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Do my breasts look normal after reduction?

Breast reduction in Islamabad not only enhances the enticement of breasts but also creates a balanced and proportionate contour while keeping the natural symmetry and glamour of breasts. This is a surgical treatment that ponders people about the outcome of the procedure. Many women think about whether they will get normal-looking or desired breasts. These concerns are natural and cannot be neglected. This blog will address these concerns of individuals who have undergone or are preparing for breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction: Overview

Also known as mammoplasty, breast reduction is a surgical procedure performed to reduce the volume and size of breasts and address disproportionate breasts. Large size breasts also cause physical discomfort, pain and create a feeling of awkwardness and self-consciousness. This treatment also manages pain and eliminates self-consciousness by treating unreasonable size and volume of breasts, creating aesthetically attractive breasts, and improving self-image and confidence.

Do My Breasts Look Normal after Reduction?

When it comes to surgical treatment options, people raise concerns. Sometimes, they are very reluctant to opt for these procedures because of complications attached to these procedures and are not confident about the outcomes. This perspective is also dominant in the case of breast reduction in Islamabad. It is quite normal, and you have a right to critically evaluate every aspect of the procedure because this is a matter of your health and body contour. The answer to this concern is largely subjective. If you choose a professional to perform this surgery, you will observe your desired results because the experience of a surgeon plays a critical role in the success of this surgery. 

If you want your desired results and your breasts to look normal, then Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad is one of the best options for you because its team is expert and renowned for this sort of surgery. Furthermore, the level of facilities is also exceptional because it is determined to provide the best possible treatments.

Breast Reduction in Islamabad: Top Benefits

  • This treatment reduces the size of breasts and improves breasts’ contour, and creates a balanced proportion
  • It reduces the strain and pressure on the upper body muscles and eliminates discomfort and pain
  • It will enhance your mobility and physical activities by increasing ease and comfort
  • Not only this treatment reduces the size of your breasts, but it also improves your self-image and personal representation
  • This treatment also tackles the issue of breast sagging and rejuvenates your physical charm
  • The emotional strain caused by large breasts can also be addressed through this surgical procedure
  • Breast reduction in Islamabad boosts self-confidence and leads to overall well-being

Who Is A Suitable Candidate for Breast Reduction?

  • If you have disproportionately large breasts
  • If your breasts cause pain and discomfort
  • If you feel strain because of your breasts
  • If your breasts disturb your personality
  • If you consider your breasts a limitation for physical activities
  • If your breasts have dismantled your posture
  • If you understand the associated complications
  • If you are prepared to accept the results and have consulted with a professional

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost in Islamabad?

The cost of breast reduction in Islamabad generally remains between PKR 175000 to PKR 250000. You may also observe a fraction in this given price. This may occur because of a few factors that can influence the cost of the treatment, such as the scope of the surgery, available facilities, the surgeon’s reputation, and the clinic’s location.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Prefer wearing surgical or recommended bras or garments to support the healing process
  • Take prescribed medicines to address pain, discomfort, or any other side effects
  • Refrain from strenuous activities for a certain time to support recovery and avoid any disturbance
  • Keep the treated area clean and dry
  • Visit your practitioner regularly for a professional evaluation
  • If you observe any side effects, then inform your surgeon for a timely remedy

Summing Up!

Breast reduction in Islamabad addresses sagging and enlarged breasts and improves the size, contour of breasts, and physical appearance. People sometimes hesitate because of its outcomes. This is an effective procedure to reduce the size and volume of your breasts. Your breasts will look normal if a professional performs this surgery because he has the ability and required experience to meet your objectives. 

Visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad for proper consultation, guidance, and treatment. We understand your concerns and pay due attention to address those concerns, prepare you mentally, and proceed to actual treatment.

FAQs About Breast Reduction Answered

For many women, choosing breast reduction surgery in Islamabad is a significant and often important decision. Even though the process can help ease physical pain and emotional stress, it’s okay to have doubts and worries.

In this blog post, we want to talk  FAQs About Breast Reduction Answered so that you understand how it works. We will explain what happens during recovery, the good things that come from it and possible problems.

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction, called reduction mammoplasty too, is a surgery to make the breasts smaller and change their shape. It’s about taking out extra breast tissue, fat and skin to make your breasts more even and comfortable in size. Many times, women with big breasts who face physical and emotional struggles look for this process.

Who is the Best Person for Breast Reduction?

