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Pink Lips Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan

This is the era where everybody aims to look fascinating and charming. Every aspect of the face is given due consideration. In all this, we cannot negate the importance of enticing or seductive lips. Beautiful and seductive lips contribute to youthfulness and add to the aesthetic appeal of a person. By enhancing the charm and elegance of an individual’s face, pink or charismatic lips also make an individual confident and self-assured.

Explore Blushing Beauty And Glamour Of Luscious Lips:

Our lifestyle patterns such as smoking and an unbalanced diet, excessive sun exposure, smoking and allergic reactions can reduce the moisture and appeal of enticing lips. Not only do you lose the captivation of your lips but also suffer from lower confidence. Fortunately, you can address this issue and get back the seductiveness and temptation of your enticing lips.  Several procedures are there to address this sort of dullness and tedious appearance.

Get Back Radiant And Rosy Look: Treatments

PICO Laser Technology

The application of pico laser is quite effective in producing a roseate look. A practitioner may use local anaesthesia to make the procedure comfortable.  A laser light is directed towards a specific area. It breaks down melanin pigment and increases the production of new cells, producing rejuvenated and pink lips.

Injectable Procedure:

During this procedure, specific substances are injected into the lips, treating dullness and producing sultry and rosy lips. You can also add to the volume via this specific approach. If you go for this method, you may need additional or touch-up sessions to maintain the obtained outcomes.

Core Benefits

  • Address aesthetic concerns and produce a rosy look
  • Restore rejuvenation and captivation of lips
  • Make an individual satisfied with their appearance
  • Safe, effective and painless way of achieving a glamorous shape
  • Increase the charm and grace at a cost-effective rate
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem

Cost Of Regaining The Natural Flavour Of Lips:

The cost of pink lips in Islamabad, Pakistan usually ranges between 15,000 PKR to 25,000 PKR. The price of this procedure is not the same and varies from individual to individual. The price differs mainly because of a few factors that are called cost-determining factors. These factors include but are not limited to an individual’s requirements, the type and scope of a procedure, additional sessions, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a dermatologist. You can visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to further learn about the actual expenses.

Ideal candidate:

  • People dealing with dark lips because of excessive sun exposure and smoking
  • Individuals aiming to enhance and rejuvenate their shape and appearance
  • Candidates who have undergone a consultation session and have realistic expectation
  • People who are healthy and are not dealing with allergies

How To Get Pink Lips Without Any Cosmetic Procedure?

It is better to consider the following points before going for any rejuvenation technique.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure or use a balm to protect lips from UV rays
  • Remove dead skin cells from the surface by gently exfoliating it
  • Quit or at least reduce smoking
  • Do not lick your lips, as saliva can contribute to dryness
  • Remove lipstick before going to bed

The Final Thought:

You cannot be upset and confident at the same time. Therefore, it is better to treat any cosmetic issue that you are encountering. Consider treating dark or dry lips to enhance the grace and elegance of your lips and make yourself satisfied with your look. The cost of pink lips in Islamabad, Pakistan remains somewhere between 15,000 PKR to 25,000 PKR. The price of achieving a beautiful and glamorous look depends on a few factors, such as the type and scope of a procedure, additional procedure, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a practitioner.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to address your cosmetic concerns and get back your rejuvenated look. We offer customised treatments and make you look attractive by adding to your aesthetic appeal. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and let us restore your lost glamour!


Pink Lips Cost in Islamabad, Pakistan

Generally, the price of lip colour treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan, ranges from 15,000 PKR to 25,000 PKR. The price of this procedure can change from person to person because it depends on a number of factors.
Yes. It is possible. By following certain preventive measures, you can achieve a rosy shape. Besides that, cosmetic procedures such as the use of laser and injectables can produce pink lips.
Yes. There are several procedures that enable people to get back their luscious, rosy and pink lips. You can use laser therapy in Islamabad, peeling and the injectables to bring about your desired shape and appearance.

Lip Tinting: A perfect solution to your dark lips

 Do you also desire to have red and glossy lips? Do you also want plumpness on your lips? As microblading has become a non-permanent solution to get fuller brows, similarly you can get glossy and pink lips with lip tinting in Islamabad. It can enhance the look and appearance of your lips through lip tinting. This is becoming popular among those people who want fuller lips. Cosmetic procedures can give your lips the appearance of plumpness and fillers will enhance their look. Similarly, lip tinting will augment your lip colour and shape. Read on to get an insight about Lip Tinting: A perfect solution to your dark lips. 

