Is there any alternative to gum grafting?

 Despite the fact that it can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons, gum recession is one of the most prevalent oral problems that people experience as they age. You should take immediate action to address the problem. If you are experiencing gum recession, no matter what the cause is, talk to your doctor. Not only will this enhance your smile, but it will also enhance the condition of your mouth. Treatments like gum grafts, pocket depth reduction, and laser gum treatment are alternate options to reverse gum recession. When performing a gum graft, your dentist will use tissue from another part of the mouth. Moreover, pocket depth reduction lessens the number of bacteria that can build up below the gum line. This blog will address one of the most frequently asked questions: Is there any alternative to gum grafting? So, read to know about this. 

Gum Grafting in Islamabad

Gum grafting in Islamabad is among the most popular ways to treat recessed gums. It comes in three main categories, as follows:

Connective tissue graft: 

The most typical graft procedure entails cutting a flap of skin at the palate, removing tissue from beneath the flap, and stitching the skin flap back over the exposed root.

Free gingival graft: 

Covering the exposed root with stitches, much like a connective tissue graft, the dentist will take the grafting material from the roof of the mouth. Patients with thin gums are the ones who typically have this procedure. 

Pedicle graft: 

After the tooth has been pulled down or the exposed root is covered, gum tissue from the area surrounding the damaged tooth is grafted. Commonly, this procedure is useful for those patients with sufficient gum tissue close to the tooth. As there is no removal of palate tissue during a pedicle graft, there is less chance of pain or infection and a quicker recovery time.


For patients who would prefer a less invasive procedure, allograft, which uses donor tissue that has undergone medical processing, is another grafting option. For those who don’t have enough gum tissue close to the damaged tooth to perform a pedicle graft, an allograft procedure is advised.

Is there any alternative to gum grafting?

Each of these kinds of gum grafts is a successful way to treat gum recession. There are a number of other treatment options that are equally successful and might be a better fit for your particular needs. 

Topical Medications:

Another alternative to gum grafting involves applying substances directly to the gums. This involves such as topical medications or proteins that stimulate the growth of new, healthy tissue. Although it is typically advised for people who have already undergone a gum graft. People with only mild cases of gum recession may also be candidates for this type of treatment. 

Laser Therapy:

For people with gum recession, laser therapy is yet another alternative treatment option. For those with mild to moderate cases of gum recession, this non-invasive treatment can be a good alternative. This is because it uses low-level lasers to stimulate the regeneration of gum tissue. In comparison to conventional gum grafting, laser therapy has the benefit of being less invasive. It is frequently more affordable while still having the potential to be a successful treatment. In recent years, laser therapy has grown in popularity as a relatively new option for treating gum recession. It has been demonstrated to be effective in lessening gum recession severity. It may even assist in regrowing lost gum tissue.

LANAP Procedure:

LANAP protocol offers you the opportunity to receive a less invasive procedure with a higher success rate than traditional surgery. It is the only technique that has some scientific evidence to encourage bone and periodontal regeneration.

Scaling And Root Planing:

You have a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing, according to the message from your dentist or dental hygienist. This entails scraping below the gum line and is essentially a more thorough dental cleaning. Your dentist will give an anaesthetic during the procedure because this area is sensitive. In order to prevent your entire mouth from becoming numb, this procedure will take 2 visits to complete. Only one side of the mouth is treated at a time. After the scaling and root planing procedure, it is important to follow your dentist’s instructions for post-care.

Pinhole Surgical Technique:

Your gumline receives a few tiny laparoscopic incisions. This minimally invasive procedure enables the tissue to move back to the proper position after becoming loose. Reshaping and  contouring of gums using this method is common to achieve a much more aesthetically pleasing shape. 

So, Which Treatment Option Is Right For Me?

The best way to choose the best course of treatment for you is to make an appointment with your periodontist. This is to hear their assessment of which strategy will yield the best results for you. Discussing the options in person can help you make an informed decision about what is best for your needs and allow your Best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Islamabad to develop a personalized treatment plan for your particular situation. Making an appointment with your periodontist is the best way to assess which treatment option will be the most beneficial for you.

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