Fracture Teeth Treatment Pros Cons of Fracture Teeth Treatment

Fracture Teeth Treatment  is not impossible. Most of us would have experienced a broken or damaged tooth. Physical injuries, teeth grinding, tooth misalignment and large fillings can lead to fractures or tooth breaks. It can disturb the overall oral health and also the normal life of an individual. Teeth treatments in Islamabad deal with teeth-related problems and restore optimal oral health, making an individual comfortable and satisfied.

Several factors can lead to chipped teeth. A number of procedures have been designed to address this specific teeth-related problem and reinstate normal appearance. Each procedure has some advantages and disadvantages. It is good to have proper know-how about those procedures and their benefits and drawbacks. 

Let’s Uncover The Pros and Cons Of Fracture Teeth Treatments:

A fractured tooth can be treated via numerous dental procedures. Whatever procedure you undergo, you will experience a significant yet better change and a boost in your oral health.

Dental Crowns:

Whether you are unsatisfied with the shape and colour of your teeth or experiencing tooth decay, a dental crown in Islamabad is one of the best dental procedures that improve the appearance of the teeth. A crown is basically a dental cap that conceals imperfections such as tooth decay and discolouration.

Pros Of Dental Crown

  • Restores damaged teeth and leads to their stability
  • Deals with aesthetic issues and makes a tooth look attractive
  • Preserves a damaged tooth and also improves biting and chewing

Cons Of This Procedure

  • A portion of a natural tooth is removed, which is irreversible
  • It may lead to sensitivity and allergic reactions
  • Requires adjustments that add to the cost

Dental Implants In Islamabad

An implant is a dental device that replaces a missing tooth. It acts as a tooth root. A dental implant preserves the stability of adjacent teeth and also preserves bone structure. This treatment restores normal teeth structure, functions and aesthetics.

Advantages Of Implants

  • Restores the natural appearance and normal functions of the teeth
  • Preserves jawbone structure and also maintains the positions of adjacent teeth
  • Normalises the functions and aesthetics of the teeth
  • Replaces the functions and aesthetics of a missing tooth


  • Not everyone is suitable to get this procedure
  • It involves a risk of complications and allergic reactions
  • It requires maintenance that will increase the estimated cost
  • Its downtime is quite extended

Root Canal Therapy

This is an endodontic procedure that is carried out to protect the natural tooth by removing infected pulp. During this procedure, the infected pulp is extracted from the tooth to save a damaged or infected tooth. After removing the infected pulp, the tooth is infected and then filled with a biocompatible material.

Pros Of Root Canal

  • Removes infected pulp and preserves natural teeth
  • Restores functions of an infected teeth and eliminates pain and discomfort
  • Eliminates infection and reduces the risk of infection
  • Improves oral health and leads to comfort from pain

Adverse Effects

  • You may experience discomfort and pain
  • It needs a restoration that increases the overall cost
  • May also lead to tooth sensitivity 
  • Can reduce the strength of the treated tooth

The Final Thought:

Optimal oral health is no less than a blessing. Our lifestyle and dietary habits may damage oral health or fractured teeth. Sometimes, an injury or trauma can also lead to cracked teeth, damaging overall teeth structure and reducing their functionality. Teeth treatments in Islamabad deal with specific issues and restore the normal structure and functionality of the teeth. Procedures such as root canal treatment, dental implant and dental crown are a few of the procedures  to treat a fractured tooth and normalise overall oral health status.

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Is it worth saving a fractured tooth?

Yes. It is. Injury or trauma or any other thing may damage a healthy tooth. You must get proper treatment to restore the fractured tooth and its structure and functions. Dental treatments can preserve your natural tooth by dealing with a specific problem and may help you enjoy natural bites.

What happens if you don’t fix a fractured tooth?

If you ignore treating a damaged or fractured tooth, you will experience pain, discomfort, and sensitivity, and the chances of infection will increase. You will not be able to speak and eat properly, and you may even lose your natural tooth.

How long does a fractured tooth take to heal?

Initial healing might take 1 to 2 weeks. Normally, in 1 to 2 weeks, you start observing a positive change. Over time, it will repair completely and normal oral health will  restore.