?

This cosmetic procedure reduces skin blemishes such as wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, pores, burns and scars and fosters collagen production in the body, improving the glow and adding to the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
Some people observe a significant change after getting only one session, whereas some people do not get visible results and they require more than one session to get their desired results and improve skin tone and texture.
You may experience minute discomfort during the procedure. The device creating micro-punctures may cause irritation and discomfort. A numbing cream is also used to reduce the sensation of pain and discomfort during the treatment.

Pros & Cons of Micro-needling

Microneedling in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the appearance of several skin-related imperfections, such as wrinkles, fine lines and scars and improves skin tone, texture and radiance. There are several pros and cons of microneedling that one should know before getting this skin rejuvenation treatment.

Everyone who aims to undergo this treatment wishes to eliminate skin imperfections and reinstate the glow, brightness and natural-looking grace and elegance of the skin. Given its procedure, it may cause some unwelcoming. You must know what you are going to expect after this treatment to analyse the scale of success or deal effectively with undesired outcomes. Now, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of this minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. 

Pros and Cons Of Microneedling:

If you want to deal with skin blemishes like wrinkles, fine lines and scars and improve your skin texture, then this is one of the best cosmetic methods that restores the charm and glamour of your skin. This treatment produces feelings of satisfaction, self-assurance and confidence and enables an individual to feel and enjoy the beauty that resides in the self and appears via the skin. 

Pros Of Microneedling:

Disappear Skin Problems

We all want to have smooth, flawless and radiant skin. Skin blemishes like wrinkles and scars dismantle the glow and smoothness of the skin. This procedure disappears skin-related issues such as wrinkles, fine lines and scars and restores the smoothness and flawlessness of the skin.

Improves Skin Texture

When we touch our skin, we feel the smoothness and harmony of skin texture. Skin problems make the skin uneven and add roughness to the texture. Microneedling abolishes roughness, improves skin texture and complexion, and restores the glow and evenness of the skin.

Fosters Collagen Production

Needle therapy on the skin surface also fosters collagen production in the body, adding elasticity and firmness to the skin. The production of collagen makes the skin look more attractive, smooth, shining and glamorous. By stimulating the production of collagen, this cosmetic approach also adds to the grace and elegance of the skin.

Non-Surgical Approach

This is a non-surgical procedure. It does not involve cuts and incisions. The needleling procedure only entails small punctures on the skin surface to achieve the stated objectives. So, this procedure is non-surgical in nature. People who avoid surgical interventions must consider this way of treating wrinkles, fine lines and roughness of the skin and improving the glow and brightness of the skin.

Improves the Effectiveness of Skin Whitening Products

Microneedling not only helps you achieve your desired results, but its benefits even go beyond its scope. This procedure produces microchannels. These channels augment the absorption of topical products and resultantly will produce better results.

Cons of This Treatment:

  • You will observe swelling, redness and bruising after the procedure. These conditions do not last long and fade away after a few days. 
  • If hygienic protocols are not followed properly, you may observe infection and skin sensitivity
  • People dealing with skin problems like acne and eczema are not suitable candidates for micro-needling
  • You may get better results in a single session, but you will have to get a number of sessions to achieve your desired results, which will increase the cost of this procedure

Summing Up:

Microneedling in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that deals with skin-related problems such as wrinkles and fine lines. This minimally invasive approach addresses skin problems and improves skin texture and complexion. If you are considering this method of adding to your grace and elegance, then it is one of the best choices because it will eliminate skin blemishes and restore the smoothness and evenness of the skin. You should not be worried about its disadvantages because if you get this procedure from an experienced professional, he will reduce the possibility of adverse effects and also help you manage those effects accordingly.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to make your skin fresh and rejuvenated. At RCS, we offer custom-made treatments and satisfy our patients. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and then make a choice that suits you the best.


