root canal treatment for infected teeth

Optimal oral health is crucial for the normal functioning of our bodies. Poor oral hygiene, dental injuries, trauma, gum diseases, and other factors can cause tooth infections and damage their functions and appearance. Sometimes, the pulp of the tooth is also infected because of injuries and untreated dental decay then root canal treatment in Islamabad is performed to address this problem and restore the operations of an infected tooth.

Many people ask whether they can go for root canal treatment for an infected tooth. In this blog, we will resolve this query along with learning about root canal treatment and its benefits.

Root Canal Treatment: Overview

This dental procedure is performed to deal with infected pulp, preserve natural teeth and restore the functions and stability of a damaged tooth. If the pulp of your tooth is infected because of a fracture, then you can consider this approach to save your innate tooth and save your time and money from being spent on other dental treatments, such as dental implants.

Rescue Your Infected Tooth: Benefits Of RC Treatment

  • An infected tooth may cause discomfort and pain. Treating the cause of infection eliminates discomfort and provides relief
  • If you do not treat the infection, it may spread or damage adjacent teeth as well. This technique does not let the infection spread and banishes it completely
  • This treatment also helps you to preserve or save your natural tooth and restores its normal functions
  • Not only does this procedure improve the functions and status of an infected tooth, but it also improves overall oral health
  • This is also deemed a cost-effective procedure as you do not need to go for dental implants or dentures if you recover or preserve your infected tooth through root canal treatment
  • An infected tooth does not allow you to eat and speak normally. By dealing with infection, this procedure improves your speaking and eating

Recreate Your Radiance! RC Procedure

A dentist will assess the status of oral health of a particular patient before undergoing this treatment. He may take X-rays to get a complete understanding of the issue. The procedure begins by administering local anaesthesia to numb the area. Following that, the dentist makes an opening and then removes the pulp of an infected tooth. He then disinfects the area and fills it with a bio compatible material. 

Can We Go For Root Canal Treatment For Infected Tooth?

A tooth can encounter numerous issues, such as infected pulp, periodontists, cellulitis, etc. Root canal is only performed when the pulp of a tooth is infected. In other cases, there are other procedures. If you are dealing with more than one tooth-related problem, then your dentist will decide which one to treat first. Your dentist will analyse the severity of the problem, and he will choose the most needed procedure based on his analysis. Sometimes, this procedure can be performed if your tooth is infected; sometimes, a dentist treats the infection and then proceeds to deal with the infected pulp.

Side Effects Of This Procedure:

  • A tooth becomes more prone to fracture
  • A patient will also experience swelling and discomfort
  • In some cases, the infected tooth may not heal properly
  • Sometimes, it does not completely treat infection
  • Requires additional techniques to get proper results

The Bottom Line:

Root canal treatment in Islamabad is performed to extract the infected pulp of the teeth, preserve the affected tooth and improve overall oral health. A surgeon performs this procedure to eliminate the pain and discomfort that occur because of infected pulp. This dental issue can damage overall oral health if not treated properly. You should visit your dentist if you are dealing with an infected tooth. Your dentist will analyse the most suitable treatment for this problem accordingly.

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Can we go for root canal treatment for infected teeth?

The cost of this procedure varies from person to person. Factors such as the intensity of the problem, the clinic’s location, additional treatment and the expertise of a surgeon influence the cost of this procedure.
You can use antibiotics to deal with infection. The use of antibiotics will reduce infection and also stop its spread. Besides that, you can also consult with your dentist to get an expert opinion.
You may experience pain and discomfort during this treatment. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the area to eliminate pain and ensure a comfortable experience.