Can You Have Under-Eye Bag Removal Surgery Twice

Blepharoplasty also known as eyelid surgery is a form of surgery that deals with elimination of eye bags. It is used extensively as a way of getting a young looking skin. It is essential to know that multiple surgeries are possible. Although the first procedure is usually successful and long-term, under-eye bags might resurface due to aging or genetics after some time.

What is Under-Eye Bag Removal Surgery?

Eye bag removal surgery or blepharoplasty is the surgical process of removing fat deposits around the eyes and surgery to eliminate bags and sagging. It is to provide the patient with a more even, smoother, quicker appeal than that of a young adult.

Possible advantages include having a more attractive appearance and boosting the self-esteem level. Some of the reasons include genetics, age, or self-antipathy basis to opt for this surgery. 

Recovery usually entails slight pain and inflammation; the end outcome is apparent within several weeks. They can persist for many years, although the duration may differ for distinct outcomes.

Who Should Get Under-eye Surgery?

Under-eye surgery, or blepharoplasty, is typically suitable for individuals who have concerns about the appearance of their under-eye area due to issues such as:

Puffiness: Aging or injured eye muscles that result in persistent bags or swelling under the eyes that may not improve with creams or serums.

Sagging refers to the loose skin or skin that hangs over the lower eyelids, which can cause tired and old looks.

Genetics: It is ideal for those with hereditary under-eye bags and those who want to change the face and make it more defined.

Aesthetic Goals: Facial surgery, most especially the facelift surgery, is done in order to revitalize the look around the eye area to enhance beauty.

The first type of Lower Eyelid Retraction Surgery is known as Aesthetic Blepharoplasty Surgery.

Pre-Surgery Considerations:

The first step in blepharoplasty, under-eye bag removal surgery, is an appointment. In this consultation, the surgeon reviews the clients’ health records and what they hope to achieve from the surgery. Another critical factor is setting achievable targets so the client can be happy with the outcome.

During the procedure, the surgeon usually uses natural fold lines to create incisions on the eyelid to address the fat and skin problems. The incisions may change based on the individual patient through various procedures, like fat repositioning or skin tightening.

Exceptional post-surgical advice is given to the patients to help them recover. This includes applying an ice compress on this area to reduce swelling and avoiding sleeping or resting with one’s head down. 

Generally, the first phase may provoke minimal tenderness and slight puffiness that recedes within a few weeks. An appointment with the surgeon should be made to monitor and handle other side effects or risks like temporary loss of vision or dry eyes.

Recovery and Aftercare:

Post-operation care and adherence to instructions are critical, especially after under-eye bag removal surgery. Standard advice to patients includes:

  • Putting cold compresses on the swollen area.
  • Maintaining head elevation.
  • Using medications as the doctor recommends.

These are simple follow-ups with the surgeon to ensure that the body is healing as planned and that any issues are corrected immediately.

Some of the possible risks that a person should consider are;

  • Infections
  • Formation of blood clots
  • Allergic reactions to anesthesia. 

Despite this, it is crucial to consult a doctor in case of other complicated symptoms like severe pain, sudden change in vision, and consistent swelling.

Why do you need Under-Eye Bag Removal Surgery Twice?

Under-eye bag removal surgery may require repeats as often dictated by the following reasons. First, during people’s ordinary aging, they may develop new fatty deposits, or the skin may lose such firmness that under-eye bags may reappear. 

Second, some clients may, for instance, start with moderate procedures and later want more invasive operations. Also, other related factors to surgery results, including heredity and personal habits, may affect the results.

Skin elasticity and aging also create new circumstances under which under-eye bags recur, and therefore, people turn to additional surgery for further refinement. The effectiveness of the first surgery is analyzed according to how long it lasts and the patient’s level of satisfaction.

Under-Eye Bag Removal Surgery Cost in Islamabad

The cost of under-eye bag removal surgery in Islamabad is from PKR 155,000 to PKR  200,000. The cost of under-eye bag surgery in Islamabad may vary due to certain reasons. These include;

  • The surgeon’s experience, 
  • The type of procedure
  • The host facilities for the surgery
  • The cost of anesthesia, surgery
  • Other checkups after the procedure. 

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