Pros & Cons of Micro-needling

The cost may vary from person to person because of a few factors dubbed cost-determining factors, such as the extent of the treatment or the area to be treated, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon.
This is a cosmetic procedure, and its purpose is to rejuvenate your appearance and restore the lost charm and glamour of an individual. However, it is not out of risk. You must consult with a professional to evaluate your suitability and also get the services of an expert to limit the risks of side effects.
- Fosters collagen production in the body and adds to firmness and elasticity.- Augments the skin texture and complexion and makes the skin look more attractive and flawless.- This procedure can be applied to various areas of the body to address skin problems.- Increases the charm, glow and glamour of the skin.

Is microneedling effective for scar treatment?

As people start to age, or due to sun exposure, the collagen of the skin starts to degrade and loosen. This gives skin a different texture, with appearing lines and wrinkles. These can even start at an early age for those who haven’t taken much care of their skin. Everyone desires a snatched and fresh, youthful look on their beautiful faces. As skincare is self-care, Microneedling for scar treatment is one of the most sought-after skin care treatments that can tighten the skin, give it a fresher look, and also not enforce any unnatural ways to fix the skin collagen. Isn’t that great? Keep reading to find out in-depth about the procedure

Best Microneedling in Islamabad:

Microneedling induces faster production of collagen and other healing factors, by causing minor trauma to the skin tissue. Clinically tested and approved, this procedure uses damaging the skin itself minor and forcing it to repair itself, while giving you a fresher look. 

Microneedling can help with a variety of skin issues, including:

  • wrinkles
  • scarring
  • acne
  • alopecia
  • Problems with skin pigmentation
  • Stretch marks are visible scars on the skin.
  • rosacea
  • Skin that has become loose as a result of weight reduction or liposuction
  • It may also aid in skin rejuvenation.

Microneedling can also be used by professionals to deposit useful skincare medication deeper into the skin, such as different types of tretinoin or ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This can help patients with a range of problems, such as those who face acne scarring. Continue reading to learn more about micro needling, how it works with skin, and the hazards involved.

What Happens During Microneedling?

Microneedling is performed by dermatologists, estheticians are also involved. If you try it anywhere other than a licensed office, double-check the person’s experience and credentials, as well as the hygiene; sterilization of the equipment. Microneedling devices are available in do-it-yourself forms. However, specialists advise against using them since you can turn out involuntarily harming your skin and not be able to disinfect the needles. They would also cause abrasions to your skin as they don’t perpendicularly go in and out of your skin like a doctor would do it, the devices make the needles prick at one angle and leave at another. This causes small cuts in your skin allowing bacteria in. 

To avoid feeling the needle pricks, a numbing cream will be applied to your face. The micro-needling practitioner will use pen-shaped equipment containing small needles around your face. The needles create microscopic wounds in your skin, resulting in some bleeding. After that, your doctor may apply a lotion or serum to your face.

The procedure’s purpose is to kick-start your body’s self-healing process. This process works by sending collagen and elastin to repair the minor injuries. Collagen starts to fill in and smooth out wrinkles.

How Long Does Microneedling Take?

Depending on the size of the region, the technique normally takes 10-20 minutes. The majority of people require 4-6 treatments to notice an improvement. These treatments can span over months

What Are The Potential Dangers?

Microneedling is usually thought to be safe and effective by doctors, however, there are still certain hazards. The most serious risk is skin inflammation following the treatment. Other possible adverse effects include:

Swelling, pain, and bruising at the location, as well as dryness and flaking of the skin is expected to occur. Bleeding is a rare side effect of micro-needling, however, it is more likely to happen after a deeper treatment.

People with bleeding problems, or who need to take blood-thinning drugs may be at a higher risk of bleeding. Before receiving this treatment, it’s critical to tell your doctor about your medical history.

Is microneedling effective for scar treatment?

Microneedling for scar treatment is a safe and effective approach to renew skin and heal scars and wrinkles. However, more research is needed to determine whether micro-needling is a viable therapy option in all circumstances. People should also expect a reduction in the appearance of big pores, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

How Long Does It Take To Notice Results?

