How long does dimple creation last?

Dimple creation in Islamabad enhances facial aesthetics and boosts self-confidence. A dimple is usually considered a charming and attractive facial feature that improves facial harmony and offers a positive personal representation. Some people are blessed with this feature naturally, but some create it surgically to embellish their personalities and enhance their facial features. 

What is Dimple Creation?

Dimples are endearing and admirable facial features. Its creation simply enhances facial features and offers a youthful, attractive and delightful appearance. This process, aka dimpleplasty, is an aesthetic procedure that is carried out to create a natural-looking dimple on the cheeks. Often dimples are genetically inherited but can also be developed surgically to meet the desired ends of an individual. 

The procedure of Dimple Creation in Islamabad:

A qualified cosmetic surgeon begins this procedure with an initial consultation to evaluate the facial anatomy and objectives of an individual. Based on this initial consultation, he determines a suitable treatment to produce optimal results. Before starting the procedure, the site is numbed with the help of local anaesthesia. When the area is numbed, the surgeon starts the procedure and creates small incisions. These incisions help him approach the buccinator muscle. This particular muscle is responsible for creating natural dimples. Then he creates a small depression in the muscle and also attaches the inner layer of the cheek muscle to the undersurface of the skin to ensure the visibility of the dimple. After that, incisions are closed through dissolvable sutures.  

Benefits of Dimple Creation:

This aesthetic treatment adds a charming and alluring feature to the face.

  • It improves facial harmony and makes it more attractive
  • It is a customised aesthetic approach to get desired results
  • Incisions are made inside the mouth, leaving no to minimal room for visible scarring
  • As it is minimally invasive, limiting downtime 
  • It offers lasting results 
  • Dimpleplasty in Islamabad offers natural-looking dimples, improving facial aesthetics.
  • Dimple creation enhances self-esteem and confidence.

How long does dimple creation last?

Generally, it is a permanent aesthetic treatment as the alteration of muscle ensures its visibility, making it an enduring process. When it is done once, it remains forever. But several factors, such as weight fluctuations, injuries, infections, and poor aftercare, can partially or completely reverse the process.

Are you a suitable candidate?

You are a suitable candidate for Dimpleplasty in Islamabad.

  • If you have a desire to enhance facial features by adding dimples
  • If you have realistic expectations about the results
  • If your facial anatomy allows you to have dimples
  • If you have a stable emotional state 

Side Effects of Dimpleplasty:

  • Swelling
  • Discomfort or Pain
  • Scarring 
  • Allergic Reactions

The Cost of Dimple Creation in Islamabad:

The cost of this treatment ranges between PKR 35,000 to PKR 45,000 per side. Several factors can impact the cost of this treatment, such as the clinic’s location, experience of a professional and available facilities.


After dimpleplasty in Islamabad, following the instructions is suggested to ensure optimal healing and get desired results.

  • Maintain oral hygiene to keep the treated site clean and out of infection
  • Use only soft diet after the treatment for a few days
  • If you feel pain, use prescribed medicines 
  • Avoid physical activities or harsh activities for a few days
  • Do not touch the treated site 
  • Try to sleep with the head elevated, as it will reduce swelling
  • Visit your surgeon for follow-up treatment and proper evaluation of the healing process

Does Dimpleplasty Fade?

Generally, it does not fade as it is a permanent procedure to enhance self-image and, specifically, facial aesthetics. It is not a temporary treatment as it deals with facial anatomy and is carried out by changing the anatomy. But the appearance may change if a person does not follow the instructions during the healing process.

The Bottom Line:

Dimple creation in Islamabad enhances facial aesthetics by creating harmony among facial features and adding a charming dimple. This cosmetic treatment offers enduring results, and we do not need to repeat it again and again. Dimpleplasty in Islamabad makes you more attractive and charming. Further, a person with dimples is generally deemed easily approachable and humble. 

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