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Gold crown for teeth in Islamabad

Modern dentistry has achieved advances in restorative dentistry. Thanks to these advances, patients have several options to restore the appearance and functioning of their smiles. Gold crown for teeth in Islamabad are ageless because they blend elegance and endurance. 

Dental crowns are made of high-purity gold alloy. Due to their durability and biocompatibility, gold crowns have been essential in dentistry for decades. These materials are biocompatible and durable enough to endure chewing and biting. These crowns are a viable option for Islamabad residents seeking excellent dental remedies.

What is a gold dental crown?

Due to their robust coating, gold dental crowns preserve weak or badly damaged teeth. The crown covers and encloses the tooth, which is prepared after cleaning. Thus, they are ideal for bruxer posterior tooth restoration. Front teeth get different dental restorations than rear teeth. For the front, ceramic is best. Gold is gentler on opposing teeth than porcelain. 

Gold is usually only applied to posterior teeth. It is a soft metal that is easy on competing teeth. Use is generally limited to those who are hard on their teeth. Dental structure is lost when someone grinds, clenches, or uses their teeth as instruments. They are also advised to have posterior tooth root canals. Oral hygiene, care, and diet affect longevity. 

Gold Crown Uses:

Dental crowns are caps that reshape or improve tooth structure. They are usually inserted after root canal therapy, which removes infection from a tooth after dental decay has consumed part of it. Crowns can restore broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. 

Crowns are prosthetic devices that strengthen and beautify teeth and often restore tooth shape and size. Gold crowns are often used when a tooth needs more support than a standard crown. This may be required to cover extensive tooth decay or trauma, a root canal that needs more coverage, a dental implant or bridge, or a tooth restoration. 

What Are The Advantages of Gold Crown? 

Full gold crowns are an excellent tooth repair option because they fit well, last long, and don’t need to be replaced. Most dentists like them, but patients dislike them because they are unattractive. 

They are ideal for hidden back teeth like molars. Gold dental crowns are recommended for people who chew hard food or clench and grind their teeth. 

1. Dental health improvements 

A gold crown can preserve most of your tooth structure.  The dentist will file or trim your teeth to prepare them for a crown. With a gold crown, your dentist can trim your teeth less, allowing you to keep more of your original tooth structure, improving your dental health. 

2. Better health overall 

Gold is more likely to be accepted by the body than most dental materials. Gold crowns don’t cause nerve problems or gum bleeding. Specific metal crowns can cause these complications if the body cannot accept them. Few people are allergic to gold. 

As people age, gold crowns grow more valuable. Aging can cause allergies and lower immunity. Gold reduces the risk of gum infections and allergic reactions. 

3. Long-lasting 

Gold crowns outlast others. Because of this, they are used less often and last longer.  Temperature fluctuations cause tooth expansion and contraction, which may surprise you. The same goes for gold. Knowing that gold expands and contracts like teeth is helpful. Unlike other crowns, your gold crown does not shatter or fracture after use. The expansion and contraction of gold are similar to those of your teeth.  Your gold crown usually lasts 20–40 years. 

4. A flawless fit 

Gold caps and casts fit teeth better than other restorations. Because porcelain crowns shrink, their fit may vary, and rot may grow around your teeth. 

Upper and lower jaw teeth work together to break down food while chewing. Crowns reduce tooth wear on the opposing side. Safe gold won’t hurt your opposite tooth, making it ideal for bruxism. Patients with bruxism grind their teeth excessively, especially during the night. Due to its intensity, it may wake the person sleeping next to you. 

Cost of the Gold crown for teeth in Islamabad: 

The cost of a gold crown teeth in Islamabad  starts from 45,000 PKR. However, the cost can differ due to factors like the oral clinic and facility, the class of materials, and the dentist’s qualifications.  It is important to consult a dentist, who will give the most accurate estimate based on your condition and desires.

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Gold crown for teeth in Islamabad are popular for long-lasting dental restorations due to their timeless beauty and unmatched endurance. Patients can boost their confidence and dental health with practical and aesthetic smile enhancements at Royal Cosmetic Surgery. Book a consultation today by calling us or filling out the form below.

Will dental crown in Islamabad look natural?