What is Lip Tinting?

Lip tinting in Islamabad is a form of a semi-permanent tattoo. It will enhance the colour and shape of your lips. It will give your lips an impression of more fullness. To achieve this, colour ink is applied to your lips and along your lip line to enhance your overall appearance. The colour is subdued to produce results that look natural. This procedure will deposit pigment in your lips using small needles. The major purpose of this procedure is cosmetic enhancement. The lips are inherently different for everyone hence, there is no set standard of beauty for lips. Yet you can improve the appearance of lips by this method. 

Lip Blushing Tinting Procedure: 

This procedure is similar to lip tattooing. Following are the important steps in the procedure of lip tinting:

  • The first and foremost step in this procedure is the application of numbing gel on the lips. Our best dermatologists will apply it over your lips and leave it for 20 minutes. This will reduce the pain and discomfort during the procedure. 
  • The shape and desired form of the lips is already decided in the first consultation. 
  • The next step is the insertion of pigment in the lips. Our dermatologists use small needles to insert the pigment. She will apply multiple layers of pigment in order to give you an even tone. 
  • The whole process will take 1 to 3 hours to complete. 

Is Lip Tinting Painful?

Pain management is already done with the help of numbing cream. This will lessen the pain and discomfort associated with the procedure. If your threshold to tolerate pain is increased, you will feel very less pain and vice versa. You may take acetaminophen for pain management. But, you should avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin as they may interfere with the process of healing. 

Is Lip Tinting Permanent?

The practice of lip blushing is regarded as semi-permanent. This implies that in order to maintain your results, the process will need to be repeated periodically. The pigment may fade more quickly with frequent lip exfoliation, sun exposure, and smoking. 

What Are The Results of Lip Tinting?

If you want to get more symmetry and tone in your lips, lip blushing can be helpful. Your doctor will probably assist you in selecting a pigment that looks natural for your procedure. The healing or recovery process is similar to the tattoo. You will experience swelling over your lips which will subside after some days. You need to put petroleum jelly on your lips, that will protect them. The healing phase may consist of hyperpigmentation in the lips. This effect will wear off as the healing progresses. You may need a follow-up session if you want to maintain your results. 

Cost of Lip Tinting:

The cost of lip tinting in Islamabad is not covered by insurance. The cost may become variable as you require multiple layers. However, the total cost may depend upon the practitioner’s experience and the locality of the clinic. You must not go to someone who is inexperienced just for the sake of saving some money. Only choose board-certified practitioners who will give you an excellent experience. After getting treatment from a quack, you may experience side effects. Hence, always choose someone who is professional. 

Meet Our Staff:

Dr. Maryam Malik:

Dr. Maryam Malik is a competent dermatologist who has an experience of several years. She will give you your desired results. She is renowned for using a variety of effective, FDA-approved treatments to restore the skin and hair to its healthiest state.

Book Your Consultation:

You can book your consultation with Royal Cosmetic Surgery by calling us directly or filling out the form given below. We will be delighted to serve you. 



Can dermatologists treat dark lips?

Dermatologists are expert who treats skin, hair, and nail-related issues. One of the most common issues that usually every man and women experience is skin problems. Furthermore, having dark lips is a very common problem in both genders. So, one of the most raising questions is, Can dermatologists treat dark lips? So, it would be best if you initially consult with the Royal Cosmetic Clinic’s dermatologist and discuss your concerns in detail.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss about the causes and treatments of dark lips. Also, we will discuss what dermatologist says about it. So, take a moment and read the following details.

The Causes Of Dark Lips:

Generally, there are various causes that can make your lips darker and more pigmented. Some major and most common causes are mentioned below

  • If you have a family history.
  • Excessive sun exposure on your lips’ skin.
  • Due to a lot of smoking tobacco.
  • Medical conditions like infection or vitamin deficiency.
  • Imbalance hormones in the body.
  • Increased concentration of iron.
  • During pregnancy or after childbirth.
  • Any injury to the lips could color them bluish-black.
  • Lips may get darker due to allergic reactions to chemicals in toothpaste or cosmetics.
  • Due to chemotherapy or other radiation treatments.

What Dermatologist Says?

