Price for liposuction 2022 in Islamabad

Liposuction is a type of treatment in which the removal of fat is done that is unnecessary and has health hazards. This procedure is done when the patient is unable to lose fat even after diet and exercise. The price for liposuction 2022 in Islamabad may vary. Usually, a plastic surgeon or a dermatological surgeon does this job. Excessive fat is removed from various parts of the body. These areas can be the buttocks, face, chin, belly, back etc. Surgeries comprising tummy tucks and those for breast reduction also fall under this area.

The Ideal Candidate:

Those people or adults who may have 30% of body mass index or BMI, have elastic and firm skin with good muscle tone or are healthy persons who do not have any chronic illness are ideal candidates for the procedure. . People who are non-smokers plus those individuals who go for surgery with a clear goal in mind.

This treatment will be best suited for you if your body fat is not going away even after diet and exercise.


Listed are some of the pros of Liposuction for Belly Fat in Islamabad:

  • This treatment is usually done for aesthetic purposes rather than reducing obesity.
  • You can go for this procedure only when the lifestyle modifications have no impact on you.
  • This treatment lessens the deposition of fats in isolated areas.
  • Results will be usually delicate rather being dynamic.
  • It will reduce analgesia and inflammation at the site of lymphedema.
  • Curing of gynecomastia can be done – in which deposition of fat cells takes place under the chest of men
  • Generally, abnormalities can be cured related to those individuals who have lost 40% of their BMI.
  • Lipomas which are benign but fatty can also be removed.


Liposuction for weight loss price in Islamabad may vary. The average cost of the treatment varies from patient to patient. Usually, it depends upon those body areas which are going to be treated. Cost depends on the type of body part under treatment. The type of equipment used or the location of the clinic may also affect the cost. The experience of the surgeon also matters. Some clinics may include the fee for anaesthesia or other medications. In addition to that, if you are interested to know the Cost of treatment in Islamabad then you can book an appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad. Typically this type of treatment is not sheltered by insurance companies as it is a cosmological technique.

Techniques of Liposuction:

Although there are not many forms or techniques, yet equipment used in every technique is almost similar to the cannula which is employed in suctioning fat from fatty areas.

Tumescent liposuction:

This is the most widely used technique. In this type of method, a mixture of normal saline, lidocaine as well as epinephrine is injected where fat is about to be dissolved.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, or UAL:

In this technique, the outer layer of the fat cells is ruptured by wave energy. this energy is given under the skin. Fat liquifies which will be removed easily. It is then suctioned out.

Laser-assisted liposuction, or SmartLipo:

In this technique, the laser is used which produces a burst of energy. this will liquefy the fat cells in the body.

Will This Solve Your Problem Permanently?

As this surgery eliminates those cells which have fat for good and all hence it can be expected that the outcomes will be permanent at an affordable price for liposuction 2022 in Islamabad. But in certain instances, fat cells may metastasize which can again become the cause of obesity. If you want to keep your body in proper shape then you will have to chart a  diet plan provided to you by your dietician. Your diet may contain fruit and vegetables and lean proteins. Your diet must also contain low-fat dairy products and whole grains. Along with this, you will also be recommended to do regular exercise.


Before the procedure is performed, marking the areas of the body will be done by the surgeon. The patient is anaesthetized and then the procedure is performed. The time duration of the surgery may vary. Usually, it is from 6 hours. After the procedure is done, the surgeon will prescribe you various antibiotics and compression garments. You will recover within a few weeks.

What to Remember After the Surgery?

Usually, hospital admission is not required after the surgery but it can depend on the type of liposuction you are getting. But the patient must expect that he will suffer from bruising, soreness, and swelling for a few weeks. Patients may be required to wear a compression garment for some time to control the inflammation. Infections are prevented by taking various antibiotics.

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