The majority of clients notice effects four to six weeks after therapy. This allows your body to create collagen and elastin and distribute it to your micro wounds in a timely manner. You’ll notice that your skin is appearing younger and healthier at this time. While microneedling can help with acne scars, it can also disseminate bacteria throughout the skin, worsening breakouts. It’s not uncommon for pinpoint bleeding to occur. It’s usual for some pinpoint bleeding to appear on the skin after the needles have been implanted, which will heal quickly.

How Often Can You Conduct Microneedling In a Year?

You should have microneedling for scar treatment 2 or 3 times a year. This is to maintain the benefits of your microneedling treatments. Follow-up consultations are essential and will freshen your skin, helping you keep the great effects the treatment blesses you with. Your results obtained from initial treatments will last three to five months, and you can choose follow-up treatments twice a year to keep results. Taking care of your skin with an at-home beauty routine might help you maintain your skin

Does microneedling with PRP give better results?

A youthful, radiant, and flawless skin exhibits the glamour and elegance of a personality. Sadly, the natural-looking and twinkling appearance of the skin does not last forever. A time comes when people start feeling a crack in their graceful appearance. Cosmetic treatments then come to the rescue, reduce the signs of aging and offer a rejuvenated look. Microneedling in Islamabad deals with issues such as wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin texture and complexion. For better results, PRP treatment is also done with microneedling. This blog will help you find whether you will get better results in actual if you get microneedling with PRP.

Microneedling and PRP Procedures: Overview

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of a specialized device to produce tiny injuries on a specific area of skin. This device creates micro-injuries on the surface of the skin. The purpose of creating these micro-wounds is to stimulate the healing process of the body. This treatment exfoliates the outer layer of the skin and fosters collagen production, creating a more refined, youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

On the other hand, PRP treatment in Islamabad utilizes the patient’s own blood to foster the tissue regeneration ability of the body and also augment the healing process of the body. Platelet-rich plasma is extracted from the blood and then injected back into the targeted area of the body to harness the power of growth factors. 

Does Microneedling With PRP Give Better Results?

Both of these cosmetic procedures are carried out to rejuvenate the skin appearance and restore the elegance of the skin. If performed individually, they offer satisfactory results as both are known for fostering collagen production in the body and stimulating the healing process. If used combinedly, they offer 2x results. Definitely, the results of microneedling cum PRP treatment are better. So, if you want to get streets ahead results, then this combined treatment should be your destination. In addition to that, this combination does not cause any significant harm or side effects to the skin.

Microneedling With PRP: Top Benefits

  • Promotes collagen production and brings back the lost elasticity, brightness and charmness of the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and  acne scars and improves skin texture and complexion
  • Makes the skin appear more brighter, even-looking, smoother and better looking
  • Restores youthful appearance and even provides a more refined and attractive appearance
  • Deals with uneven skin tone and recreates the symmetry and brighter complexion of the skin
  • Offers a multitude of benefits without involving surgical interventions
  • The results of this combined procedure last longer because it fosters collagen production and adds elasticity
  • Does not cause any harm to the skin, diminishes the aging sign, and offers the desired results
  • This treatment can be applied to different areas of the skin, such as the face, neck, etc.

Can I Get Microneedling With PRP?

You are a suitable candidate to get this treatment if you are

  • Healthy and sound
  • Not pregnant
  • Dealing with skin issues
  • Tired of acne
  • Coping with scars
  • Seeking an enduring treatment
  • Ready to follow aftercare procedures

How much does microneedling with PRP cost?

The cost of this treatment relies on a few factors, or there are a few factors that determine the cost of this skin rejuvenation technique. These factors are the scope of the treatment, the specific objectives of the patient, the number of sessions, the area to be treated and the location of the clinic.

The Bottom Line:

Microneedling in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that rejuvenates the appearance of the skin as it removes the outermost layer of the skin, fosters the healing procedure, and stimulates collagen production. PRP treatment also promotes the healing ability of the body. Both of these cosmetic treatments can be used combined to get better results. Undoubtedly, the results of this combined procedure are way better than their separate results.