People who have breast reduction often feel aches in their back, neck or shoulders. They can also get skin problems under their chests. Feeling bad about your appearance and good about yourself can also play a role. Usually, the best people for this surgery are in good health and know what to expect afterwards.

What Occurs During a Breast Reduction Operation?

Breast reduction surgery has many steps. The doctor cuts to take out extra breast stuff, fat and skin. The nipple and areola are often moved to look natural. The rest of the breast tissue is reshaped, and cuts are sealed. The operation happens when you’re asleep, called general anaesthesia. How long it takes depends on each situation.

Will Breast Reduction Leave Scars?

Scarring is a normal part of any operation, including breast reduction. But, skilled doctors try to lessen scarring by carefully putting marks. Usual cut styles are the anchor-shaped cut, the up-and-down cut, and the side-to-side cut. Scars might seem easy to see, but they usually lessen over time. There are also several ways we can help scars heal better.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

Everyone heals at a different rate after breast reduction surgery. At first, patients might feel swelling, red marks and pain. But slowly, these problems go away. It’s essential to follow instructions after surgery. This includes wearing a tight bra, not doing strenuous activities, and attending check-ups later. Many people can return to easy tasks in about a week, but it might take more than that to heal fully.

Can Breast Reduction Affect Breastfeeding?

Breast reduction surgery can affect breastfeeding, but improvements in surgery methods try to keep milk passages and keep the nipple feeling. But we can’t promise that breastfeeding will be successful after the surgery. It’s important to talk about wanting to breastfeed in the future with your surgeon when you meet them. This will help you understand possible effects.

How Long Do Breast Reduction Results Last?

Breast reduction typically gives long-lasting results. But things like getting older, putting on or losing weight, and having babies can change how your breasts look over time. Keeping a good weight and living healthily can help the results last longer.

Can Breast Reduction Improve Posture?

Many women with considerable breasts experience posture-related issues due to the excess weight pulling the upper body forward. Breast reduction can alleviate this strain, improving posture and reducing neck, shoulders, and back discomfort. Physical therapy exercises may further enhance postural benefits.

Is Breast Reduction Only for Cosmetic Purposes?

While breast reduction can undoubtedly enhance the aesthetic appearance of the breasts, it is often performed to address medical concerns. Chronic pain, discomfort, and emotional distress related to huge breasts are valid reasons for pursuing breast reduction surgery. The procedure aims to improve both physical well-being and quality of life.

All Summed Up!

Breast reduction surgery is a significant change that helps people with huge breasts feel better in their bodies and mind. We want to help people who are considering reducing their breast size by answering common questions. We hope this helps them make intelligent choices about their health and happiness.

If you are considering this process, talking with a certified plastic surgeon from Royal Cosmetic Surgery in Islamabad is essential. They will help you figure out what you need and expect. Remember that each trip is exceptional, and knowing the steps well will help make it a happier result.

Surgical Success: What to Expect After Breast Reduction

Many individuals are not just comfortable with the shape and appearance of their breasts. Some people also observe pain in their neck and back because of large breasts, disturbing their lifestyle. Breast reduction surgery in Islamabad reduces the size, improves the shape and symmetry and produces a properly defined and contoured breast appearance.

This surgical problem does not only treat cosmetic concerns related to breasts’ size and shape but also deals with associated medical issues, offering a proportionate and balanced figure. Having a surgical treatment is a personal choice. To consider any such procedure, it is essential to understand a specific procedure, its outcomes, drawbacks and what to expect.

Create Harmony and Balanced Appearance: Breast Reduction Surgery

Reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to reshape the appearance of breasts. People with large breasts can consider this technique to create a more proportionate breast shape. A surgeon makes incisions and removes excess fat, tissue and skin from that specific area to create a harmonious appearance. The surgeon also adjusts the position of nipples and areola to produce a youthful, attractive and contoured appearance.

Breast Reduction: Top Benefits

  • Large breasts may also cause pain in the neck, shoulder and back. This treatment can alleviate chronic pain 
  • Extracts excess fat, tissue and skin and improves the shape and appearance of the breasts
  • Large breasts can also limit physical activities; this treatment makes an individual participate in physical activities and leads to a healthy lifestyle
  • Eliminates discomfort, leads to self-assurance and boosts the confidence and self-esteem of a person
  • Increases clothing options for a person by creating a balanced and proportionate figure

How To Prepare For The Surgery?

