Why should you not delay dental implants

Are you dealing with dental issues, or have you lost a tooth? Is your dentist recommending you dental implants in Islamabad? If yes! Then you should not delay further. Optimal oral health is essential to live your life to the fullest and produce a captivating and exuberant smile. On the flip side, you cannot perform your normal routine if you are dealing with teeth-related issues. 

If a person is encountering a problem, he/she will have to undergo proper treatment sooner or later. If getting a procedure is certain then you should not hold up for no reason. If you delay, It will only be you who will have to bear the brunt. 

Don’t Delay Dental Implants For Following Reasons:

Every aspect of oral health is important. When it comes to the excellent functioning of teeth, you should never compromise and go for appropriate procedures.

Get Dental Implants In Islamabad 

To Restore Functions

You cannot bite and chew properly with a missing tooth, limiting your food choices. It can also affect speech patterns. It is unimaginable to live without favourite foods and experience alteration in speech patterns. Given that, a person should not postpone teeth implants.

To Reinstate Aesthetics

No one can deny the importance of a smile. Not only does it give us confidence, but it also assists us in developing relations. This method restores functions and also normal shape and appearance, eliminating associated aesthetic concerns and enabling you to produce a captivating smile again.

To Avoid Infections

Untreated broken teeth are prone to experience bacteria because of exposed dentin and pulp. Infection can cause pain, discomfort, swelling and inflammation. It may also affect other body parts, such as the throat. Timely treatment reduces the risk of infection and its effects and also prevents its expansion. 

To Stop Teeth Shifting

When there is a gap between teeth, they can shift. This movement may lead to further problems. If misalignment occurs because of this existing gap, then you might experience speech problems, tooth decay, enamel damage, and gum diseases. Therefore, it is better to get an implant as soon as possible to avoid this shifting and prevent these stated problems. 

To Protect Jawbone

Proper alignment and position of teeth is crucial for the jawbone. Gaps or misalignment may deteriorate the jawbone. Proper treatment keeps soft tissues from receding. If you delay this procedure, the situation will become worse; then, you might consider bone grafting along with this method.

To Feel Comfortable

You cannot afford to deny any medical procedure. If you do so, you face consequences. Sometimes, you might need more complex treatments. Furthermore, if you postpone, you only add to your suffering. Given that, do not set back. Undergo this procedure as per the directions of your dentist to feel relaxed and comfortable.

You are again advised to get a consultation session. An expert will analyse your conditions, ask about your concerns and objectives and inform you about the most suitable and required technique. You can visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery for guidance, Our experts will not only let you comprehend your issue but also deliver your desired results.

Summing Up:

Dental implants in Islamabad are dental techniques performed to replace a missing tooth. Primarily, these are artificial replacements made of biocompatible materials, fixed in the jawbone and work as an anchor for the prosthetic tooth. If you have lost your natural tooth, then it is better to fix this problem right away. If you delay it, you may experience infection, bite and speech-related issues and even observe teeth shifting.

Summing Up:

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to deal with this issue and restore your optimal oral health. At RCS, we strive to deliver the best treatments to bring about the desired results for our patients. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Why should you not delay dental implants?

No. You cannot. It is not suggested. If you delay the dental implant, you may observe bone loss or tooth shifting. To prevent these problems, you should get it right away and restore your optimal oral health to normalise functioning and aesthetics.
Yes. If you have healthy gums and sufficient bone density, then an implant can be placed right after extraction. Do not forget to consult a professional before considering any procedure to restore your optimal oral health.
If you do not replace a missing tooth, the bone in the jaw begins to deteriorate. Besides this, you might experience infection, biting and chewing-related issues and teeth shifting. Therefore, it is better to take prescribed treatment to maintain your oral health.