Is It Safe To Cleanse Your Face After Thread Lift

Thread lift in Islamabad improves facial anatomy and redefines the aesthetics of sagging areas. Given today’s cosmetic requirements, this is a worth-considering treatment as it brightens the appearance and reduces the risks of ageing. Many people ask whether it is safe to clean their face after getting this procedure. Keep reading it, find your answer, and much more!

Rekindle Your Beauty: Thread Lift

The cosmetic field offers several surgical and non-surgical treatments to deal with the effects of growing age and maintain the glow and brightness of the skin. Thread lift is also a cosmetic procedure that is performed to lift the sagging tissues and produce a more contoured and voluminous appearance. During this procedure, dissolvable threads are inserted into the skin to add to the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Let’s Unwrap The Benefits Of Thread Lift:

  • Eliminates the ageing signs such as skin sagging and reduces elasticity
  • Adds volume and creates a more refined and symmetrical appearance
  • Increases collagen production in the body and makes the skin look more beautiful
  • Enhances firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Offers a personalised treatment and does not require any lengthy downtime
  • Elevates the essence of beauty and increases confidence and self-esteem

Is It Safe To Cleanse Your Face After Thread Lift?

It is always suggested to follow your surgeon’s instructions to get optimal results and reduce the risks of side effects. Experts do not recommend cleaning your face after getting this procedure. Do not even touch or wash the treated area for at least 12 months after treatment. Threads require some time to properly settle down, and any disturbance may dislodge their placement, and consequently, you will not see your desired results. So, in any case, you should avoid touching or rubbing your face. 

Thread Lift Treatment: Instructions

Consider the following points to get better results:

  • Feel relaxed and comfortable after getting this procedure and avoid strenuous activities 
  • Avoid eating solid and hard food. Only consume soft meals for a few days
  • You may observe some side effects, such as discomfort or bruising, and take prescribed medicines to manage pain and discomfort
  • Keep your head elevated while resting or sleeping
  • Do not use straws and also avoid chewing gum 
  • Do not use any hard products or creams for about 2 days to get better results
  • Apply ice and also limit your movement

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Thread Lift?

Not everyone can undergo this treatment. Though it is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, you must ensure that you are a suitable candidate to get this procedure. The best way is to have a consultation session with a professional. You can also consider the following points to evaluate whether you should go for this treatment.

  • Individuals dealing with mild to moderate sagging issues
  • People who want to rejuvenate their facial appearances
  • An individual aiming to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • A person who intends to eliminate the signs of ageing
  • An individual who understands the procedure and has realistic expectations

What Should I Avoid After Getting This Treatment?

  • Avoid sleeping in a position that could apply pressure to the treated area
  • Do not use makeup or other products for a few days
  • Avoid regular exercise for a few days to get better results
  • Do not even smoke for at least two weeks

The Bottom Line:

Thread lift in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that restores the freshness, elasticity and charm of the skin. Threads are inserted underneath the skin to address sagging areas and create a lifting appearance. There is no doubt about their effective outcomes. A person must follow the instructions of a surgeon to avoid the risks of damage and increase the possibility of better results. Furthermore, you should not clean your face right after getting this treatment because the application of pressure on the treated area may displace threads or alter the obtained results.

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Is it Safe to Cleanse Your Face after Thread Lift?

You should not apply any pressure after thread lift treatment as it may change the outcomes. Refrain from exfoliating your skin for at least three weeks after getting a thread lift. After that, you can go for exfoliation after consulting with your surgeon.
PDO thread lift in Islamabad also stimulates collagen production in the body. As they dissolve, collagen production increases. Given that, your skin continues to improve after thread lift.
It is one of the side effects of this cosmetic face rejuvenation technique. The application of pressure can lead to its breakage. You must follow the instructions of your surgeon to avoid this.