Skin Whitening Treatment: FAQs

The radiance and shine of the skin do not last forever. Hormonal changes, excessive sun exposure, lifestyle routine and growing age diminish the illumination and brightness of the skin and lead to acne scars, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, etc. Skin whitening treatment in Islamabad disappears skin blemishes and brings back the luminosity and attractiveness of the skin. 

Are you a prey of skin imperfections and seeking to revitalize your appearance? Skin whitening procedures can reinstate the grace and elegance of your appearance. Wanna learn more? Give it a read and find answers to Skin Whitening Treatment: FAQs

Skin Whitening Treatment: FAQs

What is skin whitening Treatment?

This term involves numerous cosmetic treatments and procedures that are carried out to deal with skin-related issues such as dark spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation and add glow, charm and whitening effect to the skin. These techniques have been designed to reinvigorate the appearance of the skin and make the skin appear more glowing and attractive. Laser therapy in Islamabad, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and skin whitening injections are a few examples of skin-brightening treatments.

Why consider these procedures?

Our skin does not remain attractive and shining all the time. As we grow older, collagen production slows down and also glutathione level decreases. Furthermore, hormonal changes also make the skin easy prey to skin-related problems such as hyperpigmentation and dark spots. These skin issues not only damage the texture and evenness but also darken the skin. In order to deal with these issues and regain the glow and elasticity of the skin, it is essential to get one of the procedures such as chemical peels, as not only this procedure exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin but also fosters collagen production and produces a youthful appearance.

Are skin whitening safe?

Yes, all of these treatments are safe and approved. Whether a treatment is non-invasive or minimally invasive, it does not cause any harm to the skin. However, a person may experience side effects. These side effects do not last long and fade away in a matter of a few days after the treatment. You must consult with a professional before getting any treatment and choose an expert to get optimal results and reduce the risks of side effects. Find your surgeon at Royal Cosmetic Surgery to get custom-made treatment and your desired results.

Do skin brightening treatments work for everyone?

Yes, they do. The duration and degree of results vary from person to person as mainly these prospects largely depend on the type of skin and the obtained treatment, the extent of the problem and that of the treatment. Furthermore, customisation and the expertise of a practitioner also play a crucial role in producing fine results.

Can these treatments offer permanent results?

The duration of each treatment’s results varies from others. Some offer results for a limited time, but the results of a few are quite extended. Furthermore, the longevity of their outcomes can also be extended with additional treatments or follow-up sessions. Though the longevity of their results is quite understandable but, they do not offer permanent results.

How long does the skin whitening treatment last?

The duration of every skin brightening procedure differs. The results of a few treatments can last for a few weeks to a few months, but some may offer more extended results, and the results of those procedures last from a few months to a year or more.

Does skin whitening hurt?

Some procedures, such as chemical peel, are minimally invasive and involve the element of injuries or what we call micro-injuries. So, they can hurt, but to counter the sensations of discomfort and pain, dermatologists use local anaesthesia. Furthermore, they also prescribe to manage post-operative pain or discomfort.

Should I consult with a dermatologist before getting any treatment?

Obviously, you must. It is essential to consult with a professional or dermatologist before undergoing any cosmetic or surgical treatment. You must ensure whether you are eligible for the technique or a suitable candidate to get a procedure. A dermatologist will examine your skin, learn about your specific objectives and concerns and then analyze whether you should get a particular treatment or not.

How to maintain glowing skin naturally?

Besides considering these procedures, you can also maintain a good skincare routine. Maintain a healthy lifestyle,  add nutrient-rich foods to your diet, keep yourself hydrated and limit your direct sun exposure. These habits will help you maintain the natural glow and elegance of your personality.

Summing Up:

Skin whitening treatment in Islamabad reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and adds to the glow, brightness and illumination of the skin, offering a charming and brightening appearance and boosting confidence and self-esteem. This term includes several procedures that are carried out to achieve the same objective. If you have lost the radiance and elasticity of your skin, then do consider getting one of these procedures to reinstate the aesthetics of your personality.

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