wet hair lead to hair loss

Hair loss is an annoying issue that disturbs the personality of an individual. A fuller hairhead adds to the glamour and charm and defines the individuality of a person. Hair loss damages the sense of personal aesthetics and leads to self-consciousness. There are a number of causes that can cause hair loss or receding hairlines. Many people believe that having wet hair also becomes a cause of hair loss or baldness. This blog will explain whether having wet hair lead to hair loss and hair loss treatments in Islamabad. 

Can Wet Hair Lead To Hair Loss?

Wet hair does not cause hair loss directly, but it becomes softer and more susceptible to damage or breakage than dry hair. If your hair remains wet, then you may experience hair loss or baldness because vigorous combing, brushing, or tying them tightly can lead to hair breakage or hair loss. 

How Does Having Wet Hair Lead To Hair Loss For You?

Hair loss can occur because of genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, poor lifestyle and also because of wet hairs. If you are experiencing hair loss, then you should seriously consider hair loss treatments in Islamabad to stop hair loss or make your hair strong. 

  • Wet hair becomes more elastic and fragile in nature and also water molecules weaken its internal anatomy, leading to hair loss
  • Wet hair cannot bear vigorous brushing or combing and robust brushing can lead to hair breakage
  • Coloring or application of chemicals to hairs for styling purposes is deemed more dangerous because it leads to chemical penetration
  • Friction from towels can also make them more susceptible to damage and even cause hair loss
  • Hair wetting gradually lowers the elasticity of hairs and makes them more fragile, causing baldness or receding hairlines

How To Stop Hair Loss?

The importance of hair, especially in today’s society, cannot be neglected. A fuller hair head helps us to create styles and present ourselves in a unique and different way. Furthermore, thicker hair makes us confident and boosts our self-esteem. If you have started observing hair loss, then the first thing you should do is to try to stop hair loss. It is better to overcome the issue in the initial stages than spending your hard-earned money on costly treatments. 

The best possible thing is to follow specific procedures to reduce or eventually stop hair loss. You can also consult with a professional at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad for proper guidance. A practitioner can assist you in stopping hair loss. So, if you are dealing with hair loss because of having wet hair, then you start following the given procedures immediately to stop hair loss.

  • Treat wet hair more gently because wet hair are more vulnerable to breakage 
  • Refrain from vigorous and rough brushing and combing
  • Use your towel gently to wipe out moisture, and do not rub it roughly
  • It is better to stop getting hairstyles to reduce the application of stress and chemicals
  • Avoid air drying and allow your hair to dry naturally
  • Do not use shampoos or conditioners that can foster hair loss
  • Try to keep your scalp healthy and refrain from overwashing

Hair Loss Treatments In Islamabad:

If you have lost enough number of hairs, then you should consider medical interventions to deal with this issue and grow your hair naturally. There are several hair loss treatments are performed in Islamabad that not only reduce hair loss but also grow your lost hair back in a natural way.  Following are a few hair loss treatments:

Based on the underlying causes and the conditions of a patient, a surgeon chooses the most suitable and appropriate option among these hair loss treatment procedures. So, it is better if you overcome hair loss, but if you are unable to meet your hair loss objectives through lifestyle modifications, then these hair loss treatments in Islamabad are considered to revamp the aesthetics of your personality.

Summing UP:

Hair loss is a trending issue that many people, including men and women, are facing nowadays. Even youth are also experiencing hair loss issues. Several factors can cause hair loss, such as genetic factors, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle practices, and hormonal imbalance. It is also believed that having wet hair also causes hair loss. Although this phenomenon does not break hair directly, it develops a few scenarios that lead to hair loss. The anatomy of wet hair changes, and they become more prone to break, but you can stop hair loss caused by hair wetting. 

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