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The importance of consultation before rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to modify the proportions of the nose, improve its shape and appearance and deal with nose-related defects such as impaired breathing. A nose job makes you look more attractive and beautiful by aligning the shape and structure of the nose with other facial features. 

Are you worried about your nose shape? Feel depressed when you look at yourself? Aiming to develop an exuberant and confident personality? The excellent news is rhinoplasty can make you feel over the moon by adding to your sensation of joy and happiness by redefining the shape and structure of your nose.

Undoubtedly, nose jobs can change your look and appearance, but do not forget to get a consultation before rhinoplasty surgery. It is a surgical treatment that involves incisions or cuts and requires a significant time for recovery. 

You must get a consultation session to discuss your concerns and objectives, understand the intricacies of this procedure and make an educated decision!

The Importance Of Consultation Before Rhinoplasty Surgery:

The initial consultation plays a crucial role in the success of a cosmetic procedure. The criteria remain the same for rhinoplasty as well. You must convey your thoughts, fears, objectives and concerns to your surgeon to make him produce your desired results and address specific concerns.

To Share Your Concerns

It is not easy to consider or go for a surgical procedure. Everyone has some reservations and concerns about the procedure. Discuss freely whatever is in your mind. Ask questions about the experience and certification of a surgeon. Ask about the procedure, its requirements, benefits and possible outcomes, and also inquire about your eligibility for rhinoplasty.

To Get A Customised Treatment

The requirement of every person varies in this case because the facial features of every individual are different. Given that everyone requires a personalised treatment to get optimal results and a properly aligned appearance. A consultation session allows surgeons to evaluate facial features and discuss particular needs. So, if you want to get custom-made treatment then a consultation session is a must for you.

To Understand the Surgical Process

Considering the scope of this procedure, one must be aware of its process before undergoing rhinoplasty. During the consultation session, a surgeon explains the procedure and informs the patient about possible outcomes and what to do before and after the treatment. Based on this information, a patient can prepare him/herself.

For Preoperative Evaluation

A surgeon conducts a thorough probe of the nose and its autonomy to identify any problem that may impact the treatment or outcome. Proper evaluation is performed to ensure whether a patient is a suitable candidate. 

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon In Islamabad:

Dr Naveed Azhar is one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Islamabad. He also offers an initial consultation session to discuss a patient’s concerns and develop chemistry to bring about the desired results. He is an expert and adept in his field, and his success ratio is also commendable. Do consider him if you are thinking of rhinoplasty.

The Bottom Line:

A nose job in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure performed to alter the shape, structure and appearance of the nose. During this procedure, incisions are made. Given its surgical nature, you must get a consultation before rhinoplasty surgery. A consultation session will help you learn about the process, its benefits, pros and cons and also help you develop an understanding with an expert.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to get a consultation session or enhance your personality aesthetics. At RCS, we offer personalised cosmetic treatments to add value to your lives. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session, and let us rejuvenate your appearance!


The importance of consultation before rhinoplasty surgery

Am I a suitable candidate for this procedure? When will I start observing results? Do I have realistic expectations? What is the cost of rhinoplasty in Islamabad? What are the chances of side effects? How do we get optimal results?
Your first priority should be to discuss all your concerns related to this treatment. Don't worry if it gets long. It is better to prepare yourself for a consultation session to utilise your time properly.
The cost of rhinoplasty in Islamabad ranges from PKR 90,000 to PKR 260,000. The cost may fluctuate because it depends on several factors that include but are not limited to the scope of the procedure, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon. 

Cheapest Rhinoplasty in Islamabad 2024

Due to the peak of innovation and technology, rhinoplasty is becoming more common, especially in cosmetic surgery. Therefore, you can now benefit from the cheapest rhinoplasty in Islamabad in 2024. Further, more people than ever before can affordably pursue cosmetic modifications through nose jobs. Moreover, rhinoplasty, sometimes known as nose reshaping surgery, stands out among the many alternatives. Additionally, it is more famous for those who want to achieve a more balanced and attractive facial profile. Similarly, anyone looking to boost their self-esteem and confidence affordably can take advantage of this opportunity. Read this blog until the end to get a complete guide to the cheapest rhinoplasty in Islamabad.

