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Which is the best laser for skin tightening?

The elasticity and charm of the skin start shrinking with the passage of time, and a time comes when we begin losing the charm and grace of our personalities. It disturbs us emotionally and produces negative sensations such as self-consciousness, stress and anxiety. Though the effect of natural processes cannot be halted, you can rejuvenate your appearance once again through laser treatment in Islamabad.

What Is Skin Tightening?

This is a cosmetic procedure that is aimed at improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The tightness of the skin does not remain forever. Factors such as growing age lower the glow of our skin and decrease the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Droopy skin leads to aesthetic concerns, and people seek professional treatments to recover the firmness and tenacity of the skin.

Laser skin tightening involves the application of laser to tighten the skin and get back the original charm and firmness. Laser is a minimally invasive procedure that improves skin texture and offers personalised treatment. 

Which Is The Best Laser For Skin Tightening?

The choice of laser varies from person to person based on an individual’s specific needs, demands and interests. Furthermore, the suggestions of practitioners may also determine the most suitable laser for a specific person. So, it must be clear that a variation and dichotomy exists in establishing the best laser treatment.

Types Of Laser Treatments:

Fractional Laser

People with minor to moderate droopy conditions are preferable candidates for this sort of laser treatment. Fractional laser produces limited injuries to the targeted area of the skin to tighten the skin and foster collagen production. So, this procedure not only tightens the skin but also improves the texture and appearance of the skin.

Co2 Laser

People who need intensive treatment or whose skin conditions are severe should consider this type of laser. Co2 laser in Islamabad deals with skin laxity that needs drastic treatment. So, if wrinkles are more profound and you’re worried about skin laxity or droopy skin, then this must be your first choice.

Erbium Laser

Though this laser is not very intensive, it still offers comparatively better results. Individuals who want to address superficial wrinkles,  improve skin tone texture and rejuvenate their personalities can choose this procedure to recover their natural glow in a shooter period. 

Intense Pulsed Light IPL

This skin rejuvenating procedure involves a non-ablative laser to augment the appearance of the skin and add to the brightness and elegance of the skin. This procedure is also called Forever Young BBL and utilises a variety of wavelengths of light based on the specific requirement of an individual.

Since there are many options for laser skin tightening, and all have been designed to deal with a particular set of issues. You must consult with a professional at Royal Cosmetic Surgery to choose the best option for you. At RCS, your dermatologist will analyse your skin, assess your concerns and specific demands, and suggest the best laser treatment to tighten the skin and improve its appearance. 

Summing Up:

The ageing factor decreases the elasticity, firmness and charm of the skin. It is essential to overcome this problem because sagging or droopy skin damages the aesthetics of an individual’s personality. Laser skin whitening in Islamabad involves the use of lasers of various types and wavelengths to add to the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The requirements of every individual are different. So, a person must consult with a professional to opt for the most suitable option.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to tighten your skin and reinstate your lost charm, attractiveness and glamour. We at RCS are determined to offer quality services and gain the confidence of our patients. Book your appointment and find the solution that will mould your personality and make you look younger than your age.


Which is the best laser for skin tightening?

Yes, it can. The use of laser technology has been quite widespread in recent years because it effectively deals with sagging or droopy skin, tightens the skin and stimulates collagen production, leading to a rejuvenated appearance
Though everyone has different requirements, that’s why the number of sessions varies from person to person. Normally, a person requires up to 6 treatments to get the desired results, but the given number may vary.
An individual may experience temporary redness, swelling, itching and infection. Normally, these side effects do not last long and fade away in a matter of a few days. You must inform your practitioner if you observe side effects. Besides that, you must choose an experienced professional to get this treatment.

What Are The Newest Skin Tightening Procedures In 2023?

 Hello there, lovely! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the most cutting-edge skin-tightening treatments in 2023. To guarantee that our clients have access to the most advanced procedures, we at Royal Cosmetics Islamabad keep up with the most recent developments in cosmetic surgery. So without further ado, let’s look at What Are The Newest Skin Tightening Procedures In 2023?

Newest Skin Tightening Procedures In 2023:

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU):

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology is used in the non-invasive Ultraformer III procedure. It targets the deeper layers of the skin and promotes collagen production. Results from using the Ultraformer III can last up to a year. It tightens and lifts sagging skin on the face, neck, and body.

Thermage FLX: 

This non-invasive procedure uses radiofrequency (RF) technology to heat the skin’s deeper layers and promote the production of collagen. The procedure can smooth and tighten skin on the face, eyes, and body, with effects that can last up to two years.

Deep RF: 

This minimally invasive procedure uses radiofrequency (RF) technology in conjunction with microneedling. It targets the deep layers of the skin and promotes the production of collagen and elastin. With profound RF, sagging skin on the face and neck can be lifted and tightened. The effects can last up to five years.

Silhouette Instalift: 

This minimally invasive procedure tightens and lifts sagging skin on the face and neck using dissolvable sutures with tiny cones. With Silhouette Instalift, you can get instant results that get better over time, and the procedure can last up to two years.