First of all, our expert dermatologist can treat any type of pigmentation, whether it’s on your face or on your lips. They are professional enough to deal with such minor to major issues very carefully and accurately.

When you consult our experienced dermatologist, they will examine your condition and recommend you a suitable treatment for your black lips. An only dermatologist can treat your discolored lips skin or overall facial skin.

After that, you may have to get multiple sessions of such treatments. Finally, the dermatologist will prescribe you a few aftercare instructions and prevention tips, so that is how you will not experience black lips in the future.

Best Treatments For Dark Lips:

According to Royal Cosmetic Clinic, there are several treatments that are effective for reducing dark lips. Some common options are mentioned below

  • Chemical Peels –The lips are treated with a mild acid peel because they are more delicate than the rest of our skin. A mild form of alpha hydroxyl acid found in mandelic peels helps lighten black lips.
  • Laser Treatment – it is the most modern method of treating dark lips. It cures a variety of skin conditions, including dark lips. It is not a DIY procedure that can be carried out at home, though. We would require a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform laser therapy. Laser therapy works by concentrating strong light pulses deep within your skin. As a result, it eliminates extra melanocytes to restore the skin’s natural hue. In order to promote collagen formation, it also eliminated fine vertical lines.
  • Exfoliation lips – Dark lips have responded really well to this lip treatment. Our lips’ skin is distinct from the rest of our body’s skin. As a result, it must be handled carefully. We can prepare a DIY exfoliator at home to treat our lips. We must combine small amounts of almond oil, coconut oil, and coarse salt or sugar to make one (if coarse salt is not available).

All Summed Up!

Therefore, if you are confused about several things like “Can dermatologists treat dark lips?” then feel free to consult RCS for effective and result-providing solutions. Our best dermatologists in Islamabad are professionals that will make your dark lips attractive and pink. It will be your memorable experience with us.

Lips treatment for dark lips in Islamabad

Lips that get black or appear dry throughout the year are a growing cosmetic concern in both men and women. You should take action for it if you are one of those people who experience such unpleasant lip color and appearance. Sometimes, we neglect to take proper care of our face or skin. Lips are a key facial feature and should be flawless in both shape and color. They should be treated using an efficient approach if they develop an unsightly and dark coloration. Royal cosmetic clinic is a place where you will find several Lips treatment for dark lips in Islamabad. 

In this blog post, you will learn everything about their causes, best treatments, results, benefits, and many more. So, please take a moment and get helpful information by reading this blog.

What Are The Causes Of Dark Lips?

It is a main problem in both men and women, and lips getting black patches is not unjustified. You are experiencing this state because something is amiss with your everyday routine or even with your health. Discover the root causes of your black lips below before making treatment decisions. The main cause of dark lips can be

  • Smoking tobacco.
  • Excessive sun exposure.
  • Due to dehydration.
  • Use of poor cosmetic products.
  • Allergic Reactions.
  • Genetically issue.

Best Treatments For Dark Lips:

At the royal cosmetic clinic, permanent natural and rosy lips can be restored by a number of different procedures that involve lip pigmentation and dark coloring. As you are aware, it is a highly delicate issue, and only a qualified practitioner can manage it appropriately. Below are a few effective treatment choices that are briefly described.

  • Injectable treatments: Injections are utilized to give lips a bright, sparkling appearance. Additionally, it makes your lips appear fuller and more realistic. Your lips will, after that, be a brilliant pink color, and more appointments may be necessary as a result.
  • Peel Method: Chemical peeling is a method that delicately hydrates afflicted lips. Your affected lips will become bright and clear, naturally turning pink. A candidate will attain desirable and efficient results with many sessions.
  • Laser Therapy: One of the greatest treatment options at our clinic is still the most recent and effective procedure that gradually improves lip color. The process will be carried out after the doctor cleans the lips, and local anesthesia will be used. The laser will then be briefly moved around the region. The laser treatment will deeply break down the quantity of melanin and create new cells that will quickly result in pink lips. For desired outcomes, it can take several sessions.

What To Expect In Results?

The results will be long-lasting, efficient, and appear natural. After the procedure, the person will notice that they have flawless pinkish lips, and it is crucial to have numerous sittings of the chosen therapy to achieve long-lasting results.

Choose an experienced practitioner for your treatment because it is a delicate procedure that only a specialist can handle. Also, it would help if you properly took care of the area that has been treated as advised by the practitioner.

