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Is teeth whitening for sensitive ones good?

Stain or discoloration of the teeth damages the brightness and attractiveness of an appealing smile. Teeth whitening in Islamabad deals with discoloration of the teeth, adds brightness and reinstates the lost glamour of the smile. Many individuals raise concerns about whether this procedure is suitable for people with sensitive teeth. It might be an issue for people with sensitive skin, but modern whitening procedures or advanced techniques have normalized teeth whitening for people with sensitive teeth. Let’s further explore this topic!

Teeth Whitening: Overview

The whiteness or brightness of our teeth is often compromised because of poor oral healthcare. Stain or discoloration reduces the brightness of shiny teeth. Teeth whitening in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure designed to address the teeth’ discoloration and restore the smile’s elegance and appeal. This procedure consists of several at-home whitening or in-office whitening procedures. Some of them may create problems for sensitive teeth, but not every treatment is problematic. 

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

  • Restores the brightness and appeal of the teeth and enhances the aesthetics of the smile
  • Deals with stains, discoloration, or effects of food remains
  • Enhances the brightness of the smile without involving any pain factor
  • Treat specific issues of each individual and is deemed a personalized treatment
  • Offers quick results in a cost-effective way
  • The results of teeth whitening in Islamabad are long-lasting

Is Teeth Whitening Good For Sensitive Ones?

Procedures that utilize hydrogen peroxide are deemed disturbing for people with sensitivity. You may avoid these teeth whitening procedures if you have sensitivity issues because they may lead to discomfort or irritation. But it does not mean you are unable to deal with discoloration or stains. There are some other teeth whitening procedures in Islamabad that do not cause any harm or discomfort, even to people having sensitivity issues.

Treatments such as teeth whitening strips in Islamabad, laser teeth whitening, and in-office teeth whitening procedures that contain desensitizer gels are a few teeth whitening procedures that people with sensitivity issues can get to address discoloration and enhance the brightness of the teeth. Furthermore, it is better to consult with a professional. An expert at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad analyzes your specific concerns and issues and recommends the best available procedure based on his analysis.

Can Sensitive Teeth Be Cured?

Yes, sensitive teeth can be cured. Enamel erosion, tooth decay, or gum recession can lead to tooth sensitivity. A dentist first analyses the specific cause and then recommends a treatment accordingly. If you are experiencing sensitivity, then you should start using desensitizing toothpaste. Further, you should also avoid cold or acidic foods in order to overcome sensitivity.

Can I Eat After Teeth Whitening In Islamabad?

If you undergo teeth whitening, then you should not drink or eat something for at least one to two hours. Additionally, you should also limit the use of stain-causing foods because teeth whitening also makes teeth more prone to discoloration or stains. You can eat after this procedure, but it is better if you refrain from eating or drinking after the treatment.

Here Is How to Maintain Optimal Oral Health:

Whether you get teeth whitening in Islamabad or not, you cannot neglect your oral health. Optimal oral health not only improves the functioning of the teeth and creates a perfect smile but is also deemed necessary for an individual’s overall health.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day to maintain oral health
  • Floss on a daily basis to remove food remains
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Maintain a proper and balanced diet
  • Refrain from smoking or using tobacco products
  • Keep visiting your dentist for regular check-ups

The Bottom line:

Teeth whitening in Islamabad deals with teeth-related issues such as stains or discoloration and improves the aesthetics of the smile by adding brightness and shine. Teeth whitening involves a number of procedures that are performed to recreate the charm of the teeth. Some of these factors can be performed if an individual is observing sensitivity, but other teeth whitening procedures, such as laser whitening, do not cause any harm to people dealing with sensitivity issues.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to get tailor-made and customized aesthetic treatments. Visit our clinic and get your desired results!

Does teeth whitening damage my enamel?

Teeth whitening in Islamabad is the process of reducing stains and discoloration of the teeth and attaining a brighter, dazzling, and aesthetically pleasing smile. Our teeth become prey to stains or discoloration because of our eating habits and aging factors; teeth whitening restores the vitality and brightness of the teeth. This process reverses staining and reduces the impacts of imperfections. People have some concerns regarding this treatment. In this blog, we will try to address whether this cosmetic procedure damages the enamel of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening in Islamabad: Introduction

This is a cosmetic dental procedure that is carried out to enhance the aesthetics of the teeth by addressing the discoloration or yellowing of the teeth. This procedure utilizes bleaching agents or a few other techniques to bring back the radiancy and shining of the teeth. Teeth whitening is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment designed to obtain a beautiful, attractive and seductive smile.