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad brings advanced treatments to eliminate your skin issues and create a more refined and attractive appearance. Book your appointment and explore the hidden glamour that lies inside you!

You may start observing your desired results in a matter of a few weeks because both of these treatments stimulate the body’s internal ability to improve itself. So, you will get the results of this combined treatment in a matter of a few weeks.
Though there is nothing to take seriously. You may observe redness, bruising, and swelling. These are normal and do not last longer.
Yes, this cosmetic procedure brightens and lightens the skin. If you get this treatment, you will observe a significant change in your skin complexion.

Do you bleed after microneedling?

In the world of cosmetics, microneedling in Islamabad treats several skin conditions, such as acne scars and wrinkles, fosters collagen production, improves skin texture, and rejuvenates the appearance or outlook of the skin. Do you want to get countless benefits of microneedling and are curious whether this procedure will cause bleeding? Then, you are at the right place because we are going to discover whether microneedling leads to bleeding.

Microneedling: Overview

Estheticians have introduced several skin rejuvenation procedures to address skin-related medical and aesthetic conditions and enhance the glow and appeal of the skin. Most of these procedures are performed by professionals to avoid risks of complications in the first place and to revamp the skin texture. 

Like other procedures, microneedling is also a cosmetic treatment that has been designed to treat several skin conditions and enhance the luminosity and brightness of the skin. This treatment involves the use of a specialized device. This device contains sterile needles that create minor injuries on the treated area of the body. The purpose of creating micro injuries is to augment collagen production and cellular activities in that part of the body.

Microneedling in Islamabad: Top Benefits

  • Deals with several skin conditions, such as wrinkles, fine lines and scars
  • Adds elasticity and firmness to the skin by stimulating collagen production
  • Improves skin texture and offers a youthful and bright appearance
  • Makes the skin look fresh, rejuvenated and radiant
  • A versatile treatment that can be applied to several body parts
  • This non-invasive procedure offers enduring results
  • A tailor-made approach to revamping the skin texture and elasticity

Do You Bleed After Microneedling?

This cosmetic procedure offers numerous benefits. It can also lead to a few side effects. As this treatment is used to address a number of skin-related issues, the intensity and scope of this treatment will not be the same in every case. Normally, it creates controlled injuries that result in pinpoint bleeding. Furthermore, in the case of scar treatment in Islamabad, the depth of needles might go deeper, which can also cause minor bleeding. This is not the case every time. There are cases when people do not bleed they only observe redness, mild swelling, or irritation. In addition to that, if there is bleeding, that will stop shortly because needles only produce controlled and minor injuries.

Why Microneedling?

  • To address scars and reduce wrinkles
  • To Promote collagen and elastin production
  • To add firmness and elasticity to the skin
  • To rejuvenate and get uneven skin texture

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Microneedling?

You are a suitable candidate if you are

  • Experiencing skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines and scars
  • Seeking a fine solution to add elasticity and glamour to your skin
  • Looking to rejuvenate and improve your skin texture and appearance
  • Committed to follow aftercare instructions properly
  • Having realistic expectations and understanding the treatment procedure

Is It Normal to Bleed After Microneedling?

People rarely bleed during the procedure. It is not normal to bleed after microneedling. Experiencing redness, bruising, and itching is not normal. People may also observe pinpoint bleeding. People may observe bleeding during scar treatment because in order to remove the scar, the practitioner penetrates needles deeply into the skin, leading to minor bleeding. If you experience excessive or unusual bleeding, then you must inform your practitioner to get it treated right away because excessive bleeding is not normal during this procedure.

How Much Does Microneedling Cost In Islamabad?

The cost of this treatment is not the same for every patient because it depends on a few cost-determining factors. These factors include the scope of the treatment, the condition and the extent of the area that is to be treated, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a practitioner. Generally, the cost of microneedling in Islamabad remains between PKR 7,000 to PKR 28,000.

