Is an arm lift in Islamabad right for me

Many individuals think the only way to get sculpted arms is to train every arm muscle in the gym. Although this may seem impossible, most people think it’s the only way. If you want immediate, visible results without any work, you can always go for Arm Lift in Islamabad. 

This procedure helps build up your arm without spending long hours in the gym. But how do you know if the arm lift procedure is right for you? Is there any way to find out? Let’s find out!

What is Arm Lift Treatment?

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that reduces sagginess and enhances arm shape. A correctly performed arm raise can transform your arms from overweight to great.

Sculpted upper arms enhance your figure and clothing. Due to technological advances, this cosmetic surgery is safe and effective despite the ]scarring risk. In some cases, liposuction surgeries can also help in sculpting the arm.

Who Should Get Arm Lift?

You must know if you are a good candidate for arm lift surgery. Ideal Candidates are;

  • Individuals with extra arm skin.
  • Individuals with arm fat.
  • Having good mental and physical health.
  • If your weight stays healthy.
  • If you expect good results from the arm lift therapy.

How is the Procedure Done?

Firstly, you have to consult a cosmetologist for the appropriate guidance. Your doctor will then find the sagging skin and the place to set each thread. Local anaesthetic relaxes treatment regions. Needle is used to introduce threads. Their shape is adjusted and sculpted to be pulled back and tightened before the operation. Lastly, cutting the threads ensures they are stiff and hidden under the skin.

How Should You Prepare for the Procedure?

The surgeon will take a brief history and then advise you on the pre-treatment instructions. So you won’t have any issues with the treatment or its subsequent consequences. Regardless, the following precautions and preparation instructions are common.

  • Do not take blood-thinning medicines.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking.
  • Stopping vitamin and supplement use is advised.
  • Submit your medical history and blood test results.
  • Try to mentally and physically prepare.

How Should We Expect Results?

After arm lift surgery, your sagging arms get in shape and become fat-free. Brachioplasty or arm lift surgery will yield amazing, effective, and long-lasting results. After a decade, your arm may sag, but you must follow your surgeon’s advice to prolong the benefits.

Arm lifting therapy benefits:

Arm lift treatment has many benefits. Some major benefits are listed below.

  • Results will be fast and long-lasting.
  • Your arm shapes will improve.
  • No issues or negative effects occur.
  • The performance was satisfactory and expected.
  • It is a cost-effective method.
  • It suits men and women.

Other Arm Lift Options:

Multiple options for arm lifts:

Brachioplasty: In the usual arm lift, the surgeon cuts away with the removal of skin and fat from the axillaria to the elbow part. Since this treatment is most successful, patients with significant excess skin and fat on the upper arm should use it.

Extended brachioplasty: During an extended arm lift, a surgeon removes fat and skin from under the arm and handles side-of-body issues.

Limited Incision Brachioplasty: A patient’s underarm crease is incised for the concealed arm lift, commonly called limited incision Brachioplasty. This technique is sometimes done with liposuction. This operation may help people with loose skin and little fat.

Liposuction: Liposuction can remodel the arm in some patients. It requires a small incision and quick recovery. Patients with strong skin elasticity, little to no excess skin, and a minor amount of fat are usually successful after liposuction.

Cool Sculpting: The nonsurgical Cool Sculpting treatment removes moderate amounts of fat; however, it does not address loose, hanging skin.

What is the Cost of Arm Lift in Islamabad?

The average cost of Arm Lift in Islamabad starts from 320,000 PKR and goes up to 480,000 PKR. Patient location is one of several factors that determine arm lift therapy costs. Some of the factors include the surgeon’s experience and popularity, surgical facility, anesthesia costs, the scope of the procedure and the rare case of uninsured compensation to be paid after the operation. While being cost-effective, it may not include prescription medications and may require additional care that is not covered.

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