What Is Tooth Enamel?

The outer layer of the tooth is called tooth enamel. It is a thin, natural coating of the tooth. It is also called a protective shell for the inner layers of the tooth. Additionally, enamel prevents tooth decay and also reduces temperature sensitivity.

This thin layer is the hardest tissue of the body and even harder than bones. It is said that only diamond is stronger than tooth enamel. Though it is hard and strong tissue, some factors, such as chemical reactions and force, can erode it.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage My Enamel?

Generally, tooth whitening does not damage your enamel. Normally, a professional performs the procedure, and he understands the complexities and the possibility of side effects. His knowledge and professional services enable him to minimize the possibility of harm or side effects. You should always seek professional services to get your desired results and radiant teeth- and also prevent any possible damage to the tooth enamel.

What Causes Enamel Erosion?

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Acidic foods and drinks
  • Medications
  • Tooth grinding
  • Eating Disorders

Given the above-mentioned causes, we can confidently state that teeth whitening in Islamabad does not damage the enamel of the teeth if performed by an expert. This treatment addresses discoloration and whitens the tooth, enhancing the brightness and frequency of your smile.

What Does A Healthy Enamel Look Like?

Healthy enamel is white, smooth, and translucent. There are no cracks or rough spots on the surface of the enamel. It protects the inner layer of the tooth. Its outlook is shining and free of discoloration.

Teeth Whitening: Top Benefits

  • This treatment effectively removes stains and discoloration of the tooth
  • Makes smile brighter, more seductive and more attractive
  • Boosts confidence and improves self-image and personal representation
  • Offers quick results and lets you impress others through your radiant smile
  • A non-invasive procedure offering lasting results
  • The procedure is safe and secure and does not cause damage to the enamel 

Best Dentist in Islamabad:

Dr Sundus Rashid Gilani is one of the best dentists in Islamabad. She has been serving in the field for more than five years. Her dental treatment prowess, curated strategies, and state-of-the-art treatments have helped her earn a good reputation in the industry. She prefers her patients’ concerns and tries to align treatment with their specific concerns to produce optimal and satisfactory results.

All Summing Up!

Teeth whitening in Islamabad is a cosmetic dental treatment that is carried out to remove stains from the tooth and reinstate a natural and bright smile. This procedure should be conducted by a professional to reduce the element of harm or side effects. If an expert performs this treatment, it does not damage the enamel of the tooth and improves overall oral health.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to resolve your oral issue with experienced professionals. If you are struggling with discoloration and tooth enamel, then let our dentists deal with these conditions and improve the aesthetics of your smile. 

Teeth Whitening in Rawalpindi, Islamabad: How Long Do the Results Last?

Everyone loves a dazzling and cheerful smile. A lovely smile is an attribute of a happy and satisfied individual. Besides improving your personality, a smiley face boosts confidence and makes you look more attractive.  But Stop! Are you smiling at your fullest or your teeth are hindering you from showing your inner happiness? Or are you whitening your teeth and have concerns about their results? Teeth whitening in Rawalpindi, Islamabad  revives your original smile and makes you look more pleasant. For further information, give a read to this blog and get your answer. 

Types of Tooth Discoloration:

Before finding results, we need to know about types of tooth stains or factors that can spoil tooth color.

Intrinsic Discoloration

Intrinsic stain is the result of aging, trauma, infection, or medication. Usually, its impact is deep but it does not mean it cannot be treated. There are specific procedures to treat this sort of discoloration.

Extrinsic Stains

Unlike the previous one, this type of discoloration is easily removable as it is caused by food, cigarette smoke, or drink. 

Let’s Find Out Some Popular Whitening Methods:

Several types of whitening toothpaste are there that can whiten teeth to varying degrees. This treatment is also called at-home whitening treatment. These toothpastes usually include hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and mild abrasives. Kinds of toothpaste that contain abrasives that deal with the tooth surface strain and do not alter the internal color. On the contrary, toothpastes having peroxide can whiten teeth to a large extent. 

Whitening Mouthwash

The use of mouthwash is also considered under the category of at-house whitening treatment. To remove surface staining effectively, an individual can use it on a daily basis. Mouthwash contains hydrogen peroxide that is deemed effective to remove discoloration of teeth.

Whitening Strips and Pens

Whitening strips and Pens are also at-home treatments to remove tooth strain. Some stips are made of LED accelerator lights, leading to better and more intense results. The results of strips may last about 6 months. Additionally,  portable devices known as whitening pens are also used to eliminate discoloration. 

