Are you having hair thinning problems? Are you concerned that you will soon begin turning bald? Do you desire a long-term, permanent remedy for your hair loss? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In the 1970s and 1980s, surgeons would implant a conspicuous hair plug, but with the development of technology, it became possible to transplant a regular hair follicle to locations that required hair growth. Using the micrografting process, hair restoration, also known as hair transplantation, involves transplanting your own hair follicles onto the scalp. Located in the capital, we are providing our best services with regard to Permanent Hair Transplant in Islamabad.

Originally, this is a lengthy procedure and requires a lot of patience but it will be worth waiting for as the results will be permanent and durable. The process requires healing time as well as recovery time. Hence it is the procedure of choice for those who are already experiencing hair thinning. This article will give you information about the results and procedure of hair transplantation.

A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant:

There is no discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or age for hair transplantation as people of any ethnicity and gender can go for the procedure. Yet the following people are excellent candidates:

  1. Those who have enough hair on the scalp
  2. The scalp has the ability to regrow the transplanted hair

In the first initial consultation, your surgeon or dermatologist will determine whether or not you are an excellent candidate and you have these potentials.

A dermatologist will run various tests like blood tests (to find the cause of hair loss) and scalp biopsy (to find the condition of the scalp).

The results of the tests will determine the type of procedure. You must have realistic expectations from the hair translation process.

Types of Hair Transplant Surgeries:

A hair transplant can be performed in the following ways:

1.   The Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

  • It is a type of hair restoration known colloquially as “strip surgery,” in which a patient’s hair is transplanted in naturally occurring clusters of one to four hairs, or “follicular units,” that exist in nature.
  • Follicular units contain sebaceous (oil) glands, nerves, a small muscle, and random fine vellus hairs. These microscopic units allow the surgeon to safely transplant hundreds of grafts in a single session during follicular unit transplantation, maximizing the cosmetic impact of the procedure.
  • In this procedure, the strip of a person’s own hair follicles is transplanted on the scalp where needed. This strip is also taken from hair-rich areas of the scalp.

2.   A Follicular Unit Extraction (FEU)

  • FUE is a sophisticated and difficult surgical treatment used to correct hair loss.
  • It does not produce a linear scar.
  • This operation is typically performed on younger patients
  • Like FUT, FUE involves taking healthy hair from a donor site (permanent area) of the scalp, where the hairs are genetically programmed to continue growing for life. This is known as the ‘donor area’. The healthy ‘permanent’ hairs are then grafted into the areas of the scalp in need of treatment, which is called the ‘recipient area’.
  • However, unlike FUT, where a strip of skin, containing the hairs to be transferred, FUE extracts each follicular unit, individually and directly from the scalp, leaving only the tiniest dotted scars.

The results of both these procedures will be permanent.

Results of Hair Transplant:

  • This is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure and you will have to wait for the results to appear.
  • For the first several months, you will feel like you are losing more hair. This is normal.
  • After healing, you will see transplanted follicles making progress
  • The results will be permanent and you will be able to cut the hair or dye it as per your choice
  • Age can cause thinning of hair follicles but still, they will produce excess hair to make your head full of hairs.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Islamabad:

In Islamabad, Pakistan, the typical cost of a hair transplant starts at PKR and can reach PKR. We offer both FUT and FUE hair transplants at a very affordable price. We never withhold any costs from you. The patient should be aware that there are a number of variables that can influence the cost, such as selecting a skilled physician.

  • Location of the clinic.
  • The number of hair grafts needed for the operation.
  • The surgeon’s time and effort, as well as the availability of the donor’s hair.
  • The area where hair will be transplanted.
  • Method of hair restoration.
  • Some other additional charges.

The Final Verdict:

This procedure is best suited only for those who have visibly thin hairs and the results will also be permanent. The process of aging can change the final appearance of your transplant. You must choose an experienced surgeon for the process as this is a delicate process that needs special consideration.

Best Surgeon for Permanent Hair Transplant in Islamabad:

Dr. Naveed Azhar is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Islamabad. He is an expert in performing all sorts of cosmetic surgeries, especially Permanent Hair Transplant in Islamabad. If you are considering getting the procedure you can consult us by booking your first free consultation. Call Royal Cosmetic Surgery on the given number or fill out the form below.