The Top Benefits:

There are a lot of benefits for the person who chooses Lips treatment for dark lips in Islamabad. Some common and significant benefits are listed below

  • You will naturally get pink lips.
  • The results will be instant and effective.
  • These treatments are effective and painless.
  • No major side effects or complications.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Improve your smile naturally.
  • Enhance the beauty of your face.

All Summed Up!

There are various alternatives that can give you pleasure, naturally pink lips for a lifetime. Therefore, you must consult with us if you want to achieve naturally pinkish lips without using harmful products or becoming unhappy. The royal cosmetic surgery clinic is one of the best, offering incredible procedures at reasonable prices. So please schedule your appointment as soon as possible by calling or coming to our clinic. You will get long lasting results and a memorable experience.

Dark Lips Treatment Cost in Islamabad

Like our skin, our lips are greatly influenced by our everyday behaviors and the environment. We all experience darker lips at least once in our lives, and the causes can include sun exposure, smoking, coffee overuse, bad cosmetics, or even genetics.

At the royal cosmetic clinic, there are several treatments that are performed for treating dark lips, whether it’s a man or woman. Your next concern will be about the Dark Lips Treatment Cost in Islamabad because everyone has their own affordability range.

In this blog post, you will learn about the dark lips treatment, its cost, other cost factors, and many more. So take a moment and read the following information.

Treatment For Dark Lips:

Dark lips can be effectively treated with lasers. Laser heat energy decreases pigmentation by concentrating on the extra melanin. The lips automatically change to their original, lighter hue after the darker melanin is eliminated. The complete procedure shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes, and it takes numerous sessions to notice a noticeable difference in lip color.

For dark lips, dermatologists typically advise 3–4 laser sessions. Each of these needs to be completed every four weeks. The number of laser sessions can vary depending on how the laser responds to your lips and the level of care you exercise.

The results:

After getting the treatment from us, you will obtain amazing, noticeable, and effective results. Sometimes, results can vary from person to person and depends on the number of sessions. Few candidates can get final results in just 3 to 4 sessions, and some of them still need more than 7 to 8 sessions.

Once you attend the sessions properly, you will get long-lasting outcomes. Also, it is necessary to choose the best laser expert who can perform your treatment perfectly and provide you with satisfying results.

Amazing Benefits:

Here are some common benefits of laser for a dark lip treatment, such as

  • Effective and safest solution.
  • Provide you with long-lasting results.
  • Painless and free of side effects treatment.
  • Affordable options as compared to others.
  • Reduces the pigmentation quickly.
  • You will get natural lip color.

The Cost Of Dark Lip Treatment At RCS:

Averagely, the Dark Lips Treatment Cost in Islamabad ranges between PKR 10,000 to PKR30,000. The most important thing is that it is a cosmetic treatment, and you must know that any insurance company will not cover it. So, it would be best if you initially consult with your practitioner and discuss all details.

What Are The Affecting Cost Factors?

There are several factors that can affect the actual cost of the treatment. Some common factors with details are mentioned below.

  • Choosing an expert practitioner – If you select an expert, professional, or laser specialist to treat your black lips, they will bill you by their cost schedule. Additionally, it is essential to receive treatment from a professional. So, it might have an impact on the price of the treatment.
  • The reputation and location of the clinic – Obviously, you should pick a reliable clinic with a good reputation in the area. Due to the prevalence of fake clinics, it is crucial to do your homework before choosing one. Your treatment costs could be impacted in this way. You may need to go from one site to another if there isn’t a reliable clinic nearby. Travel expenses may have an impact on the price in this way.
  • The number of laser sessions – the most important factor to understand is how many sessions it will take to give you perfect results. As mentioned above, some people need 3 to 4 sessions, or some of them need more. So, the cost will be affected when the number of sessions increases.
  • Other additional charges – Last but not least, you could need to pay for further consultations, prescription drugs, or anesthetic costs. All of these variables may have an impact on how much treatment will cost.

Additionally, if you’re still unsure, get in touch with us or visit our clinic at any time. We’ll do our best to fill you in on every detail and address any questions you may have.

The Conclusion!

Therefore, if you want to get natural and pinkish lips without using unwanted products or getting upset, then you must consult us. The royal clinic is one of the best that performs amazing treatments and offers affordable cost ranges. So, please don’t wait and get your appointment on call or by visiting our clinic.

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