In-office Professional Teeth Whitening in Rawalpindi, Islamabad

This is the most intense and effective procedure to get the desired results. The patient has to visit a dentist to apply this whitening procedure. The dentist uses a high-concentration bleaching agent to eradicate strains. The impacts of this procedure are usually long-lasting and immediately noticeable. Further, the dentist may also recommend dome follow-up procedures to maintain lasting results. 

Factors Affecting Teeth Whitening Duration:

No matter which method you apply, there are some factors that may increase or decrease the duration of teeth whitening results

Oral Hygiene Habits

To maintain the brightness of your teeth and make them shine, it is crucial to consider oral health and hygiene. Regular brushing and using mouthwash can assist teeth to resist stains and remove the existing smear.

Dietary Practices

Your diet has a significant role on your teeth. Some foods can discolour teeth if used frequently such as tea, coffee, berries and acidic food. Prolong teeth whitening results can be achieved by restricting the use of these specific foods.


Smoking is not only injurious to the lungs but also damages the other parts of the body such as teeth. Cigarettes contain nicotine that makes the tooth darker and quickly leads to discoloration. Avoiding smoking means making your teeth look brighter. 

Whitening Method You Use

Every whitening method has different results and duration. It matters which method or procedure you are using. For example, if you are preferring professional in-office whitening procedures, you will likely observe long-lasting results like the whitening effect of this procedure lasts for about a year and maybe longer. On the other hand, results for in-house methods usually last for a few months.

Side Effects

Normally, side effects of teeth whitening in rawalpindi are not very damaging and are ignorable. You may feel sensitivity in your teeth or gum that will not last long. Generally, there are no side effects when proper guidance is followed. 

The Bottom Line

So the answer to the raised question is that the results depend upon various factors such as dietary practices, oral hygiene habits, smoking, and the methods used. Professional services provide long-lasting, immediate and effective results while the results of other procedures might not be too productive or long-lasting. 

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad offers professional in-office whitening procedures. If you are worried about teeth stains and have tired of using mouthwash and strips. Then, you need to get professional advice and the best place for this service is Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad.


Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

teeth whitening Introduction:

The goal of teeth whitening, a common cosmetic dental procedure, is to brighten and whiten stained or discoloured teeth. Despite the fact that this treatment is popular, many people worry about its safety. With a focus on the services provided by Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad, this post will dispel myths and examine the facts surrounding teeth whitening, particularly its safety.

Understanding Teeth Discoloration:

To understand the safety of teeth whitening, it’s important to know the types and causes of teeth discoloration. Teeth discoloration can be because of any extrinsic factors such as diet and lifestyle choices, or intrinsic factors such as genetics and ageing. While you can prevent some causes of discoloration, others cannot.

Debunking the Myths about Teeth Whitening:

There are several dental whitening myths that have been going around. In this section, some of the most pervasive myths will be dispelled, including those about how teeth-whitening damages enamel, causes oral cancer, causes permanent tooth sensitivity, and is only done for cosmetic reasons.

The Facts About Teeth Whitening:

There are various teeth-whitening procedures, each of which has advantages, disadvantages, and side effects. Before deciding whether teeth whitening is the best course of action for you, it’s critical to understand the facts about it. This section will examine the various teeth-whitening procedures available, their advantages, potential drawbacks, and side effects. We will also cover who makes a good candidate for teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad:

The Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Islamabad provides secure whitening procedures for teeth. The whitening process we use, our knowledge and experience, and our dedication to safety will all be covered in this section.

How to Keep Your Teeth White:

Maintaining good oral hygiene and making diet and lifestyle changes can help keep your teeth white after whitening treatments. This section will also provide tips and advice on how to keep your teeth white and clean. 

Factors that determine the safety of teeth-whitening

Teeth-whitening is generally considered a safe procedure when done by a qualified dental professional. However, there are certain factors that can affect the safety of the procedure, including:

  1. The type of whitening product used

The active ingredient that bleaches teeth is hydrogen peroxide, which is present in varying amounts in teeth whitening products. Higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can have more immediate and dramatic effects, but they also carry a greater risk of sensitivity and other side effects. 

  1. The concentration of the whitening product

The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening product can also affect the safety of the procedure. Professional dental products typically contain higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than over-the-counter products, which can increase the risk of sensitivity and other side effects.

