Gastric sleeve cost in pakistan..

There are several different forms of weight loss surgeries, also referred to as bariatric surgery. Gastric sleeve surgery is one of them. This results in weight loss since food intake is constrained. Losing up to 50 kg is possible. There is a sizable cutout and removal of the stomach. As a result, it enhances the quality of life. Obesity is the primary cause of many ailments. Because the hormone that makes a person hungry is likewise impaired, they do not feel hungry. A minimally invasive laparoscopic technique uses tiny incisions to reduce the stomach’s size to that of a banana. But the primary issue is always the price of any surgery. People wonder How much does gastric sleeve cost in Pakistan? The simple answer to this question is: that it is affordable and cost-effective.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

It is one of the most frequently used types of weight loss surgery. It is also named Sleeve gastrectomy or vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG). in this procedure, the size of the stomach is reduced by cutting it. The remaining portion is about the size of a banana which resembles a pouch. A laparoscope is employed with small incisions in the upper abdomen area. A tubular sleeve type portion is left. You can go for this procedure if other weight loss procedures are not as effective. The concentration of hunger hormone, ghrelin, is also reduced with time as that portion of the stomach has been removed which secretes this hormone.


The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Islamabad may vary. Cost becomes variable on the basis of surgeons’ experience, and skills. The locality of the clinic and type of the procedure also affect the total cost. This surgery is covered by insurance companies but the extent of coverage depends upon the type of procedure. So always have a meeting with your insurance provider before undergoing the procedure.

The cost of Bariatric Surgery in Islamabad is affordable. Many insurance providers will demand that patients follow a weight-loss plan before surgery. However, some people may have it for up to 6 months. This typically lasts 2-3 weeks.

Ideal Candidate:

Anyone who falls under these specifications can undergo this procedure:

  • The candidate must have a BMI of more than 40. This is the case of extreme obesity.
  • If there is any comorbidity present (Heart disease, High blood pressure, High cholesterol) then the recommended BMI will be between 30-35.
  • If other weight loss procedures have remained ineffective. Before your insurance provider will authorize and cover your operation, you might have to complete three to six months of a medically supervised weight loss program. The negative results will make you a good candidate for the procedure.
  • You can also undergo this procedure if you have a BMI of 30-34 or if you have severe weight-related health issues.


  • Insertions of small trocars in the abdomen with the help of small incisions.
  • Inspection of the stomach.
  • Division of blood vessels.
  • Insertion of a bougie tube inside the stomach. This will be the size of your new stomach.
  • Division of stomach into two parts with the help of a stapler.
  • Division of stomach into two parts by continuous firing of stapler.
  • The division is complete.
  • The new stomach resembles the size of a banana.
  • It is 20-25% of the original size.

Principle of the Surgery:

  • Reduction in stomach volume
  • Patients feel much less hungry.
  • Feeling of fullness because of less release of hunger hormone (hormonal changes).
  • Food contents pass through the stomach quickly and go to the intestine.

Diet After Surgery:

  • Liquid intake for two weeks.
  • Add solid to diet after this time.
  • Long-term diet adjustment in two months.


Following are the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery:

  • Comorbidities like diabetes type II improve.
  • No or very less side effects.
  • No placement of any foreign object in the body.
  • Improvement in quality of life.
  • Life expectancy is higher.


This is a very safe surgery and has fewer disadvantages. As nothing is inserted from outside so the chances of adverse effects are less. Yet immediately after the surgery, you will experience heartburn, hernia, bloating, bleeding or leaking from the staple lines.

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