Procedure for Rhinoplasty in Islamabad

Surgical and non-surgical approaches are available to get your nose job or rhinoplasty. However, every approach has its unique methodology. Moreover, rhinoplasty without surgery is possible using fillers. Additionally, it is a quick, painless, simple, and customizable technique. However, the surgical procedure involves making incisions and obtaining administration.

In the meantime, the surgeon will create inconspicuous scars for rhinoplasty in Islamabad by incision within the nose. They realign the nose’s structure by modifying the cartilage and bone. Furthermore, the specialist will apply bandages to prevent further bleeding, edema, and loss of form and fix the incisions using dissolvable sutures. Upon completion of the procedure, the applicant is free to depart the site.

The Incredible Benefits of Rhinoplasty

The wonderful benefits of the procedure, according to the specialists at Glamorous Clinic, are as follows:

  • The nose will be in harmony.
  • Due to this, the functionality of the nose will improve.
  • Your face will get more harmony and symmetry.
  • If the nose had any surgery, it will get better.
  • The breathing problem will be solved with rhinoplasty in Islamabad.

Cheapest Rhinoplasty in Islamabad 2024

The average cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Islamabad ranges from Rs: 120,000 to Rs: 300,000. Prices for the non-invasive alternative, however, will be lower. Many people have tried the cheapest rhinoplasty in Pakistan with success. But, to find the cheapest rhinoplasty surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan, you must consider the expertise and knowledge of the surgeon.

For the cheapest rhinoplasty in Islamabad 2024, Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad offers a very reasonable price for the surgery. Furthermore, the clinic provides you with the best results that endure. The most renowned, experienced, and certified rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Naveed Azhar, provides top-notch treatment. He uses the latest available technology to get the required results. To get the cheapest rhinoplasty in Islamabad in 2024, consult the RCS-Pk clinic and get the exact cost for your case.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Option in Islamabad

Other options are available if a patient is not yet prepared to have a surgical rhinoplasty. Luckily, a “liquid nose job” is the greatest alternative for men and women who want their noses refined but do not want to dedicate time or money to the process. A non-invasive method of correcting nasal abnormalities, this procedure uses injectable hyaluronic acid filler to enlarge, flatten, and smooth out the nose. The two most popular examples are Restylane and Juvederm.

Who Is the Best Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

You must meet the candidacy requirements before having surgery, says Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Nose surgery is an option for everybody with many problems with their nose; hence, there are no strict requirements. In any case, qualified applicants should note the following points:

  • Candidates must be at least 20 years old.
  • Some people are born with a deformity in their nose.
  • Assuming you are experiencing trouble breathing.
  • To move and alter the shape of your nose.
  • To straighten up the form of the deviant nose.
  • You are eligible to run if you would want to alter the size.
  • Someone should not be sick with a serious condition like diabetes or heart disease.
  • Appropriate for anyone requiring cosmetic enhancements to their face.
  • Who wants to eliminate the Dorsal Hump of the nose.

Recovery Period of Rhinoplasty

Many people have mild to moderate pain after the procedure, which is manageable with medication. Additionally, the client may have some pain, bruising, and discomfort throughout the early stages of the recuperation process.

To protect the bones and cartilage, the applicant must wear splints on the inside and outside of the nose for seven days. The process expert must also avoid physically demanding activities like swimming, wearing spectacles, exercising, etc.


When reasonably priced rhinoplasty becomes available in Islamabad in 2024, it will be a huge leap forward in the ever-changing world of cosmetic surgery, bringing much-needed aesthetic improvements within reach of more people. When thinking about this trip, people should think about more than simply the price. They should consider the clinic’s reputation, the surgeon’s skill, and the whole experience. One may begin on a path of nose reshaping that aligns with one’s goals and budget by approaching an affordable and certified surgeon. 