Ever felt stressed if dental crowns would remove your smile’s natural look? The fear of an artificial appearance and dental crown in Islamabad looking natural may hold you back from looking for the solution you need. But what if there’s a way to blend restoration with yours consistently? Looking for natural teeth

At our clinic, Royal Cosmetic Surgery  Islamabad, our brilliant dentist,

Dr. Usama Hayat Ghauri understands the importance of a confident smile that feels and looks authentic. Imagine a change where dental crowns in Islamabad not only restore function but also improve the excellence of your smile. It’s time to let go of worries and embrace a solution that promises natural-looking results. Let us direct you towards regaining the smile you’ve always desired with dental crowns designed for flawless integration. 

Use Dental Crowns to Renew Your Smile

Dental crown in Islamabad are custom-made restorations designed to cover damaged, decayed, or stylishly compromised teeth. Made from durable materials like porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys, these crowns are carefully created to replicate the common appearance of surrounding teeth. They provide quality, support, and protection to weakened teeth, restoring their usefulness and stylish appearance.

The primary goal of dental crowns is to restore the honesty and aesthetics of damaged teeth, ensuring they mix consistently with the rest of the smile. Encasing the tooth structure with crowns provides stability and durability, allowing patients to chew and speak with confidence. Furthermore, they help avoid advanced breakdown or harm, drawing out the lifespan of the treated tooth.

With carefully customised crowns, patients can expect a natural-looking restoration that upgrades their smile’s overall appearance. Whether addressing structural issues or cosmetic concerns, dental crowns offer a flexible solution that promotes oral health and restores certainty in one’s smile

Explanation: Dental Crown Process in Islamabad

  • Discussion:

Initial assessment and discussion with the dentist to determine the requirements for dental crowns.

  • Preparation:

Administration of local anesthesia or desensitizing cream to ensure understanding of comfort.

  • Tooth Shaping:

Careful reshaping of the affected tooth to create space for the crown.

  • Impression Taking:

Make a precise impression of the prepared tooth to create a custom-fitted crown.

  • Temporary Crown Placement:

A temporary crown is placed over the tooth while the permanent crown is being fabricated.

  • Final Fitting:

Once the permanent crown is ready, it is checked for fit, color, and aesthetics before being permanently bonded to the tooth.

  • Follow-up Appointments:

Planned to monitor the crown’s integration and address any concerns, guaranteeing ideal long-term results.

How Dental Crowns Make Teeth Look Better?

  • Enhanced Aesthetics:

Dental crowns improve the appearance of harmed or discolored teeth, improving your smile and boosting confidence in social and professional settings.

  • Improved Functionality:

Restoring damaged teeth with crowns allows for better chewing and talking, making daily exercises more comfortable and pleasant.

  • Long-Term Durability:

With proper care, dental crowns can last for many years, providing a reliable solution for verbal well-being and general.

  • Reduced Sensitivity:

Crowns cover exposed tooth surfaces, reducing sensitivity to hot and cold foods and refreshments and improving general comfort.

  • Minimal Downtime:

Fast and efficient situation methods minimise disturbance to your everyday routine, allowing you to return to normal exercises with minimal delay.

  • Avoid Further Damage:

Dental crowns ensure weakened or harmed teeth from further decay or break, protecting your common tooth structure and avoiding the requirement for more extensive treatments in the future

  • Easy Maintenance:

Crowns require simple daily care, such as regular brushing and flossing, to preserve their appearance and usefulness, fitting seamlessly into your verbal hygiene schedule.

  • Upgraded Self-Esteem:

Achieving a wonderful, healthy smile with dental crowns can altogether improve self-esteem and mental well-being, positively affecting different aspects of your life. 

Cost of Dental Crown In Islamabad 

The cost of Dental Crown In Islamabad ranges from 18,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR per tooth. The cost of the treatment method might fluctuate depending on many factors; therefore, the price may vary from person to person. The number of sessions, the dentist’s experience level, and the kind of treatment used in different areas all impact the procedure’s total cost. Make sure you speak with our staff to find out the exact price.   

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Can You Put A Dental Crown on Decayed Teeth?

Decaying teeth are challenging to treat with dental care. Moreover, they often need extensive work to recover their function and appearance. However, if you have damaged teeth, can you put a dental crown on a decayed Tooth? Additionally, this is a tooth-shaped cap called a dental crown that covers a damaged, broken, weak, or worn-down tooth. Moreover, dentists also use caps. Dentists also use caps for dental implants and teeth with root canals. Therefore, a crown is a flexible way to fix dental problems. Furthermore, we will discuss putting dental caps on damaged teeth: is it possible, how does it work, and what should you think about in this blog?

Can You Put A Dental Crown on Decayed Teeth?

