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Modern dentistry has achieved advances in restorative dentistry. Thanks to these advances, patients have several options to restore the appearance and functioning of their smiles. Gold crown for teeth in Islamabad are ageless because they blend elegance and endurance. 

Dental crowns are made of high-purity gold alloy. Due to their durability and biocompatibility, gold crowns have been essential in dentistry for decades. These materials are biocompatible and durable enough to endure chewing and biting. These crowns are a viable option for Islamabad residents seeking excellent dental remedies.

What is a gold dental crown?

Due to their robust coating, gold dental crowns preserve weak or badly damaged teeth. The crown covers and encloses the tooth, which is prepared after cleaning. Thus, they are ideal for bruxer posterior tooth restoration. Front teeth get different dental restorations than rear teeth. For the front, ceramic is best. Gold is gentler on opposing teeth than porcelain. 

Gold is usually only applied to posterior teeth. It is a soft metal that is easy on competing teeth. Use is generally limited to those who are hard on their teeth. Dental structure is lost when someone grinds, clenches, or uses their teeth as instruments. They are also advised to have posterior tooth root canals. Oral hygiene, care, and diet affect longevity. 

Gold Crown Uses:

Dental crowns are caps that reshape or improve tooth structure. They are usually inserted after root canal therapy, which removes infection from a tooth after dental decay has consumed part of it. Crowns can restore broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. 

Crowns are prosthetic devices that strengthen and beautify teeth and often restore tooth shape and size. Gold crowns are often used when a tooth needs more support than a standard crown. This may be required to cover extensive tooth decay or trauma, a root canal that needs more coverage, a dental implant or bridge, or a tooth restoration. 

What Are The Advantages of Gold Crown? 

Full gold crowns are an excellent tooth repair option because they fit well, last long, and don’t need to be replaced. Most dentists like them, but patients dislike them because they are unattractive. 

They are ideal for hidden back teeth like molars. Gold dental crowns are recommended for people who chew hard food or clench and grind their teeth. 

1. Dental health improvements 

A gold crown can preserve most of your tooth structure.  The dentist will file or trim your teeth to prepare them for a crown. With a gold crown, your dentist can trim your teeth less, allowing you to keep more of your original tooth structure, improving your dental health. 

2. Better health overall 

Gold is more likely to be accepted by the body than most dental materials. Gold crowns don’t cause nerve problems or gum bleeding. Specific metal crowns can cause these complications if the body cannot accept them. Few people are allergic to gold. 

As people age, gold crowns grow more valuable. Aging can cause allergies and lower immunity. Gold reduces the risk of gum infections and allergic reactions. 

3. Long-lasting 

Gold crowns outlast others. Because of this, they are used less often and last longer.  Temperature fluctuations cause tooth expansion and contraction, which may surprise you. The same goes for gold. Knowing that gold expands and contracts like teeth is helpful. Unlike other crowns, your gold crown does not shatter or fracture after use. The expansion and contraction of gold are similar to those of your teeth.  Your gold crown usually lasts 20–40 years. 

4. A flawless fit 

Gold caps and casts fit teeth better than other restorations. Because porcelain crowns shrink, their fit may vary, and rot may grow around your teeth. 

Upper and lower jaw teeth work together to break down food while chewing. Crowns reduce tooth wear on the opposing side. Safe gold won’t hurt your opposite tooth, making it ideal for bruxism. Patients with bruxism grind their teeth excessively, especially during the night. Due to its intensity, it may wake the person sleeping next to you. 

Cost of the Gold crown for teeth in Islamabad: 

The cost of a gold crown teeth in Islamabad  starts from 45,000 PKR. However, the cost can differ due to factors like the oral clinic and facility, the class of materials, and the dentist’s qualifications.  It is important to consult a dentist, who will give the most accurate estimate based on your condition and desires.

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