  1. The duration of the treatment

The longer the teeth are exposed to the whitening product, the greater the risk of sensitivity and other side effects. So, a qualified dental professional will monitor the treatment and adjust the duration as needed to minimise the risk of side effects. 

  1. The individual’s oral health

For people with specific oral health issues, like gum disease, tooth decay, or hypersensitivity,  whitening might not be safe. Hence, an experienced dentist will assess the patient’s oral health and make a recommendation for the best whitening procedure. 

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening is generally considered safe when done by a qualified dentist using the appropriate products and techniques. However, as with any medical or dental procedure, there is a risk of side effects. The most common side effects of whitening include: 

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Gum irritation
  • Discomfort or pain in the teeth or gums
  • Uneven or spotty whitening

These adverse reactions are typically brief and mild. You can treat them with sensitivity toothpaste or over-the-counter painkillers. More severe side effects, like chemical burns or permanent tooth damage, can, however, occasionally appear.

How to ensure the safety of teeth whitening

It’s crucial to select a trained dental expert with experience in teeth-whitening if you want the procedure to be safe. The dentist will assess the patient’s oral health and make a recommendation for the best whitening procedure. Additionally, it’s crucial to adhere to the dentist’s pre- and post-treatment care instructions and to report any unusual symptoms or side effects.

Take Away:

You can generally improve the appearance of the teeth safely and effectively through teeth whitening. So, to reduce the risk of side effects, it is crucial to select a qualified dental professional and to take the proper safety measures. If you’re thinking about getting your teeth whitened, talk through your options with an experienced dentist, like those at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad.

Scaling, Polishing and Teeth Whitening – 3 in 1 for your sweet Teeth Treat

  Dental scaling and polishing are two delicate procedures. The former involves the removal of plaque and hard tartar deposits from your teeth while the latter involves making your teeth brighter. Both procedures, when combined come under the umbrella of teeth whitening. Humans produce saliva which is a protecting substance. It contains calcium as well as other deposits. Although it is beneficial in one way yet, it is harmful in the other way. It may lead to calcium deposits in the teeth which are dangerous and harmful to the teeth. It may vary from brown to black in colour. This tartar can provide the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow. Hence, you need a complete guide about Scaling, Polishing and Teeth Whitening – 3 in 1 for your sweet Teeth Treat. 

What is The Procedure for Teeth Scaling?

  • Your dentist will use specialized instruments for the removal of the plague. 
  • It also involves the removal of calculus without harming your teeth. 
  • RCS dentists use an ultrasonic scaler which works by vibrations to remove tartar that is stricken between teeth. 
  • The debris is washed away using water spray as well. During the scaling process, a high-pitched buzzing noise may be heard coming from the scaler.
  • The process of scaling will remove all the deposits and debris in the teeth. It will basically make your teeth clean.

What is The Procedure for Teeth Polishing?

  • After cleaning, the spots left behind are treated by teeth polishing in Islamabad
  • Polishing helps to shine your teeth with a bright smile. It also makes your teeth feel smooth and shiny. 
  • Dr. Usama Hayat Ghauri uses a soft rubber cup that spins for polishing. Prophylaxis paste is a unique substance that resembles toothpaste and is scooped up into the cup before being applied to the teeth. 
  • Using a pressurised spray of air and water mixed with sodium hydrogen carbonate powder, prophy jet polishing cleans stains, plaque, and soft debris from your teeth. Your mouth may taste salty. 

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

  • You will not feel any pain and discomfort after teeth cleansing procedures as we have an experienced and qualified staff. Our patients say that they do not experience any discomfort. Many of our patients tell us that they actually enjoy getting their teeth cleaned and that they adore how wonderfully smooth their teeth feel afterwards. 
  • If the procedure is less enjoyable and painful, there are a number of potential causes, including exposed dentine or root surfaces (which are not harmful but can make cleanings a little sensitive), or infected gum tissues.

What is the Difference Between Teeth Scaling, Polishing and Whitening?

  • The natural whitish hue of teeth changes with the consumption of coloured products like teeth, coffee etc. 
  • Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves lightening the pigmentation within the teeth. 
  • The removal of dental plaque, tartar, and extrinsic stains from the outer surface of the teeth is done by a process called scaling and polishing. 
  • Your teeth are cleaned with scaling and polishing, which lessens the severity of gum disease and prevents it from getting worse. 
  • If the teeth have many stains on the outer surface, scaling and polishing may make the teeth appear lighter. 
  • Because the yellow colour of teeth comes from inside the tooth, if they are very yellow intrinsically, teeth cleaning won’t change that colour.