Is rhinoplasty treatment worth the cost?

Personality matters! This includes your facial appearance, height, body shape, and body language. The importance of a perfect and aligned nose shape, size, and structure cannot be ignored when it comes to facial appearance. The perfection of this organ creates harmony, attraction and enhances the aesthetics of your facial features. Rhinoplasty in Islamabad modifies the structure of the nose to achieve the desired shape or meet aesthetic goals. Additionally, this treatment corrects functional or structural issues associated with the nose. 

Rhinoplasty: Introduction

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical process that is performed to alter the nose’s size, shape, structure, and appearance. This treatment amends the bone, cartilage, and tissues of the nose to address structural or functional issues such as nasal asymmetry, nasal tip, nasal hum, and nostril size and achieve desired aesthetic objectives. 

Nose Job in Islamabad: procedure

A professional surgeon holds an initial consultation before the surgery. He aims to evaluate the nasal structure of the patient and the concerned issue. Furthermore, he also tries to understand the specific worries and objectives of the patient. The treatment begins by administering local anesthesia to make the surgery comfortable for the patient. Based on the objectives of the surgery, the surgeon makes incisions. After making incisions in specified areas, adjustments are made depending on the requirements of the surgery. Following that, incisions are closed sutures.

Rhinoplasty in Islamabad: Top Benefits

  • This surgical treatment addresses structural and functional issues of the nose 
  • By improving the shape of the nose, this treatment creates symmetry and a balanced facial appearance
  • This procedure also corrects imperfections such as dips, bumps
  • This treatment is also performed to address breathing difficulties caused by a deviated septum
  • Rhinoplasty in Islamabad offers customized results based on an individual’s specific concerns
  • Improve facial symmetry and boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Addresses birth-related nasal deformities or nasal issues caused by injuries or traumas

Is Rhinoplasty Treatment Worth the Cost?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical treatment of the nose and aims at improving the structure, shape, and size of the nose. This procedure improves facial harmony, creates harmony among facial features, and also treats breathing issues. Considering the benefits and advantages of the nose job, we can say that this treatment is worth the cost. If you observe nasal deformities or do not like the appearance and shape of your nose, rhinoplasty at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad is your solution. Not only will this procedure address your concerns, but it will also improve your personality and add value to your life.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

  • Individuals who have aesthetic concerns
  • Individuals who have deformities
  • Individuals experiencing breathing or structural issues
  • Individuals seeking to improve facial alignment and appearance
  • Individuals who have realistic expectations
  • Individuals who understand the procedure and its scope
  • Individuals who are healthy and fit for this treatment

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Islamabad?

The cost of this treatment ranges from PKR 90,000 to PKR 260,000. You may experience a hike in this given price when you go for treatment. The fluctuation may occur because of a few factors, such as the extent of the treatment, your specified objectives, the clinic’s location, and the specific surgeon’s experience. 

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Take rest and avoid strenuous activities to support the healing process 
  • While sleeping or resting, keep your head elevated
  • Use prescribed medicines to manage pain 
  • Clean your nostrils and nasal passages gently to avoid infection
  • Use cold compresses to reduce swelling or irritation
  • Keep visiting your surgeon as per his instructions 

Summing Up!

Rhinoplasty in Islamabad addresses structural, functional, and aesthetic issues associated with the nose. People experiencing breathing issues and not satisfied with the structure and appearance of their noses can benefit from this treatment. This is worth considering surgical procedure because it treats nose-related functional and aesthetic issues and improves facial symmetry and alignment. 

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad provides extraordinary rhinoplasty services. It has earned a commendable reputation due to its advanced approaches, exceptional services, and the state of the art treatment strategies. Visit our clinic for professional services, get your desired results, improve your facial alignment, and boost the charm of your personality.

Does liquid rhinoplasty enlarge the appearance of the nose?