Dentists generally use dental crowns on rotted teeth to fix their structure and make them work again. Moreover, this treatment choice may be possible. However, it will depend on how bad the decay is and how healthy the tooth is generally. Therefore, if the rot is awful, you may need extra work, like root canal treatments, before you can put on a crown.

A crown is a cap that fits over a tooth. Anchoring weak, broken, or damaged teeth with crowns is what dentists do. Additionally, a cap is like a tight hat that covers your whole tooth. To ensure the new crown fits right, your dentist must take a small amount of enamel. Dental workers can make crowns from plastic, metal, ceramic, and other materials.

How to Put Dental Crowns on Teeth That Are Losing Their Strength:

It usually takes the following steps to put a dental cap on a tooth that has decay:

  • Evaluation: Your dentist will examine the damaged tooth, judge its state, and decide if a dental crown is the best treatment.
  • Decay Removal: If needed, the dentist will cut out the rotted part of the tooth to make a stable base for the crown.
  • Preparing the Tooth: The tooth is shaped and ready for the dental crown. It might mean making the tooth smaller so there is enough room for the crown to fit firmly.
  • Impression: Another step is printing the tooth to ensure it fits correctly and matches the other teeth in the mouth.
  • Crown Placement: While the permanent crown is being made in a dental lab, a temporary crown may be put on. We use dental paste to attach the permanent crown to the tooth once it is ready.

Things to Think About When Putting Dental Crowns on Decayed Teeth:

When choosing whether to put a dental crown on a damaged tooth, you should think about several things:

  • How Bad the Decay Is: If the decay has badly damaged the tooth structure or entered the pulp chamber, a dental crown might not be enough to fix the problem. You might need more treatments, like root canal therapy.
  • Tooth Strength: The part of the tooth should be strong enough to hold the dental crown in place. In cases of severe decay or structural weakness, try a different type of treatment.
  • Oral Hygiene: Good oral hygiene habits, like cleaning, flossing, and visiting the dentist for check ups regularly, are necessary to keep dental crowns on damaged teeth healthy and long-lasting.

Cost of Treatment:

Putting a dental crown on a damaged tooth can cost different amounts. Moreover, it is based on the dentist’s location, the materials they use for the crown, and how many sessions you will require. Furthermore, factors like removing the decay, doing root canal therapy, and other essential procedures also determine the overall cost. However, most of the time, a dental crown costs between Rs: 18,000 to Rs: 30,000 per tooth.

Final Thoughts:

Decayed teeth can sometimes have dental caps, depending on many things. Moreover, it depends on how bad the decay is and how healthy the tooth is overall. Talking to a skilled dentist is essential for determining your dental needs. Furthermore, the expert will choose the best treatment plan for improving your mouth health and function.

Consult with an expert dentist at Royal Cosmetic Surgery  for treatment for decayed teeth. We offer all the advanced treatment for your dental and oral health enhancement. 

Pros & Cons of Dental Crowns

When it comes to the appearance and shape of teeth, twinkling smile and overall optimal oral health, modern dentistry has a lot to offer. Not even a single issue can restrict your sparkling smile because you can treat every oral issue easily and restore the illumination and brightness of your teeth. A dental crown in Islamabad is a dental treatment designed to conceal discolouration, stains and injured teeth. 

Like other cosmetic or surgical procedures, it also has both pros & cons of dental crowns. An individual must learn or know about associated problems to ensure that your loved ones are getting appropriate treatments. Simply, this information enables you to make an informed decision!

Reignite Your Confidence: Dental Crown

A dental crown is a prosthetic restoration or a cap that covers the entire tooth to cover a damaged or fractured tooth. You may lose your tooth or experience tooth injury because of dental trauma; a dental crown extends the durability of a tooth and improves its appearance and aesthetics.

Pros & Cons of Dental Crown:


Restore Functionality

It becomes difficult to bite and speak with a damaged or injured tooth, compromising the functionality of a tooth. This dental treatment restores the functions and appearance of a cracked tooth.

Preserve Natural Tooth

No one would ever think of losing a natural tooth. It is a natural procedure, but we must avoid injury-based tooth loss. If you are observing an injury or trauma, then this procedure can preserve the integrity of your natural tooth.

Improves Appearance

Our dietary habits can damage the shape and appearance of a natural tooth, reducing its brightness. Crowning hides strains and discolouration and improves the appearance of a natural tooth, creating an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Long-term Results

We all would love to experience the lasting effects of this procedure. If you are considering dental crowns, then it suits you the best because its results are enduring.