Do Scaling and Polishing Whiten Teeth?

Yes, scaling and polishing in fact whiten the teeth. They will leave the teeth looking smooth, shiny, and whiter after the treatment. Scaling removes the tartar and polishing makes the teeth brighter which is the underlying principle of teeth whitening. 

What Are The Benefits of Scaling, Polishing and Teeth Whitening?

Regular scaling and polishing can protect your oral tissues from a number of dental issues and help you maintain good oral hygiene. Your teeth are cleaned during this process, and your mouth is cleared of dangerous bacteria.

Several advantages of scaling and polishing are listed;

  • Glossy, spotless, and clean teeth.
  • Problems with gum bleeding are fixed.
  • The treatment of sore and swollen gums.
  • Teeth are protected from a variety of dental issues.
  • Oral hygiene is kept up.
  • Improves breath freshness.
  • Makes you smile more.
  • Everybody needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is a result of good oral health.

Book Your Consultation For Scaling, Polishing and Whitening Today:

Are you also concerned about the tartar that is building up in your teeth? Do you want to spruce up them a little? If the answer is yes, then you surely need an appointment with us. Book your consultation at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad and get shiny and pearly teeth. You will get all the exciting treatments under one roof. We will be delighted to serve you.  


Snow Teeth Whitening Price in Islamabad


Not everyone has pearly white teeth throughout their entire lives. The teeth might get dull for a number of different reasons. Smoking or certain foods can cause the development of stains on the enamel of the teeth. Plaque is another factor that might contribute to the yellowing of your teeth. The dentin, which is by nature yellowish, lies beneath the enamel. Therefore, the dentin is visible when the enamel erodes. It will give your teeth a yellowish tint because of its natural yellow tone. Although there are many ways to whiten teeth, none are as effective as the snow-white teeth whitening kit. So if you are also worried about the color of your teeth then don’t worry. This is treatable as the Snow Teeth Whitening Price in Islamabad is affordable.

Although there are many different dental whitening kits on the market, the Snow Teeth Whitening kit is best-selling and most dependable. One of the best goods, it’s also extremely economical. This design took place after taking into account sensitive teeth. This kit can treat stains from soda, coffee, and smoking in just a few days. You will achieve the best outcome economically with this product. Nine out of ten dentists also suggest this product. This is the finest way to increase your self-confidence. To recover your beautiful smile, use it once a day for just a few minutes.

Ideal Candidate:

Healthy teeth without fillings or other restorations, as well as healthy gum tissues, make the greatest candidates for professional teeth whitening. Yellow-tinted patients are more likely to benefit from treatment.

Not everyone should use teeth whitening procedures. A tooth whitening procedure is not safe or effective for everyone. The following ailments or situations may prevent some patients from being the best candidate:

  • Those females who are pregnant or lactating mothers
  • Those people who have already gone through dental procedures
  • Age limitation is 16 years or older
  • If you have teeth sensitivity
  • You should have realistic expectations from the results

How to Whiten Teeth?

  • There are various methods that can return the natural hue of teeth. Although yellowing begins with age yet it is treatable.
  • Many people prefer to whiten their teeth at home with home remedies. But this is not always a suitable choice.
  • These home methods can also remove the stains on the teeth. Still, you must prefer that technique which all the dentists have recommended.
  • Dietary changes, oil pulling, or brushing with baking soda are some of the home implied methods.
  • The dentist will utilize a specialized kit or carry out a laser teeth-whitening technique during this treatment. Laser therapy is advised by our dental professionals since it is more efficient. Your teeth’s yellowish layer will be removed during the procedure, and the outcomes will be satisfactory.

Some Glaring Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

Some of the benefits of teeth whitening may include:

  • Removal of discoloration
  • Removal of stains
  • Boosting of self-esteem
  • Reduction in the growth of bacteria
  • You can hide your imperfections more easily
  • The whole process is easy
  • The process is quick
  • More attraction of people towards you
  • Healthier mouth
  • This is a 100% safe procedure
  • Boosting mental health
  • This process is economical

The Cost at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad:

The average Snow Teeth Whitening Price in Islamabad may range between PKR 5,000 to PKR 30,000 this price is of our clinic and may vary depending upon different clinics. Depending on your concerns, expectations, and condition, the price can go up or down. It would be better if you came into our office and spoke with our dental professionals. Furthermore, these operations are done for cosmetic dentistry, which is not something any insurance provider will pay for.