This minimally invasive procedure tightens and lifts sagging skin on the face and neck using radiofrequency (RF) technology. With minimal recovery time, FaceTite can produce striking results without the need for surgery.

Why We Seek Skin Tightening?

There are many causes for why people look for skin tightening procedures. Our skin loses elasticity and starts to sag as we age, which can make us appear older and exhausted. Pregnancy, weight loss, and sun damage are other factors that can cause loose skin and wrinkles.

Skin tightening procedures can assist in lifting and firming the skin, enhancing its general appearance and bringing back a more youthful, revitalised appearance. The following are some advantages of skin tightening procedures:

Improved confidence: 

Your confidence and self-esteem may increase when you feel good about the way you look.

Youthful appearance: 

Skin tightening procedures can help you look younger by minimising ageing symptoms like wrinkles and sagging skin.

Better skin texture: 

Skin tightening procedures can help the skin look smoother and more even by enhancing its tone and texture.

Non-invasive options: 

Numerous skin tightening procedures are minimally invasive or non-invasive. So you can get the results you want without having to undergo surgery or endure a protracted healing process.

Long-lasting results:

While some skin- tightening  may produce temporary results, others, like surgery or radiofrequency procedures, can produce long-lasting or even permanent results.

Overall, skin tightening procedures can help to improve the look of loose, sagging skin, boosting self-esteem and giving one a more youthful, refreshed appearance. To assist you in achieving your aesthetic objectives, Royal Cosmetics provides a range of secure and productive skin-tightening procedures. To find out more about our customised treatment options and how we can help you look and feel your best, get in touch with us right away.

Choose RCS Islamabad for Skin Tightening:

Here are the newest skin- tightening procedures for 2023! Please get in touch with Royal Cosmetics if you’re interested in scheduling a consultation or learning more about any of these treatments. You can always count on our team of experts to help you reach your aesthetic objectives!


What is the best procedure for skin tightening in Islamabad?

 Don’t be afraid of your age

Human skin is made of elastin and collagen. These components lose their elasticity with time. Skin becomes saggy and droopy. Have you also pulled your skin gently and placed it somewhere and wished to have it stay there? Do the jiggles under your arm also bother you?  All of these are signs are ageing. As you age, your skin loses laxity which can be regained by skin tightening in Islamabad. This problem can be corrected by both invasive and non-invasive procedures. This blog will address all your queries about the best skin-tightening procedures.

Causes of loose and sagging skin:

  • Decreases in collagen and elastin are one of the primary causes of drooping skin in the ageing process. After the age of 20, the supporting collagen proteins in our skin start to deteriorate at a rate of about 1% every year.
  • We also experience fat loss in the epidermis of the skin, which results in diminished volume and suppleness. The hollowing is most likely to affect the cheeks and temples.
  • Skin is significantly more vulnerable to thinning, sagging, and wrinkles due to hormone imbalances, such as decreasing oestrogen levels following menopause.
  • Issues related to lifestyles, such as UV exposure, pollution, weight loss, and excessive drinking
  • Gravity, pollution exposure, stress, and the hundreds of movements that your facial muscles make every day may also contribute.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Candidates shouldn’t be expecting.
  • Overall good health and the absence of any major medical disorders are prerequisites for the position.
  • In order to succeed in this process, the candidate should have reasonable expectations and criteria. For people who want a subtle improvement in their skin’s appearance, radiofrequency skin tightening is not the right therapy.
  • If you meet the prerequisites listed above, you would be a great candidate for this treatment.

Skin Tightening Procedures at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad:

Ultrasound skin tightening

With the aid of micro-focused ultrasound, skin can be heated up to 5mm below the surface of the body. As a result, wrinkles on the face, neck, and upper chest appear less frequently.

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy

The epidermis, which is your skin’s outermost layer, is the target of radiofrequency. The face, neck, body, and hands can all be treated with FDA approval. To treat deeper layers of skin, RF procedures might be combined with microneedling. Results develop gradually in both scenarios.

Laser treatment

Handheld lasers penetrate the skin deeply, causing the epidermis to die so that the dermis beneath can be reached. Skin on the abdomen and upper arms has shown to respond especially well to laser treatments.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Multiple wavelengths of light are delivered to deep layers of your skin. In most cases, multiple treatments are required.

Chemical Peels

When it comes to addressing skin laxity, the chemical peel is one of the most cost-effective, low-maintenance choices. A chemical peel does not promote collagen synthesis in the skin, in contrast to the other treatment alternatives. It does, however, enhance the skin’s look, which can lessen certain drooping indications.

Thread Lifting

Threadable, barbed sutures that dissolve are inserted beneath the skin during the minimally invasive treatment to elevate loose tissue and promote the formation of collagen.

Benefits of Skin Tightening:

You can gain a lot of advantages from skin tightening, such as:

  • Skin on your face and body can be efficiently tightened using a minimally invasive, nonsurgical substitute to plastic surgery.
  • There is no need for cuts.
  • Only slight inconvenience
  • With no pause
  • Effective for all types of skin

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