Can I use penile implants every day?

Sexual dysfunction is the inability to satisfy a partner or maintain an erection, which is crucial for intimate performance. Ejaculation difficulties can affect sexual health, relationships, productivity, self-consciousness, depression, stress, and anxiety. Penile implants in Islamabad restore sexual stamina, increase bed performance, and boost vitality.

What are Penile Implants?

Understanding penile implants is crucial. Physiological conditions, psychological concerns, and lifestyle choices might affect individuals’ intimate performance. He cannot meet his partner’s expectations. This is risky because people could be separated. A penile implant can boost sexual potency and erection. This medication cures impotence. 

The Surgical Procedure

During this surgery, a gadget is placed into the penis to improve sexual performance or sustain an erection. This medical procedure helps a person increase his erotic abilities, regain his performance, gratify his partner during sexual activity, and boost his sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction sufferers should consider this procedure to regain vitality, joy, self-confidence, and performance and efficiency.

Treatment Options

Inflatable implants

Flexible cylinders are inserted into the patient’s penis. These are usually connected to a pump and reservoir in the scrotum. When the pump is on, fluid flows from the reservoir to the cylinders. This increases penile size and hardness.

Moldable devices

Flexible rods are placed in the penis’ erectile chamber. These injected rods can restrict and raise a treated penis. You can also bend the penis downward while not using it.

Should I use my penile implant daily?

Penile implants are durable and can be used daily or more often. Inflatable implants are more flexible and natural-looking than semirigid implants, which are simpler and more reliable. To preserve the implant’s durability and efficacy, post-surgical care, regular checks, and good cleaning are necessary. Men considering this option should visit a physician to discuss the risks and benefits based on their health and needs.

Top Penile Implant Benefits:

Meets patient demands and produces good results

  • Allows sexual action when desired.
  • Restores the capacity to have an erection for no reason and feel pleasure instantly.
  • Restores a person’s natural sensations, allowing them to enjoy the present.
  • Eliminates erectile dysfunction and its side effects.
  • Makes you feel content, happy, and complacent.

Can a penile implant lengthen much?

Sexually troubled people also think their penis is too short and are exploring this procedure to lengthen it. Many patients ask their surgeons if this therapy will enhance the length or size of their organ and how much.

The main goal of this therapy is to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction and improve sexual health by increasing erection time or performance. This surgery increases penile stiffness and restores proper sexual activity, not organ size.

Some people may notice a change in their organ circumference, but this method does not measure organ length. This usually treats dysfunction or impotence. This treatment should be considered by people who are unhappy with their sexual performance or can’t maintain an erection. 

Who Should Undergo This Procedure?

  • ED sufferers who have tried various approaches
  • Many want to regain sexual health, joy, and confidence.
  • Healthy people ready for implant procedure
  • People seeking emotional and psychological comfort 
  • Reasonable expectations make good candidates for this post.

Aftercare Treatment: 

To acquire the best outcomes from this penile implant in Islamabad, you must follow post-operative instructions. To prevent side effects and speed healing, aftercare therapies are crucial.

  • Limit your physical activity and avoid extreme activities.
  • Keep the treatment area clean to prevent infection.
  • Take your prescribed drugs to relieve pain.
  • Following your practitioner’s instructions can provide optional benefits.
  • Tell your surgeon about any side effects.

Penile implant cost in Islamabad

Penile implant prices in Islamabad, Pakistan,  ranges from PKR  250,000. However, depend on the type of implant, clinic location, aftercare therapy, facilities, and practitioner expertise. It can be from

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Sexual health is vital to marriage partnerships and personal well-being. Many men lose their ability to satisfy their spouses or maintain a powerful erection, which leads to persistent frustration and sadness. This surgery helps patients restore erections and sexual pleasure by implanting certain penile implants. 

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