Aesthetically appealing Look

A dental crown hides injuries or traumas related to a tooth, and restores the shape and appeal of a damaged tooth, adding to the charm and brightness of an individual’s personality.

Cons Of This Procedure:

  • It is deemed a costlier procedure in comparison to its alternative procedures
  • Risks of allergic reaction and tooth sensitivity enhance after this treatment
  • You may have to lose some part of your tooth as a part of treatment
  • It does not eliminate the risk of tooth decay, and a damaged tooth is still disturbing
  • The risks of nerve damage are quite higher if you get an implant

Cost Of This Procedure:

The cost of dental crowns in Islamabad ranges from PKR 18,000 to PKR 30,0000. The cost is not similar as you will experience significant fluctuations because of cost-determining factors such as the scope of the procedure, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a dentist.

The Final Thought:

Dental crown in Islamabad is a cap that covers the entire tooth. This dental procedure hides imperfections such as stains and discolouration and also covers cracked or damaged teeth to address underlying issues and restore the functions and aesthetics of a crooked tooth. Always consult with a professional before getting any cosmetic or dental treatment to ensure that you get optimal results.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to enhance the natural look and brightness of your teeth. We offer custom-made treatments to address specific issues of our patients. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an informed decision!


Pros & Cons of Dental Crowns

Generally, a dental crown in Islamabad is an effective procedure that restores the functions and aesthetics of a damaged tooth. The element of adverse effects cannot be nullified, but your dentist at RCS will minimise the risk factors.
A patient may experience mild pain and discomfort. An experienced professional takes measures to reduce these sensations and make it a painless procedure. So, in general, this is not a pain-causing procedure as it does not hurt you.
Do not use crunchy food, as they can break restorations. Also, avoid sticky foods to get optimal results and extend the durability of crowns.

What to Expect During a Dental Crown Procedure

A broken or cracked tooth can damage the functions of teeth and disturb oral health. Untreated teeth may be lost. Dental crown in Islamabad protects a weak tooth, protects from tooth decay and restores normal function and aesthetics of teeth. In this blog, we will explore about what to expect during a dental crown procedure?. 

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is basically a tooth-shaped covering or cap. It is placed over a cracked or fractured tooth in order to prevent tooth decay and reinstate the shape, look, appearance and strength of a weak tooth. A crown covers the entire tooth and also hides issues associated with that particular tooth. 

Benefits Of Dental Crowns:

  • Covers a damaged tooth and restores its normal shape and appearance 
  • Prevents further damage and strengthens a decayed tooth
  • Conceals imperfections such as discolouration and stains
  • Preserves the integrity of the tooth and increases its longevity
  • Restore functions of a fractured tooth by covering and stabilising the tooth
  • Offers a durable and long-lasting solution by providing a customised treatment
  • Creates a more aesthetically pleasing smile and boosts confidence

What To Expect During A Dental Crown Procedure?

The procedure intends to cover the entire tooth, replace its functions and aesthetics and hide imperfections associated with that tooth. This cosmetic procedure improves chewing and biting and also augments the appearance of a fractured tooth. 

First of all, you must visit an experienced dentist for a consultation session. This initial session is of utmost importance because it will allow you to learn about the treatment procedure and what you will feel and observe during and after treatment. Your dentist will analyse the status of your cracked tooth and inform you about the best possible procedure to bring about your desired results.

In the first session, your dentist will analyse your tooth, its shape and appearance. He also prepares teeth for the treatment. He will also take X-rays to provide a sophisticated treatment. Notably, a dentist might remove the outer layer of the tooth to prepare it for the procedure.

Based on the specific requirements of an individual, a dentist prepares a crown. At the time of treatment, he places the crown and fixes it with an adhesive. You do not need to stop brushing, and it is better to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

A crown not only hides stains and discolouration of teeth but improves biting and chewing abilities and adds to the durability of a damaged tooth. This dental treatment produces quick results. You will not feel any pain or discomfort because local anaesthesia is used to manage these adverse sensations. 

Aftercare Procedure:

  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly
  • Avoid sticky or hard food to avoid any issue
  • You may also observe sensitivity-related issues
  • Inform your dentist to treat those negative concerns
  • Do not eat and chew hard objects
  • Maintain a healthy diet and proper oral hygiene

The Bottom Line:

A dental crown in Islamabad is a dental technique performed to address infected or damaged teeth and restore their functions and aesthetics. Crowns are custom-made shells of coverings that are placed over a cracked tooth to improve its functions. Inform your dentist if you intend to consider this treatment. Generally, this is a painless technique as local anaesthesia is used during the procedure. Inform your dentist to address every sort of dental issue.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to increase the charm and elegance of your personality. We strive to produce better results and satisfy the concerns and issues of our patients. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and let us redefine your beauty aesthetics.


