Cost of Root canal Treatment in Pakistan

Dental health plays a vital role in the lives of people in Pakistan but is rarely given much importance. Financial accessibility to professional dental procedures such as root canal treatment are key requirements to oral health. Endodontic therapy is important as it deals with severe cavities, diseased tooth pulp, which may lead to formation of pus pockets. Thus, it becomes useful to know about the cost of root canal treatment available in Pakistan with an aim of attaining effective and affordable healthcare.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal is a therapy that is done on a tooth that is extremely decayed and damaged. It attaches nerves with blood vessels and connective tissues, and the bacteria can penetrate deep fissures and cracks in a tooth. If this happens, then the tooth itself can become sore and painful to eat hot or cold Foods and drinks.

Aim of root canal treatment:

The main purpose of root canal treatment is to preserve a previously healthy natural tooth that may otherwise have to be removed. The dentist offers pain relief by extracting and sealing the pulp that causes the tooth to be infected and also ensuring that the infection does not spread through the structure of the tooth. This also reduces pain and discomfort for the tooth, and keeps the aesthetics and biomechanical functions for mastication and vocalization intact.

Who Should Consider Root Canal Treatment?

Patients who have severe toothaches, sensitivity of the tooth to heat or cold or pain while chewing or pressure, and swelling or gum around the diseased tooth or darkening of the tooth should opt for root canal treatment. 

Some of the everyday situations that call for a root canal are: deeply decayed teeth that have affected the pulp, a cracked or chipped tooth, or an accident that has impacted the tooth in some way.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

The following are numerous benefits that individuals get to enjoy once they undergo through root canal therapy; 

  • It helps keep the natural tooth thus preventing movement of the teeth in the mouth.
  • In addition, it also eradicates with the aches and the sews that are normal in handling a tooth inflammation.
  • It also free the patient from toothache and temperature sensitivity, speaking, chewing, and other functional tasks.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The complexity and severity of the procedure.

Due to the complexity of dental problems the cost of a root canal procedure is always high. The process may take longer if the tooth has multiple canals or if it has been treated before and the previous treatments did not succeed. This complexity typically has the effect of raising the price as it requires more time and personnel with specific training from the dental personnel.

Location of the Clinic for Dentistry

The price of root canal treatment is dependent on the location of the Dental clinic. Large city such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad may have higher cost of living as well as overhead costs for dental practice in the respective areas and subsequently may have higher charges for their treatments. Also, the access to specialized dental services and the availability of the latest technological equipment in key states will dictate the price rates.

Dentist skills and Experience

Density rate can also vary depending on the experience of the dentist that will do the root canal treatment. Dentists with more adventure knowledge such as the endodontists may work higher fee because of the extra schooling, talents and success rate card. It pays to get quality treatment by professionals and the costs may be slightly higher but these justify the need for people to seek proper health care services.

Additional Treatments and Complications

Extra treatments during the root canal therapy or other unseen challenges may also hike the overall bill. For instance, if there is a need for post and core buildup or if the canal is calcified or mold still persists, these needs may bring additional cost to the total bill. Additional general treatments or procedures such as dental crowns may also be prescribed by the dentist to restore function and aesthetics also having an influence with costs.

Average Cost of Root Canal in Islamabad

The cost of the root canal treatment in Islamabad is 18,000 PKR per tooth. However, the cost depends on the factors described earlier. Additional procedures or complicated cases might fall within a higher range of this value.

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