Can I wait a month to get a crown after root canal

Root canal treatment in Islamabad prevents tooth decay or preserves an infected or flawed tooth. A dentist proceeds with this dental procedure to remove the pulp of that tooth and reduce the risk of further dental lesions. During this procedure, A disturbed tooth is cleaned and disinfected after extracting infected pulp. This procedure is followed by filling and crown placement.

A crown is also placed to restore the functions and aesthetics of that particular tooth. However, it is essential to place a crown after endodontic therapy but, many people ask when to put it on or if they can wait for a month to get a crown after undergoing this treatment. 

Let’s Get A Proper Insight!

Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is carried out to remove inflamed or damaged pulp from a tooth to prevent tooth decay and conserve the damaged tooth. If inflamed or infected pulp is not treated timely, then you may lose your damaged tooth. Following that, the recovery period begins, which is a time-consuming process. A crown is also placed after this treatment to support the healing process and protect the treated tooth from discolouration and further infection.

Benefits Of A Crown After Root Canal?

  • First of all, a crown ensures tooth protection and restores its normal functionality and aesthetics
  • A tooth is prone to discolouration after a root canal; the placement of the crown conceals imperfections such as discolouration 
  • A tooth becomes weak after a root canal procedure because its pulp, which contains blood vessels and connective tissues, is removed from the treated tooth. Further, the tooth becomes brittle after endodontic therapy because its supporting system is replaced with biocompatible materials that cannot provide the required strength and make it susceptible to damage; placement of a crown protects it from any possible damage or crack.
  • Some people may have bruxism, which may further increase the risks of tooth damage or decay, making further tooth restoration impossible.

Can I Wait A Month To Get A Crown After Root Canal?

Normally, a temporary crown is placed after root canal treatment and then it is replaced with a permanent one once the healing process is completed. It is vital to place a crown after this procedure; otherwise, a patient may observe a number of aesthetics and structural issues afterwards. 

A dentist may decide to place a crown when he finds it suitable. He typically evaluates the size of the infected area, the lesion, the location of the tooth and the extent of endodontic treatment. All these factors determine the duration of the healing period for a particular treatment. Some patients get a crown right after this procedure, but some get it after a few days or weeks. 

It is suggested that getting a crown should not be delayed because it will not only lead to aesthetic or structural concerns, but you may end up with a broken tooth. The tooth is quite weak after endodontic therapy and even is not in a position to bear strains or pressure. A bit of pressure or bruxism may cause tooth loss because strains can collapse the tooth. That’s why it is better to get this procedure without any delay.

It is better to get a crown as soon as possible. However, there are examples of some people delaying this procedure for a year or even one and a half years, and they did not observe any issues. But, it is risky and cannot be considered a better approach. If you delay this process, you may end up observing infection or damaged teeth.  

The Final Thought:

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is carried out to preserve a damaged tooth by extracting inflamed or infected pulp from the tooth and filling the cavity with a biocompatible material. This treatment restores the normal functionality and aesthetics of the damaged tooth and also reduces the risk of further infection or tooth decay. A crown is placed to support the treated tooth and normalise the functioning of the teeth. Getting a crown should not be delayed because it bears strains or pressure and eliminates the risks of cracks.

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Can I wait a month to get a crown after a root canal?

Yes, it is possible, and if everything is prepared, then placing a crown hardly takes one hour. This is not an extensive treatment because a dentist develops a custom-made replacement and afterwards, it's easy to put it.
No, you should not do that because you may end up losing your treated tooth. Root canal treatment reduces the strength of a tooth and makes it weak, making it more susceptible to decay or damage. Leaving it without a crown might be dangerous.
Yes, you can brush your temporary crown to improve your overall oral health. Be gentle and careful, and also do not apply pressure while brushing your temporary crown.