What to Expect During a Dental Crown Procedure

Normally, the procedure takes around 1 hour. You will have to schedule consultation sessions before getting this treatment. During the procedure, your dentist will cover your cracked tooth with a shell or covering to increase its strength and durability.
You will experience mild pain, discomfort and sensitivity after getting this procedure. These sensations subside after a very brief period. Inform your dentist if you do not get any relief.
Dental crowns in Islamabad are coverings that conceal stains and discolouration of a cracked tooth. This treatment makes your smile more confident, expressive and attractive. You can even get more than 1 crown at a single time.

What is the best crown for implants?

Over the course of life, we may experience tooth decay, fractured teeth, or tooth loss. This situation has twofold impacts: functional and aesthetic. Decayed or fractured teeth can cause pain and discomfort, lead to speech or bite-related issues, and even increase the risk of infection. Crown implants in Islamabad reinstate the structure, functionality and aesthetics of a decayed, injured, or lost tooth. These implants are of several types and in this blog, we will learn about the best crown for implants.

Let’s Have A Closer Look At Crown Implants:

A crown implant is a cosmetic treatment that is performed to replace a missing tooth. Here, the crown refers to the visible part of the restoration, and the implant refers to a biocompatible material that is placed into the jawbone. This treatment offers a natural-looking appearance, stable and durable replacement of a damaged tooth, prevents bone loss and improves the functioning and aesthetics of the tooth. 

Crown Implants In Islamabad: Top Benefits

  • It is a custom-made treatment that restores the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth
  • Offers stable, durable and natural-looking solution against a lost tooth
  • Crown implants in Islamabad are infused and they do not need to remove
  • This treatment also prevents bone loss and also protects teeth shifting
  • Offers a long-term yet functional solution and improves speech articulation
  • Restores oral health and overall well-being and improves quality of life

Types Of Crown Implants:

  • Zirconia 
  • Porcelain 
  • All-ceramic 
  • Metal
  • Titanium 
  • Composite crown implants

What Is The Best Crown For Implants?

When it comes to the most suitable choice, a dentist chooses the most suitable and relevant implants for a patient based on his evaluation. Because the requirements and needs of every patient are different, and there is not a single solution for everyone. So, the answer to this question varies from person to person based on specific requirements.

But generally, zirconia implants are considered the most popular type of implants because of their durability and aesthetically pleasing look. In the first place, zirconia crown implants are biocompatible and they also offer a natural-looking and sublime look.



best crown for implantsbest crown for implants -after


Zirconia Crown Implants In Islamabad: Features

  • It is biocompatible, which means it does not cause sensitivity or allergic reactions
  • Offers natural-looking and aesthetically welcoming appearance
  • This is a durable implant that is not prone to chipping, offering enduring results
  • The nature of this material does not let it spoil an oral setting
  • Furthermore, this implant does not require much tooth reduction

Can A Crown Be Removed When Cemented?

These implant-supported crowns are fixed into the jawbone permanently. They are designed to offer permanent solutions, and it is not easy to remove them because they are placed surgically. It is impossible to remove them on a regular basis. But if a person wants to replace an implant or requires maintenance, then an implant can be removed through surgical intervention or a dentist may be visited to remove an already anchored crown implant. 

How Much is The Cost Of Zirconia Crown Implants In Islamabad?

The cost of this procedure largely relies on the type of implant. If you are to implant a zirconia crown, then normally, you will have to pay somewhere between PKR 35,000. Furthermore, this cost may fluctuate because of other factors such as the services that you will avail, the clinic’s location, the expertise of a surgeon and aftercare treatments.

Summing Up:

Firm and bright teeth are imperative for an aesthetically pleasing and confident smile. Our teeth may get fractured or injured, and because of this, we may lose one or more teeth. Dental crowns in Islamabad replace that missing tooth and restore normal structure functions and aesthetic appeal. Normally, a dentist chooses the most suitable and effective type of crown implant for a particular individual. If we consider aesthetic appeal, natural-looking results and durability factors, zirconia crown implants are considered the best type of implants.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to get back your appealing and seductive smile or restore the aesthetics of your brilliant smile. We offer custoized solutions to meet each individual’s needs and serve them in the best way.

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