Other cost factors may include:

  • The expertise of the dentist
  • The type of method used
  • The reputation of the clinic
  • Some additional charges

Why Choose Us For Dental Whitening?

Dr. Afeef Umer Zia is a skilled dental surgeon who is capable of correcting any dental cosmetic issues and teeth flaws using his excellent skills. You can visit him whenever you need at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad to have your dental problems fixed. If you want to make your smile stunning and distinctive without any flaws then you can go through Snow Teeth Whitening Price in Islamabad procedure. Book a first consultation by calling us on the provided number or filling out the form below.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Islamabad

About Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening is a very simple procedure. It is also a job done by Dentists. It is a procedure of an hour. But if your condition of teeth is very severe then it may take a few sessions. Teeth are a very sensitive part of our body so, the whitening should be done by the dentist. Some people have sensitive teeth some have allergies, and some have gum diseases, enamel, and cavities issues. Some have yellow paled teeth.

Types of Teeth Whitening procedure:

There are two main procedures of teeth whitening. These procedures are applied to people under certain conditions. However, these are listed below with little details:

  • Laser Teeth Whitening:

Laser teeth whitening is the latest procedure. It is becoming popular day by day due to its splendid results. The teeth whitening bleach is used in this treatment. In this treatment, whitening bleach is applied to teeth and warmed up with a laser and it is an expensive procedure as compared to other methods.

  • Zoom Teeth Whitening:

On the other side, zoom teeth whitening is also the latest procedure to make your smile brighter. In this procedure, the Zoom whitening gel is applied to teeth along with laser light. Hydrogen peroxide is a zoom agent which is used along with heat. It is also an expensive procedure. It is a less sensitive procedure compared to laser teeth whitening. The Zoom whitening procedure is famous nowadays for its long-lasting results.

What Are The Reasons?

Teeth whitening is necessary because it resolves many issues like:

  • To get rid of many gum diseases.
  • It also freshens your breath.
  • It removes stains from your teeth.
  • It helps to get rid of many allergies.

Results of Teeth Whitening:

After getting teeth whitening treatment, the outcomes will be effective and instant. You will get long-lasting effects with a perfect smile. Sometimes, results may depend on how many sessions a candidate gets. Moreover, the white and bright teeth make you confident.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

You can achieve a lot of benefits from teeth whitening. A few common are mentioned below:

  • It is a 100% hygienic procedure.
  • It makes you confident.
  • You can smile openly with full self-confidence.
  • It can be affordable for people.
  • Its results are long-lasting.
  • It is a short procedure and it does not take hours as it is only a one-hour procedure.
  • It also makes your teeth healthy.
  • It never causes any damage to gums or enamel.
  • You can enjoy every food which you want as it also helps you to get rid of sensitivity.

What To Do Before Teeth Whitening?

One thing that has to be done before teeth whitening is that if you have any cavities in your teeth you need to treat them before teeth whitening.

Post-care Guidelines:

After this treatment, you should avoid a few things:-

  • Avoid drinking beverages directly that can cause stains on your teeth like cold drinks, tea, coffee, wine, etc.
  • Use a straw to take beverages.
  • Do not use products that contain tobacco.
  • Take a healthy diet like yogurt, oatmeal, bananas, plain rice, eggs, etc.
  • Take rest for a few days after treatment.
  • Take prescribed medicine properly.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal for long-lasting results of treatment.
  • Use dental floss as needed.

Cost of Teeth Whitening:

The Cost of Teeth Whitening treatment in Islamabad ranges between 5,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR. Also, it is a common procedure that can be performed in multiple sessions. So, the cost may get affected by a few factors, such as:

  • Dentist’s fee.
  • Location of the clinic.
  • Session requirements.
  • Other checkup sessions.

Is there any risk in the teeth whitening procedure?

There is no risk in the teeth whitening procedure. There are some effects of treatment that are temporary and can vanish after 2 to 3 days. These are:-

It can make your teeth sensitive for 2 to 3 days. It happens due to bleach which is applied to teeth during the procedure. It can disappear within 2 to 3 days after the procedure.

It may also cause mild irritation in your gums. It happened due to the mouthpiece tray which is used in the procedure. It also disappears after 2 to 3 days.


Teeth whitening is a very famous procedure due to its long-lasting benefits. If you want to boost your confidence with white teeth along with a perfect smile then you must consider our Royal Cosmetic clinic in Islamabad. We are providing the best dentists in Islamabad. Our treatment is fully safe and 100% hygienic. Come to us and avail the best, safe, and hygienic teeth whitening procedure.

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