PPR treatment

 Thin hair or baldness are undesirable because they can change your personality in general. Fortunately, non-surgical therapies like platelet-rich plasma or can help you regrow your hair (PRP). One of the common methods used nowadays to prevent hair loss and manufacture vital components is PRP for hair loss. This blog will explain to you about Grow your Hair Thicker Through PRP Treatment. 

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Therapy?

A three-step process called hair PRP in Islamabad is used to encourage healthy hair growth. Blood is drawn, red blood cells are removed, and an injection is given into your scalp throughout these three steps. PRP should be taken into account to treat hair loss and promote organic hair growth. Due to the increased blood flow to the hair follicle, PRP injections encourage the growth of natural hair. It thickens the hair shaft, according to specialists. 

It also features in a number of hair loss treatments that encourage hair growth. People frequently employ chemicals that cause hair loss or fragile hair strands when trying to colour their white hair. Although it has been used for numerous conditions, such as ligament repair and muscle mending, there isn’t much solid proof that it is useful for hair loss. 

How Does PRP Hair Treatment Work?

Three phases make up PRP therapy, and maintenance lasts for 4-6 months. You must attend at least three sessions. Our dermatologists perform the best PRP treatment in Islamabad. 

  •         Step 1: Our dermatologists will take blood from you, probably from an arm.
  •         Step 2: A trained specialist will centrifuge the blood for ten minutes, then split it into three layers. Red blood cells, plasma with low levels of platelets, and plasma with high levels of platelets are the three layers that are at play.
  •         Step 3: Involves injecting platelet-rich plasma into your scalp with the assistance of a syringe. It will be injected by your doctor into the precise locations where you need to grow natural hair.

To better understand how PRP works and under what conditions it produces the best outcomes, you may contact us. Call us directly or fill out the form below. 

Does PRP Make Hair Thicker?

PRP injections can stimulate hair follicles and stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair in patients who are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair. During the normal hair development cycle, PRP helps to promote healthy hair growth by supplying nutrients and stimulating growth elements.

The anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen stages are the four major phases that make up the natural hair growth cycle. The anagen stage marks the beginning of hair growth, which is followed by the catagen stage, a brief transitional period that lasts just over a week. The telogen period, which lasts a few months, is when the hair is dormant in the hair follicle. The cycle might then repeat because the hair finally falls out at the exogen stage. PRP injections can nourish the blood vessels that surround the hair follicle, assisting in the anagen phase’s development of thicker hair.

Can PRP Make Hair Thicker for all Types of Hair Loss?

PRP therapy is a cutting-edge method of Hair Restoration in Islamabad that can help to enhance the appearance and health of hair. Usually, patients who get 3 treatments over the course of several months see an improvement in their thinning hair and the indicators of hair loss are reversed by increased hair growth. The PRP hair restoration procedure is very helpful for people with androgenic alopecia.

Many people believe that PRP hair treatment in Islamabad is an effective preventative method for treating the early stages of hair loss or thinning hair. PRP hair restoration can oftentimes reverse the indications of hair loss, stop further thinning or hair loss, and enhance the health of the treatment region. After the initial treatment, the majority of patients choose to continue with maintenance PRP treatments in order to support and accelerate the growth of healthy new hair.

There is currently no complete solution for alopecia or alopecia areata, despite the fact that PRP is a highly successful treatment for hair regeneration. Patients who have thyroid disease, lupus, or other underlying diseases that contribute to hair loss are particularly unlikely to benefit from PRP treatment. Additionally, PRP therapy is ineffective for people who have anaemia.

Does Hair Really Grow Back After PRP Therapy?

A receding hairline is the most annoying thing in the world. People are constantly searching for cutting-edge, natural-looking hair restoration procedures. We offer a cutting-edge remedy at Royal Cosmetics Surgery in the form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. People who were having hair problems like balding or thinning have found astonishing results with this technique.

PRP’s healing abilities lie in injecting PRP solution into the scalp during this procedure. The best part is that no hair plugs or significant incisions are necessary. Contact Dr. Naveed, a board-certified plastic surgeon, to book a hair evaluation so you can experience the advantages of platelet-rich plasma for yourself. We can help you regain confidence in your appearance by strengthening your hairline.