Why does hair growth get slow in winter

Seasonal changes have a significant impact on hair growth. They can increase or decrease the growth of hair. It is essential to consider these seasonal changes besides other factors such as hormonal changes or the lack of essential nutrients to keep hair growth optimal in every season and maintain the glow and shine of natural hair. Hair growth in winter gets slow because of a few factors.

Several factors damage hair follicles, halt their growth, and even lead to hair loss or baldness.  In this blog, we will learn about the factors that lower hair growth in winter and hair loss treatments in Islamabad. If you are worried about persistent hair loss or reduced growth of your hair, then give it a read to find the causes of your issue and effective treatments.

Winter Season and Hair Growth:

Every individual is concerned about their hair and wishes to maintain a fuller hair head. However, the phenomenon of hair loss or reduced growth is true and cannot be neglected. Factors such as genetic predisposition, lifestyle patterns, hormonal imbalances, and the use of certain medicines and skincare products may alter hair growth patterns in an individual and can also cause hair loss or baldness. Hair growth in winter is not the same as it is in summer. Many individuals observe a significant change in their hair in the winter season. 

Why Does Hair Growth Get Slow In Winter?

Several reasons are there for slow hair growth in winter. For example, vitamin D is crucial for hair follicles and the growth of hair. The availability of vitamin D decreases because of less exposure to sunlight, and its deficiency slows down the growth of hair follicles. Furthermore, our hair care habits also change during the winter season, which also reduces the pace of hair growth. In addition to that, the dryness and the lack of moisture in the winter season are also deemed primary causes of reduced hair growth.

How To Tackle Reduced Hair Growth In Winter?

If you are worried about the growth of your hair and are losing your hair, then hair loss treatments in Islamabad can revamp your lost hair and enhance the aesthetics of your personality by reinstating the charm of a fuller hair head. Several treatments such as hair transplant in Islamabad, PRP therapy, scalp micro-pigmentation and the use of hair growth medicines deal with this growth issue, improve the health of hair follicles and foster hair growth.

Besides hair loss treatments, you can also adhere to a few instructions to address the issue of hair growth in winter. It is better to consult with a professional at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad for a proper evaluation of your hair growth pattern and to find the causes of hair loss. Also, consider the following tips if you are dealing with such hair problems.

  • You should focus on your diet. A proper diet containing minerals and vitamins fulfills the requirement of essential vitamins such as vitamin D
  • Keep yourself  hydrated to overcome dehydration, which is quite common in winter
  • Scalp health is crucial for the health of hair follicles and proper hair growth. Winter season can also affect scalp health. So, for optimal hair growth, take proper care of your scalp
  • Reduce the use of heat styling tools because they further make the scalp dry, slow down hair growth and can also lead to hair breakage

Summing Up:

Hair growth in winter becomes slower because of dehydration, the lack of vitamin D and alteration in hair care routine. Since the role of hair for an appealing personality must be addressed, we have to consider every factor that can disturb normal hair growth or lead to hair loss or baldness. By following proper hair care tips, hair growth patterns can be made normal. Furthermore, hair loss treatments in Islamabad can also be considered to restore lost hair and revamp the aesthetics of a fuller hair head.

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