moustache transplant

Your style and distinctive personality exhibit your charisma and hidden strengths. Further, it also defines your robustness, vigour, and ability to move ahead. A well-crafted moustache plays a defining role in your personality. Especially in many societies, it is deemed a symbol of masculine strength, a developed personality, and an element of your sound personality. Some individuals lack this style because of the sparse growth of their moustaches or the impacts of an injury or health condition that halts their moustache growth. Moustache transplant in Islamabad restores your masculine identity and sets you apart from the crowd.

Moustache Implant: Overview

Nowadays, people are fond of improving their personal appearance and adding colours to manifest their individualities. A moustache implant helps people restore the growth of moustache hair and enables you to maintain your desired moustache pattern. This procedure involves extracting hair from a donor site and transplanting it to the bald or specified areas and allows you to represent your uniqueness, traditions, and cultural values. 

Moustache Transplant in Islamabad: Benefits

  • This treatment provides you with a fuller and well-defined moustache, improving your facial aesthetics
  • This is a customised treatment and allows personalization
  • A moustache transplant is a permanent solution that grows hair naturally and permanently
  • It improves the facial appearance and self-confidence of an individual
  • This is a safe and tested treatment to address sparse moustache hair
  • It also conceals scars and offers a better look
  • It restores your masculine identity and balances facial features
  • It allows you to enjoy the opportunity of having different and unique looks through various styles of moustache

How Many Grafts Should I Need For A Moustache Transplant:

The number of grafts required for a moustache transplant varies from individual to individual based on the desired moustache style, existing hair density, and the desired area to be covered. Normally, 400 to 700 grafts are required for a moustache transplant. Besides that, you should not overlook the importance of seeking professional services because, in this way, you will be able to restore your moustache without any risk factors. Royal Cosmetic Surgery is a clinic that can embellish you with your desired moustache density without involving any risk.

Moustache Transplant in Islamabad: procedure

Our professional holds a discussion before proceeding to evaluate your skin conditions and treatment requirements; based on that, he determines the procedure’s feasibility. Local anesthesia is used to perform the procedure and ensure a painless experience. Then hair follicles are extracted using FUT or FUE technique, and grafts are transplanted into the recipient site after preparing them.

The Cost of Moustache Transplant:

The cost of this treatment depends on a few factors, such as the type of treatment, required hair density and style, and the number of grafts. Furthermore, the clinic’s location and the experience of your specific professional also influence the cost bracket for this treatment. 

Post-operative Measures:

  • Keep the treated site clean and free from debris to avoid infection
  • Do not touch or scratch the treated site, as touching or scratching could dislodge hair follicles
  • Take prescribed medication to reduce discomfort or manage pain
  • Try to protect the treated site from direct sun exposure
  • Limit your physical activities for a few days, as strenuous activities could disturb the placement of the graft
  • Sleep with your head elevated to minimise pressure on the treated area

The Bottom Line:

A well-defined and articulated moustache is deemed crucial in several societies as it is a cultural and societal norm. Furthermore, it is also considered a sign of masculinity and sound personality. Some people may experience sparse hair growth in that area, tarnishing their facial appearance and physical personality. Moustache transplant in Islamabad offers you a denser and desired moustache and improves your robustness and masculinity. Usually, 400 to 700 grafts are enough to achieve desired results, but the number of grafts may vary because of the specific requirements of an individual

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad embellishes your face with your aspired mustache density. At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad, we aim to serve the best, meet our patients’ and clients’ best interests, and improve the charm of their personalities.