Can I do PRP and filler together

The narrative of beauty is not restricted to a few people or individuals belonging to the show biz. The scope of beauty goes beyond that. Younger people and even septuagenarians are fond of looking attractive, appealing, and youthful. The world of aesthetics has made it possible. Furthermore, the ongoing development is also increasing the domain and variations of this specific field. PRP treatment in Islamabad improves the skin texture and reinstates the lost glow and luminosity of the skin. In this blog, we will learn whether we can do PRP and filler together.

Let’s Comprehend  PRP and Fillers:

The desire to unleash an attractive and appealing personality is innate. Everyone wants to have a radiant and more youthful version of themselves. However, the aging factor, lifestyle practices and several skin conditions damage the appearance of the skin and produce imperfections. Cosmetic treatments deal with skin conditions and enhance the glow of the skin.

PRP Treatment in Islamabad:

This is an aesthetic treatment that involves the use of the patient’s own blood. The treatment basically promotes tissue regeneration ability and fosters collagen production. In this procedure, a patient’s own blood is taken, and then platelet-rich plasma is separated from other ingredients of the blood. Following that, plasma is injected back into the specific area of the body, promoting the regeneration ability and cellular activities of tissues. This procedure reduces the appearance of skin conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines and improves skin texture, offering a youthful and radiant appearance.

Fillers In Islamabad:

Fillers are non-surgical treatments that are used to restore volume and improve facial contour. This procedure involves the insertion of cosmetic substances such as hyaluronic acid to produce a more refined, sculpted and contoured appearance of different parts of the body such as lips, etc. Fillers restore lost volume and offer a refreshed and reinvigorated skin appearance.

Can I Do PRP And Fillers Together?

Yes, both of these cosmetic procedures can be used together in a single session. Using both these skin rejuvenation procedures is safe and has no specific complications. It means you can get the benefits of both at the same time without involving yourself in any risk factor. Fillers will add volume and improve the symmetry and aesthetics of a particular area of the body and PRP injections will promote collagen production and add smoothness, youthfulness and glow to the skin. This approach will offer immediate and long-lasting results. In addition to that, it is a safe and effective procedure that offers a desired appearance.

Benefits Of Combine Treatment:

  • Rejuvenates the skin, adds volume, and augments the skin’s texture and appeal
  • Offers balanced, contoured and natural-looking appearance
  • Effectively deals with skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation
  • Addresses sagging skin and hollow areas and adds volume
  • Stimulates collagen production and refines the skin’s texture and complexion
  • It is a versatile treatment as it can be applied to different parts of the body
  • It can be used to treat specific concerns of individuals, making it a customized treatment
  • Fillers and PRP in Islamabad are both non-invasive treatments, and so is their combination, limiting the downtime
  • This amalgamated treatment is often deemed cost-effective, productive and of high-value

How Much Do PRP and Filler Treatment Cost In Islamabad?

In order to calculate an estimated cost of this treatment, we have to learn about a few cost-determining factors. These factors may alter the overall cost of PRP and filler treatment. These factors include the type and amount of filler used, the quantity of plasma, the number of sessions, the size of the area to be treated or the scope of the treatment, personalized and post-operative treatments, the clinic’s location, and the expertise of a practitioner. Generally, the cost of this combined treatment remains between PKR 10,000 to PKR 35,000

The Bottom Line:

PRP treatment in Islamabad and fillers stimulate collagen production in the body, refine the aesthetics of the skin, improve skin texture and complexion, add volume, and revamp the symmetry and contour of the treated area of the body. These treatments can be applied together because their combined use does not cause any harm. This treatment offers immediate yet long-lasting effects. If you get this combined treatment, you will observe the value this treatment will add to your skin.

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