First of all, getting a consultation session is a must. Your surgeon will analyse your conditions, medical history and your stated objectives. Furthermore, a surgeon will also educate you about the requirements of the procedure, benefits, and side effects and prepare you for aftercare procedures. Remember! Do not forget to discuss your concerns, issues and objectives. Inform your surgeon clearly that he could bring about your desired results. Furthermore, stop smoking at least a month before your surgery and also avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs.

What To Expect After Breast Reduction?

This procedure creates properly contoured and proportionate breasts, improving size, shape and appearance and adding to the aesthetics of breasts. Following the treatment, the recovery period begins. You must follow aftercare procedures to support the healing and recovery period. 

  • During the treatment, anaesthesia is used to reduce the sensation of pain. After the surgery, you may experience pain and discomfort. Take prescribed medicines to manage postoperative pain and support the healing process
  • You may also experience scars after this surgical procedure; scarring will diminish gradually
  • A patient must also avoid strenuous activities to support recovery and speed up the healing process
  • Prefer wearing compression garments and keeping the surgical area clean and dry
  • Do not apply pressure on the treated areas, and keep your head elevated while resting or sleeping

The Bottom Line:

Breast reduction surgery in Islamabad improves the shape, size and appearance of breasts. During this procedure, excess fat, skin and tissue are removed from the targeted areas, creating more proportionate and symmetrical breasts. People who are upset because of large breasts or feeling pain in their back, shoulders and neck must undergo this surgical treatment to deal with pain and discomfort, treat aesthetic concerns and improve the shape and look of breasts. 

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to address your cosmetic concerns effectively. If you are seeking professional advice or treatment then visit our clinic and let us educate you and offer you the best possible treatment and your desired appearance.


Surgical Success: What to Expect After Breast Reduction

After getting this treatment, you will observe swelling, soreness and pain in the treated areas. You may also observe stretching or pulling at the treated site. You need additional care to get optimal results and deal with post-operative pain and discomfort.
Surgical procedures involve incisions or cuts. Initial recovery takes about four to six weeks. After 4 to 6 weeks, swelling and soreness will subside. It might take six months to a year to fully recover.
Yes. You will immediately observe a significant change in the shape and appearance of your breasts. The primary purpose of this treatment is to reduce the shape, size and appearance of breasts and deal with aesthetic concerns.

What breast size qualifies for a reduction surgery?

Some individuals seek breast augmentation to enhance their breast size, while others opt for breast reduction surgery in Islamabad to alleviate physical discomfort and improve their overall quality of life. However, the decision to undergo breast reduction is a personal one, and it’s not solely dependent on breast size.

In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that contribute to determining whether someone qualifies for breast reduction surgery, with a focus on the role of breast size.

Factors That Determine Eligibility:

While breast size is an essential factor in determining whether an individual qualifies for breast reduction surgery, it’s not the sole criterion. Medical professionals take various factors into account when assessing a patient’s eligibility for the procedure. Here are some of the critical factors that influence this decision:

  • Physical Symptoms: The presence of physical symptoms such as chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain, skin irritation or rashes underneath the breasts, and numbness in the hands and fingers can strongly support the case for breast reduction.
  • Psychological Well-Being: Emotional well-being is a crucial aspect of determining eligibility. Suppose a person’s mental health is significantly affected by the size of their breasts, and they can demonstrate the emotional distress it causes. In that case, this can be a compelling reason for surgery.
  • Breast Size: Larger breast size is often associated with the need for reduction surgery, but it’s not the only factor. The patient’s overall body size and proportion must be considered to ensure the desired outcome and a natural appearance.
  • Age and Development: In some cases, younger individuals may not be immediate candidates for breast reduction surgery. This is because the breasts may still be growing and developing. Surgeons typically prefer to perform the procedure on individuals whose breast development has stabilized.
  • Health Status: A patient’s overall health is another crucial factor. It’s essential to assess whether the patient is medically fit for surgery and anaesthesia.
  • Smoking and Medication Use: Smoking and certain medications can increase the risks associated with surgery. Patients are often advised to quit smoking and discontinue specific medications before undergoing breast reduction surgery.
  • Desired Outcome: The patient’s expectations and goals for the procedure play a significant role. It’s essential to have realistic expectations about the outcome of breast reduction surgery.
  • Consultation with a Plastic Surgeon: The best way to determine eligibility for breast reduction surgery is to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon. They will conduct a thorough evaluation and discuss the individual’s goals, medical history, and the surgical process.

