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Each of us desires to have gorgeous hair when we look in the mirror. A head is full of thick hair with a distinctive cut that might convey a sense of style. After all, both for men and women, hair is a sign of beauty. Unfortunately, hair loss is common, but if it is severe or persists for a long period, it could be a concern. A problem can be managed by becoming acclimated to caring for your hair, knowing what to do, using the right products, and, most importantly, seeking medical advice, if the issue persists. It’s a matter of your hair, and you must not be negligent and search for the Best hair Dermatologist in Islamabad. 

In this blog post, you will learn about hair dermatologists, how they can be the best choice for your hair loss problems, and many other things. So, take a moment and keep reading the following details.

Who Is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical professional who focuses on identifying diseases that affect your hair. As they address the underlying cause of hair loss, they ask why someone is experiencing it. In addition to this, they pinpoint the clauses and conditions that lead to damaged skin health.

Some people believe that a dermatologist’s job is limited to treating problems with the skin and nails. It is to notify you that contrary to popular assumptions, dermatologists are qualified to recognize all forms of hair loss, including the complications of alopecia.

How Can A Dermatologist Treat Hair Loss Problems?

As mentioned above, a dermatologist can deal with several hair loss issues and can also treat your internal problems which are the causes of hair fall. They may treat you with medication or non-invasive treatment, depending on the person’s condition. You can’t choose any hair fall treatment without proper examination or diagnosis.

Don’t take it usually if you have a problem with hair loss of any kind. Instead, visit the Best Dermatologist to have him determine what is causing the problem with the scalp. This is so that the entire conduct may be based on the most crucial component, which is the problem analysis.

What Are The Best Treatments For Hair Loss?

Commonly, there are several basic treatment options that are recommended by dermatologists for treating hair loss problems. The major and specific options that a dermatologist can perform are mentioned below

  • Medication – the dermatologist always starts hair fall treatment with medication. It can be a medicine or shampoo that will be recommended to you for several weeks. The results can vary from person to person because it is suitable for several candidates only.
  • PRP therapy – in this process, your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which naturally encourages the growth factors in your blood to stimulate hair growth, is injected into your scalp. The procedure is risk-free, produces consistent results, requires little recovery time, and causes no downtime. The PRP procedure can be used alone or in conjunction with hair restoration or transplant surgery.
  • Scalp Micro-pigmentation – The cosmetic treatment of tattooing scalp micro-pigmentation conceals the appearance of hair loss. It’s one of our many options for hair loss and hair thinning therapy, and it’s a very popular choice for people who would prefer a non-invasive, “concealing” method to surgery.

What To Expect In Results?

After getting a suitable recommended treatment, the results can be effective, satisfying, and desirable. Sometimes, it may vary from person to person and be observed by the candidate after a few months. So, it would be best if you wait and follow the instructions of your hair dermatologist. Otherwise, it can be the worst and undesirable results.

Best Hair Dermatologist At RCS:

The Best hair Dermatologist in Islamabad can be found here! The royal cosmetic clinic proudly introduces Dr. Abida Sardar, a skilled dermatologist. She is serving her valuable time at our clinic. She provides every patient with the finest possible care by recommending the best course of action after carefully assessing their medical needs and specific requirements. Dr. Abida suggests to patients the finest, safest method of hair loss therapy after considering their age and degree of baldness. The majority of the time, patients receive enough of the vital advice that she typically provides.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, your scalp’s health and the precise cause of hair loss will examine by a dermatologist. In addition to treating hair loss, a dermatologist also treats skin concerns, either its scalp skin or the entire body. So, if you are searching for the best hair dermatologist, feel free to visit or consult royal cosmetic surgery clinic. We have expert practitioners and hair specialists who can treat your hair loss.