Surgical rhinoplasty redefines the shape and structure of your nose, but You do not always need to consider surgical procedures to meet your cosmetic ends because liquid rhinoplasty in Islamabad can also improve the shape of your nose and augment your facial profile. This temporary approach deals with asymmetries, creates a desired alignment and straightens the nose. 

A Secret To Effortless Beauty: Liquid Rhinoplasty

The shape of the nose plays a significant role in facial appearance. A properly refined and perfect-shaped nose makes an individual look attractive, confident and more appealing. Some people are not satisfied with the structure of the nose and seek some changes to beautify their facial profile. Liquid rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure involving injectables like hyaluronic acid to reshape the appearance and structure of the nose without implying cuts or incisions.

Top Benefits Of This Treatment:

  • Fillers in Islamabad addresses short tip and makes it more proportionate
  • Straightens the nose by dealing with asymmetrical edges
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and smoothens the surface
  • Does not involve surgery and incisions
  • Offers desired results with minimal downtime
  • Offers immediate results by improving the shape and appearance of the nose
  • A tailor-made approach which addresses the aesthetic concerns of every individual

Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Enlarge The Appearance Of The Nose?

First of all, you must be clear about what this procedure is! Having a know-how of this minimally invasive technique allows you to make an informed and right decision. This cosmetic treatment does not entail incisions or cuts, and also its results are temporary. Given this, you do not need to bear pain or discomfort on the first hand. Further, you do not need to pause your normal activities for a recovery period. Additionally, if you are unsatisfied with the results, you can adjust the outcome later. Besides that, results are not permanent and do not last forever, enabling you to make alterations or regain your initial appearance. 

Normally, this treatment is carried out to improve the shape and appearance of the nose. It improves the symmetry and balance of the nose, making it more aligned with other facial features. Though injectables are injected into the nose, they do not make it look bigger or off-size because proper research is carried out to achieve desired results and a surgeon gives due consideration that it does not look unnatural. So, if something appears natural, then it does not give a perception of fabrication or a weird look. 

When Will I See The Results Of Liquid Rhinoplasty?

Gladly, you do not need to wait for ages to see your desired outcomes because results are visible right after getting this treatment. It offers immediate results. You may also observe swelling and bruising but these conditions will not completely hide the made changes. As soon as these effects subside, you will start enjoying a new and aesthetically appealing look.

How Long Does The Results Of Liquid Rhinoplasty Last?

The results of this procedure are not permanent. They fade away after a certain time. The duration of its results varies from person to person. It depends on an individual’s adherence to aftercare instructions and lifestyle practices. Normally, an individual enjoys the results from 12 to 18 months. You can extend the duration of its results if you follow the instructions of your surgeon.

The Final Thought:

The shape and structure of the nose matters a lot. People with attractive noses display confident personalities and live a happy and exuberant life. On the flip side, many are unsatisfied with the shape of their noses. Liquid rhinoplasty in Islamabad is a non-surgical method that refines the shape and appearance of the nose for a specific time and allows individuals to enjoy a confident version of their personalities. This treatment does not enlarge the appearance of the nose because it only makes adjustments that improve the shape and structure of the nose.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Clinic Islamabad to deal with your cosmetic concerns and make you look more attractive and confident. Our surgeons are renowned and experienced and offer personalised treatments to satisfy the demands of our patients. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Does liquid rhinoplasty enlarge the appearance of the nose?

The cost of liquid rhinoplasty in Islamabad may fluctuate because of a few cost-determining factors, such as the extent of the procedure, the clinic’s location, additional treatments and the expertise of a surgeon.
People dealing with structural and functional issues must seek other options, such as nose job. This non-surgical procedure does not deal with issues like deviated septum or breathing difficulties.
Normally, this procedure is quite safe. It does not cause any danger or risk. You must get this treatment from an expert to reduce the risks of damage and get better results. Though we cannot eliminate the risk factor, an expert can limit this danger.