Summing Up:

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that deals with several skin conditions, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and different types of scars. This treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive because it involves the use of a specialized device containing needles. These needles foster collagen production in the body by creating micro-injuries. This treatment may cause pinpoint bleeding but does not lead to excessive bleeding. 

Skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles can disturb the aesthetics of facial beauty. If facing this issue, visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad for effective treatment and customized results. 

How much does microneedling cost in Pakistan?

cost of microneedling in Pakistan In the realm of skincare treatments, microneedling in islamabad has emerged as a revolutionary procedure that promises to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, leaving it looking younger and healthier. This non-invasive technique has gained popularity worldwide, including in Pakistan, where an increasing number of individuals are seeking this procedure to achieve radiant and youthful skin. 

However, before delving into the intricacies of the treatment and its cost, let’s understand what microneedling is and why it has become a sought-after solution for skincare enthusiasts.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure that involves the use of fine needles to create tiny, controlled punctures on the skin’s surface. These micro-injuries stimulate the body’s natural healing process, triggering the production of collagen and elastin. 

As a result, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more even-toned. Microneedling is renowned for its ability to address various skin concerns, such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, enlarged pores, and overall skin texture improvement.

The Popularity of Microneedling:

In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed a surge in the popularity of microneedling among both men and women. The reason behind this surge can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, the growing awareness of skincare and beauty treatments, fueled by social media and the influence of celebrities, has encouraged individuals to explore new avenues for enhancing their appearance.

Additionally, the non-invasive nature of microneedling has struck a chord with many Pakistanis who seek effective yet low-risk skincare solutions. Unlike more invasive procedures like facelifts or laser treatments, microneedling requires little to no downtime, making it appealing to those with busy lifestyles.

Cost of Microneedling in Pakistan:

The cost of microneedling in Pakistan can vary significantly based on several factors. These factors include the reputation and expertise of the clinic or dermatologist, the geographical location of the clinic, the specific areas being treated, the number of sessions required, and any additional treatments used in conjunction with microneedling. Typically, microneedling is done on the face but can also be performed on other parts of the body.

On average, cost of microneedling in Pakistan can range from PKR 15,000 to PKR 25,000 per session.  Some high-end clinics or specialized skincare centres may charge more, especially if the treatment includes additional serums or post-treatment care packages.

It’s essential to remember that microneedling is often recommended as a series of sessions to achieve optimal results. The number of sessions required can vary depending on the individual’s skin condition and the desired outcome. Usually, a series of three to six sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart, is suggested for most people.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

  • Clinic Reputation and Expertise: Reputable clinics with experienced dermatologists or aestheticians often charge higher fees due to their expertise and track record of successful treatments.
  • Geographical Location: The cost of living and market demand in different regions of Pakistan can influence the price of microneedling services. Clinics in major cities or urban areas may charge more than those in smaller towns.
  • Area(s) Being Treated: The cost may vary depending on the size of the area(s) being treated. Treating larger areas may incur higher fees.
  • Combination Treatments: Some clinics may offer microneedling as part of a package that includes other treatments like chemical peels or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy. These combined treatments can affect the overall cost.
  • Clinic Amenities: High-end clinics with luxurious facilities and personalized attention may have higher prices compared to more modestly equipped clinics.

All Summed Up!

Microneedling has undoubtedly become a favoured cosmetic procedure in Pakistan, attracting individuals who seek to achieve healthier and more youthful-looking skin. The cost of microneedling in the country can vary, but it is generally considered an affordable option compared to more invasive cosmetic treatments.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is crucial to prioritize safety and quality over cost. While opting for budget-friendly options may be tempting, it is essential to choose a reputable clinic with experienced professionals to ensure a safe and successful microneedling experience.

