breast lift benefits and drawbacks

Breast lift in Islamabad reshapes the appearance of breasts, reinstates elegance, improves silhouette and enhances the firmness and attractiveness of breasts. Breastfeeding, pregnancy or the ageing factor may lead to sagging or droopy breasts. Furthermore, congenital issues may also cease the normal growth of breasts, leading to self-consciousness. This treatment deals with lax or sagging breasts and augments their firmness and decency.

Breast Lift: Overview

Mastopexy, or breast lift, is a surgical treatment that is carried out to redefine the gracefulness and appearance of breasts. Women who are unsatisfied with their breasts’ shape and size must consider this procedure because mastopexy not only removes excess skin from breasts and tightens them but also repositions nipples to extend an alluring, fulfilled or catchy appearance.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Breast Lift:

This is the most popular procedure to redefine the elegance of breasts. The multitude of benefits that this breast rejuvenation procedure offers make it a worth-considering and in-demand technique. It also has some loopholes or drawbacks. Here, we are going to uncover both the benefits and disadvantages of this procedure to assist you in making a wise and prudent decision. 

Pros of This Procedure:

  • Today, everyone wants to look fit, graceful and confident. Droopy or sagging breasts reduce the elegance of personality and also lower the confidence of a woman. This procedure restores the fullness, plumpness and symmetrical appearance of breasts
  • It improves the shape, size and appearance of breasts, giving them a unique and aesthetically pleasing look
  • Boosts the satisfaction of a person by improving body language via breast lift and also producing positive energy, thus leading to self-assurance and confidence
  • A youthful and contoured appearance of breasts also increases clothing choices for a woman and allows her to wear her favourite dresses that she was reluctant to wear earlier
  • Some women experience bumpy or unequal breasts and aspire to get this unevenness treated appropriately; breast lift at Royal Cosmetic Surgery deals with this unevenness and enhances the appearance and shape of breasts
  • Gives a better figure by producing proportionate breasts and dealing with congenital and other aesthetic concerns
  • It not only reshapes the appearance of breasts and gives a charming look but also offers long-lasting and durable results, leading to self-delight and joy 

Drawbacks of This Treatment:

  • This procedure involves the use of local anaesthesia. The use of anaesthesia is not recommended for people dealing with certain medical conditions, hindering their desire for proper and reshaped breasts
  • There are also risks, though quite rare, for loss of sensation in breasts or nipples. These sensations may be temporary or permanent. You must inform your surgeon if you observe this problem after your treatment
  • The ageing factor may also reduce the obtained benefits as it may again lead to breasts sagging
  • Lifting breasts is a surgical procedure that requires significant time for recovery, or its downtime is quite extended
  • Fluctuations in weight may also damage the appearance of breasts obtained via this lifting procedure

How Long Does A Breast Lift Last?

The results of this procedure are quite long-lasting. However, the longevity of its results varies from person to person based on their self-care routines and lifestyle practices. Generally, you can experience this lifted appearance for about 10 to 15 years. Factors such as weight fluctuation, pregnancy and growing age may disturb the longevity of results, but if you adhere to the instructions of your surgeon, you may increase the stated time period.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Breast Lifts: The Bottom Line

The contour, shape and appearance of breasts also define the elegance and gracefulness of an individual’s personality. A few factors may dismantle the firmness and a delightful silhouette of breasts, lowering confidence and self-esteem. Breast lift in Islamabad refines the shape, size and contour of breasts and boosts the confidence and self-assurance of a person. There are a few drawbacks of this procedure that may alter your decision, but consider its long-lasting benefits and the feeling that you will get after having fully contoured and shaped breasts.

If you are ready or a bit reluctant for this procedure, let RCS help you to make the best decision. Our surgeons will analyse your specific requirements and listen to your concerns and provide you with a custom-made analysis. Further, not only will they eliminate your fear but also bring about your desired results.


benefits and drawbacks of breast lift

Yes, it is. If you are concerned about the appearance and shape of your breasts, then this is the best procedure that can address your concerns and improve the shape, size, firmness and look of your breasts.
This is a surgical procedure, and the element of pain cannot be separated from this procedure. Anaesthesia is used during the process to lower the pain and sensation of discomfort. You will experience pain after the treatment. That can be easily managed. Your surgeon at RCS will prescribe some medications to eradicate the sensation of pain.
If you are above 18 or your breasts have fully developed, then you are a good candidate for this procedure. There is no age limit or restrictions based on the ageing factor.