does thyroid cause hairloss

Fuller hairhead is vital for the captivation, thrill and mystique of a person. It creates a charmer look and also creates a symmetrical and aligned facial appearance. A person with a fuller hair head feels satisfaction and remains motivated to deal with every sort of situation because the posture that a fuller head produces brings optimism and enthusiasm to the personality. Unfortunately, it  has become a common issue, and people of every age experience this issue that disturbs their personalities. Hair loss treatment in Islamabad restores the glamour of a fuller hair head and reproduces the aligned appearance of an individual.

Baldness is a major issue that people are encountering nowadays. It may occur because of several reasons. It is essential to learn about the possible causes and treatments to address this aesthetic problem to overcome the issue of receding hairlines. Now, you will learn whether the thyroid cause hair loss.

Let’s Uncover This Concept

It refers to baldness, hair thinning, or receding hairlines. People observing this problem may find bald patches on their scalp or receding hairlines. This issue does not cause any physical problems but leads to psychological consequences. It makes a person demotivated and unsatisfied and also lowers confidence, vitality and self-esteem. In general, it damages the self-image or self-perception of a person. Its treatment in Islamabad helps people deal with this problem and regain their confidence, vitality and self-esteem.

Does Thyroid Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common issue that most people are facing nowadays. This problem can occur because of the aging factor, genetic predisposition, poor lifestyle, the use of certain medicines, hormonal imbalances and mental conditions such as stress and anxiety. A disturbance in the thyroid gland can lead to hair thinning or baldness. It is a butterfly-shaped gland that is located in the lower front area of the neck. The thyroid gland produces specific hormones that convert food into energy and regulate the body’s temperature. Furthermore, they also play a role in maintaining bone density. The increase or decrease in the production of thyroid hormones can lead to receding hairlines.

So, thyroid hormones can cause this issue. If their production is low, that is called hypothyroidism. This situation disturbs the growth cycle of hair and makes it slow, escalating hair shedding by disturbing the growth cycle of hairs. In addition to that, excess growth of these hormones can also cause baldness. This condition is called hyperthyroidism. The excess growth of these hormones intensifies hair growth and makes it even faster than normal growth patterns, making hair thin. Hairs become more susceptible to breakage if this condition occurs.

Hair Loss Treatments In Islamabad:

If the severity of this issue is disturbing your life, then you can consider an effective treatment. No matter what the actual reason behind this issue is, you can address this aesthetic problem and even restore the lost hair. Several procedures are available here that assist you effectively in growing your hair back.

  • Lifestyle Modifications
  • Topical Solutions
  • Hair Transplant In Islamabad
  • Oral Medications
  • PRP Therapy
  • Scalp Micropigmentation

How Much Does This Treatment Cost In Islamabad?

The cost of hair restoration may fluctuate because it depends on a few factors, such as the type of treatment, the area that is to be treated or the scope of the treatment, the clinic’s location, available facilities and the experience of the surgeon.

The Bottom Line:

Hair loss can occur because of various reasons. In order to address this problem, you need to find out the exact cause, and then this issue can be treated by getting a suitable treatment. Thyroid can also be a factor behind your hair-related  issues. A change or fluctuation in the production of thyroid hormones can cause this issue. Hair loss treatments in Islamabad can restore lost hairs and rejuvenate your appearance.

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