As the skincare industry continues to evolve, more affordable and accessible options for microneedling may emerge, making it easier for beauty enthusiasts across Pakistan to indulge in this transformative skincare treatment. Remember to consult with a qualified dermatologist or skincare expert to determine if microneedling is suitable for your specific skin concerns and goals. Ultimately, the confidence and glow that microneedling can provide make it a valuable investment in oneself for many individuals.

Is microneedling a waste of money?

 Hello, beauty enthusiasts! Today, we’re talking about microneedling, a hot topic in the world of cosmetic surgery. We’re here to disprove claims that microneedling is a waste of money, which you may have heard from some people. It is a cosmetic procedure that induces the production of collagen in your body. The lost collagen because of ageing is the main factor in terms of losing skin freshness. This procedure will make you younger by lessening the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Read on to learn if Is microneedling a waste of money?

What is Microneedling?

Let’s start by discussing what microneedling is. Collagen induction therapy, also known as micro-needling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves puncturing the skin with a tool that has tiny needles to encourage the production of collagen and elastin. The face, neck, hands, and other body parts can all receive the treatment.

Is Microneedling a Waste of Money?

Let’s now address the assertion that microneedling is an unnecessary expense. Royal Cosmetics Islamabad vehemently disagrees with the claim that micro-needling’s benefits are not worth the price. So, read  we mentioned just a few of the many benefits of microneedling for your skin, which include:

It can lessen the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines: 

Fine lines and wrinkles can develop as a result of the skin’s natural loss of collagen and elastin as we age. But the production of these proteins is boosted by microneedling, which can enhance the skin’s firmness and texture.

It can reduce the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation: 

Microneedling can also be used to improve the appearance of scars, including acne scars, as well as areas of hyperpigmentation. So, it can lessen the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation. Hence, more even and smooth complexion results from the micro-injuries caused by the needles. 

It is a minimally invasive and relatively painless procedure: 

Micro-needling is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t involve any incisions or recovery time. So, the majority of patients report minimal to no pain during the procedure. 

It is a customizable treatment:

Micro-needling is a treatment that you can customise to meet your needs. For even better results, we combine the treatment with other procedures or products. Besides, we can alter the depth of the needles to target particular areas of concern.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles: 

Our skin produces less collagen and elastin as we get older, which causes wrinkles and fine lines to appear. Hence, with increased production of these proteins, micro-needling can give skin a smoother, younger-looking appearance.

Improves skin texture: 

The appearance of scars, large pores, and uneven skin tone can all be diminished by microneedling, which also helps to improve the texture of the skin.

Increases product absorption: 

In order to achieve better results, skincare products may need to penetrate deeper into the skin due to the microscopic punctures caused by micro-needling.

Improves skin firmness and elasticity: 

The firmness and elasticity of the skin can be improved as it boosts collagen and elastin production.

Reduces the appearance of acne scars: 

Microneedling is a successful method for lessening the visibility of acne scars. As the procedure can increase the synthesis of new collagen and elastin, giving the skin a smoother, more even appearance.

Minimal downtime: 

There is no recovery time necessary for the minimally invasive procedure of microneedling. So, after receiving treatment, the majority of patients can resume their regular activities right away.

Safe for all skin types: 

All skin types, including sensitive skin, can benefit from microneedling because it is a safe and efficient procedure.

Hence, microneedling is not a waste of money. As, the procedure is both safe and effective, and it can benefit the skin in a variety of ways.

Cost of Microneedling:

The cost of microneedling in Islamabad may vary. Usually, the price of microneedling in Pakistan is PKR 15000 to PKR 25000 per session. The cost of microneedling can vary depending on a number of variables, including:

  • the clinic’s location
  • the provider’s training and experience
  • and the particular microneedling procedure 

Is Microneedling a Permanent Result?

Although it can significantly improve the look and health of the skin, it is not a long-term fix. The effects can last for several months, but as the skin continues to age naturally, it will eventually start to fade. But most people will require routine maintenance treatments to keep the effects of microneedling. Also, the frequency of these treatments will vary depending on the patient’s age, skin type, and the seriousness of their skin issues.

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