Breast Size and Eligibility:

Breast size is an essential consideration when determining eligibility for breast reduction surgery, but it’s important to note that there is no specific “qualification” based solely on size. Instead, the focus is on how breast size impacts the individual’s physical and emotional well-being.

  • Large Breasts: Individuals with large breasts are more likely to qualify for breast reduction surgery, especially if they experience physical discomfort or pain. Large breasts can significantly affect posture, lead to chronic pain, and restrict physical activity.
  • Asymmetry: Breast asymmetry, where one breast is significantly larger than the other, can also be a valid reason for breast reduction. In such cases, surgery can help create a more symmetrical and balanced appearance.
  • Proportional Considerations: Surgeons consider breast size the individual’s overall body size and proportions. Disproportionate breast size can lead to eligibility for surgery.
  • Patient’s Choice: Some individuals may seek breast reduction even if they don’t experience severe physical symptoms. They may prefer a smaller breast size for personal or aesthetic reasons. As long as the patient’s expectations are realistic, surgeons can accommodate such requests.
  • Breast Size Post-Weight Loss: Significant weight loss can result in sagging, huge breasts. In such cases, individuals may opt for breast reduction to achieve a more proportionate body shape after their weight loss journey.

All Summed Up!

Breast reduction surgery is a highly personalized procedure that can significantly improve the quality of life for those with disproportionately large breasts. While breast size is a critical factor in determining eligibility, it’s not the sole criterion. Physical symptoms, emotional well-being, and the patient’s goals and expectations are equally important considerations.

If you are considering breast reduction surgery, it’s essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad. They will assess your situation and work with you to determine if the procedure suits you. Ultimately, breast reduction surgery can be a life-changing decision, providing physical comfort and boosting self-confidence for those who choose it.

7 things you should know post breast reduction surgery

breast reduction Breast reduction surgery in Islamabad reduces the size and modifies the aesthetics of the breast. It augments the beauty and contour of breasts. Besides aesthetic reasons, this surgery can also be performed for medical causes. You may feel the urge to reshape your breasts to tackle infection, skin irritation or discomfort, but before undergoing breast reduction surgery in Islamabad, you should also consider the following post-operative complications and measures for optimal results.

Firstly, let’s find out the benefits of breast reduction surgery in Islamabad:

  • Deals with skin irritation, rashes and infection 
  • Eliminates neck and shoulder pain
  • Enhances mobility and engages in physical activities that are difficult with large breasts
  • Improves body satisfaction, confidence, self-esteem and body’s overall image
  • Overcomes discomfort caused by bra straps
  • Helps you get rid of social burdens generally associated with large breasts, such as unwanted attention and useless comments
  • Improves your lifestyle and makes you confident

Let’s uncover 7 things you should know about post-breast reduction surgery:

If you are preparing for breast reduction surgery in Islamabad, you must consider all pre and post-treatment factors to get the maximum benefit from the surgery and avoid complications.

Ask About Post-Operative Guidelines

When it comes to breast surgery, every individual has unique requirements, desires and different recovery periods. Given that, it is a customised treatment. So, everyone cannot adhere to general post-operative guidelines, and after treatment, it must be your priority to ask your surgeon what you should do during the recovery period. This small but very useful technique can be very effective 

Follow Surgeon’s Instructions

You may wonder why we emphasise instructions. Many people do not consider the given instructions and, in the end, face problems. Furthermore, asking for guidelines and following those instructions are two different aspects to consider post-breast reduction surgery in Islamabad. It is strictly recommended to follow the given instructions about bandages, dressings, medications or physical activities, etc. This will help you get optimal results without any risk of complications

You May Feel Swelling and Bruising

Observing mild swelling and bruising after the surgery is not uncommon. That’s why you should prepare yourself for these things. If you are aware of these side effects and their consequences earlier, you will be able to handle them normally without worrying much. Additionally, you can also wear a surgical bra or compression garment to minimise swelling

Discomfort and Pain

After breast reduction surgery in Islamabad, you will likely feel pain or discomfort. Our mind can somewhat manage any situation if we are prepared for that. You should also keep in mind that pain or discomfort is a part of surgery, and you should not be worried about it, as your surgeon will prescribe medicine to manage these feelings. Furthermore, you should also avoid strenuous activities as they can cause pain or irritation

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle ensures speedy recovery and optimal results. If you are thinking about breast surgery, you must consider this post-operative measure because if you are unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may face severe consequences. A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy or nutritious diet, staying hydrated or avoiding alcohol and smoking. After surgery, maintaining a good lifestyle augments recovery and offers optimal results

