full body skin whitening in rawalpindi

full body skin whitening in rawalpindi Full body whitening in Rawalpindi fulfils your desire to have a bright and seductive complexion. Glowing skin is an indication of a healthy and desired lifestyle and has become an ambition of everyone. Further, its effects go beyond the aesthetic requirements of an individual. A radiant and sparkling body and skin promotes positive energy development, improving your self-esteem, behaviour and approach to life.

The age factor, hormonal changes, excessive sun exposure and sometimes, health issues can lead to the development of scars, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and decolourise the skin. The appearance of these diminishes the glamour of the skin. Furthermore, it also makes the skin dark and dull, and the specific individual has to face psychological impacts besides these issues. Full body whitening in Rawalpindi is a process that lightens the skin tone and improves overall complexion.

Factors That Diminishes the Body Glow:

Excessive exposure to the sun
Stress also disturbs the natural balance of the body
Hormonal changes such as during pregnancy and menopause
Some medical conditions and the use of medicines
Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
Poor lifestyle and body care routines

Treatments for Full Body Whitening in Rawalpindi:

Laser Therapy

The application of focused beams of light on the targeted area or specific part of the body seems an effective way to whiten the skin and remove unwanted spots such as acne and wrinkles. Focused beams of light demolish melanin and stimulate collagen production, leading to more refined and glowing skin.

Chemical Peels

During this procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the body, which exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin and expedites the growth of new skin cells. After this treatment, a new skin surface emerges, which is brighter and flawless.


This procedure also involves exfoliating dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. Irrespective of using a chemical solution, a device is used to spray fine crystals which exfoliate the skin surface. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, targets wrinkles and diminishes pigmentation.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

Broad-spectrum light is used to target melanin. It disappears the darker pigmented areas, improves the skin complexion and lightens the skin surface. A number of sessions of IPL therapy are required for effective results.

What is the best treatment for full-body whitening?

Undoubtedly, each treatment is effective in a unique way and has pros and cons. But the laser treatment is usually deemed the best treatment for full body whitening in Rawalpindi. Laser treatments such as CO2 and Q-switched are the most sought-after treatments in this category. Laser therapy targets the specific or targeted area so precisely that it does not cause any harm to the neighbouring tissues. Furthermore, the application of laser treatment is vast as it addresses numerous skin issues and rejuvenates the skin glow. Additionally, this treatment promotes the growth of collagen, which is a prerequisite for skin elasticity and firmness, and it also reduces melanin which may darken the skin’s surface. Last but not least is its downtime. As it is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, its downtime is minimal, and this treatment doesn’t become a hindrance between you and your daily activities. Based on these factors, it becomes clear that laser therapy for skin whitening is the best treatment.

The Cost of Best Treatment for Fully Body Whitening in Rawalpindi:

The cost of laser treatment ranges from PKR 55,000 to PKR 65,000 per session. The cost differs from clinic to clinic because the reputation and location of the clinic, the experience of a practitioner, available facilities, and post-operative care can change the cost bracket.

The Last Say:

Body whitening is a requirement of today; without it, fashion does not complete. Besides this factor, people also do not like dull and dark skin full of acne or scars. Full body whitening treatments in Rawalpindi deal with these issues and offer a desired, flowing, dazzling skin colour and complexion. There are several procedures used for body whitening, but laser therapy is the best among them. It enhances the growth of collagen protein and breaks down melanin, leading to a glowing and radiant skin tone.

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