Best Surgeon for Rhinoplasty in Islamabad.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgery known as a rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose to give it a different form. An individual may choose to have rhinoplasty for cosmetic or medical reasons. Some people don’t like the nose they were born with or how their nose has grown and changed with age. Others might be trying to fix any harm or deformation brought on by a prior operation or injury. As the focal point of the face, even a minor change to the nose can significantly improve one’s appearance. This sensitive treatment must be carried out by the Best Surgeon for Rhinoplasty in Islamabad. The greatest cosmetic surgeon in the city is available at the Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. Stay tuned for further information.

What is the Best  Rhinoplasty Candidate?

A board-certified surgeon will make sure that you are not left with scars. Similarly, there are certain requirements as to who can get rhinoplastic surgery. The list is as under:

  • If the patient wants to change the shape of the nose
  • The appearance of the nose needs to be changed
  • Any changes in the deviation angle
  • If there is a need for surgery
  • Congenital defects need to be corrected

How is the Rhinoplasty Procedure Performed?

  • Depending on how complicated your procedure is and what your surgeon chooses, rhinoplasty involves either local anesthetic with sedation or full anesthetic.
  • A small external cut (incision) can be made at the base of your nose.
  • It can also be done in the space between your nostrils, or within your nose for rhinoplasty.
  • The bone and cartilage underneath your skin will probably be readjusted by your surgeon.
  • You will be in a recovery room following the procedure, where the nurses will keep an eye on your return to consciousness.
  • If you have further health difficulties, you might stay the night or depart later that day.

Recovery From Rhinoplasty:

  • A time period of one year is required for healing
  • The final healing time will demonstrate the actual shape of the nose
  • Changes will start to appear in the first few weeks
  • The site will remain packed and splinted from the inside
  • The patient will feel slight pain and discomfort
  • Detailed post-opt instructions will be provided by your surgeon

Will I Have Scars From Rhinoplasty?

It all depends upon the expertise of the surgeon and whether or not you will get the scar. Dr. Naveed Azhar is an expert in the field of scar less rhinoplasty so you can rest assured.

Cost of Rhinoplasty:

The average cost of rhinoplasty in Islamabad, Pakistan may range between PKR 90,000 to PKR 350,000. The cost may depend upon:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Medical tests
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Surgeon’s fee

How do I Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Rhinoplasty?

You must only choose that surgeon who is:

  • Board-certified
  • His required training is complete
  • Has passed all the exams
  • His graduation is from a reputed institution
  • Surgery should be performed in accredited, state-licensed, or Medicare-approved institutions.
  • You can be sure that you are selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon who is qualified and well-trained if you choose a member of the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons (PAPS).

Are you looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the world?

The best job for rhinoplasty can only be performed by someone who is an expert in his field. He has related experience and skills. It is important for you that you are feeling comfortable with him. Now it is possible to get the services of the best rhinoplasty surgeon and you also do not have to go further than capital.

Dr. Naveed Azhar is the leading cosmetic surgeon in Pakistan. He is board certified with excellent clinical skills. He practices scar less rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery must not have any visible scars. Dr. Azhar is also focused on providing you with the best experience of your life.

What can you expect from one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in the world?

A patient expects that:

  • His surgeon will have full control of his operation.
  • He has excellent clinical skills.
  • The surgery does not leave a scar.
  • The surgeon’s approach is specific and patient-oriented.
  • He personalizes each operation according to the unique demands of every patient.

Dr.Naveed Azhar, the top rhinoplasty surgeon for you

Half of Dr. Azhar’s patients come from far places. He has excellent skills and patients trust him. He works in a professional way and his patients are always extremely satisfied with him. Dr. Azhar immediately rose to prominence in his industry by hyper-specializing in closed rhinoplasty surgery. The benefit of Scar less Nose Rhinoplasty by Dr. Azhar is that it enables his patients to resume their regular lives more quickly.

Schedule a consultation with the best rhinoplasty surgeon today!

It does not matter where you live Dr. Naveed is the Best Surgeon for Rhinoplasty in Islamabad. When you are ready to have the best experience of your life, call us. You can also fill out the form given below for booking the consultation. We will get back to you asap.

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