Emotional and Psychological Changes

You will observe emotional changes after undergoing breast surgery. You should embrace these changes and adopt the new changes in your body to boost your confidence and satisfaction. The postoperative period can also be dubbed a period of emotional adjustment. The surgery changes your body shape and contour, and it takes time to manage the impacts of these changes. You can discuss your post-operative feelings with your surgeon or a trusted friend to get an emotional support

Recovery Period

Breast surgery in Islamabad is an effective treatment to reshape the structure and contour of breasts. Considering the sensitivity factor, the healing process is time taking and requires ample rest. You have to prepare for recovery in advance. As its downtime is considerably long, you need to avoid intense exercise and heavy lifting, especially during the initial weeks after the surgery.

The Bottom Line

Breast reduction surgery in Islamabad revamps the aesthetics of breasts. But only surgery is not enough. Post-operative measures are equally important to get desired results. After undergoing breast reduction surgery, you should ask for instructions and follow them to get maximum benefits and reduce the risk of complications.

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad should be your first choice because surgeons here offer painless cosmetic treatments and assist and guide you properly about the recovery period. 

The 2022 Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Islamabad


We all know that women are very conscious about their health, physical appearance, and beauty features. However, they always try to maintain their look all the time. There are two types of women, the one who wants to enhance the size of the breast and the other one who wants to reduce the size for lifting and proper average shape. Royal cosmetic clinic is offering several treatments that can reduce breast size amazingly at affordable cost ranges. Your next concern would be The 2022 Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Islamabad. 

In this blog post, you will know about the treatment, its cost, multiple factors, and many more. So, if you really want to consider this surgery, read the following details carefully.

An Overview – Breast Reduction Surgery:

It is surgery to reduce the size of your breasts that involves removing extra skin, tissue, and fat. You might be thinking about breast reduction surgery if you have enormous breasts that are out of proportion to the rest of your body and are causing neck pain, back pain, or other symptoms.

The majority of women who get breast reduction are really happy with the outcome. It can also affect men who suffer from conditions like gynecomastia, a condition in which the male breasts are excessively enlarged.

The surgery will be done by liposuction and under general anesthesia. Your plastic surgeon will make an incision and start the process of lipo surgery. It may take 2 to 3 hours, and after that, you can go home for proper bed rest.

What To Expect In Results?

After getting treatment for breast reduction, you have to wait for at least 3 to 5 months for the recovery period. Obviously, it is a surgical procedure that requires proper time to provide you with long-lasting results. You will get long-lasting, effective, and satisfying results. There will be no need for multiple maintenances.

On the other side, it is necessary to choose a board-certified and experienced surgeon because performance matters a lot in successful results. Otherwise, the surgery can be a worse experience for you.

Breast Reduction Surgery Cost At Rcs:

According to the royal cosmetic clinic, The 2022 Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Islamabad varies from person to person because everyone doesn’t have the same concerns. Also, we are unable to mention the cost without examining your condition and without knowing your expectations. So, it would be best if you individually consult with our expert surgeons and discuss your concerns. Moreover, it is a cosmetic treatment that is not covered by any insurance company.

Which Factors Can Affect The Cost?

There are some factors that will include in the cost of the treatment when you tell us your concerns and expectations. That is how the cost will be affected, and these common factors with details are mentioned below.

Expert Surgeons Fee

When considering any complicated and sensitive operation, you must choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. Due to their knowledge, experienced and qualified surgeons always charge more. Surgery could be conducted incorrectly if you hire a less qualified person only to save money. Therefore, choosing the finest surgeon to remove excess fat from the breast can affect the procedure’s cost.

Clinic’s Location And Reputation

Picking a highly qualified clinic with a strong local reputation is still advisable. Research is necessary before choosing a clinic because of the availability of fake clinics. Traveling from one location to another could be required. Thus, traveling fees could have this kind of an impact on your treatment costs.

Other Additional Charges

Last but not least, extra costs may be charged with anesthesia fees, follow-up checkups, or medicines. Additionally, the price of the surgery will rise if these factors are included in your treatment plan.

The Bottom Line!

Therefore, if you want to get more information related to this treatment, its cost or cost-affecting factors then you can visit the Royal Cosmetic Clinic. Our experts will guide you with complete details. Moreover, our prices are reasonable, and we provide quality treatments to all our clients.

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