Can Microneedling Be Done on the Lips?

Are you unhappy with the way your lips look? Have you ever failed at many treatments? Can microneedling be done on the lips? This is an inquiry that many individuals pose to themselves while searching for ways of working on the surface and presence of their lips to have solid, full lips at last.

This is the care we provide for you at the Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic PK. You may adorn specific parts of your Lips with Microneedling. It might provide the appearance of younger, fuller lips by promoting the creation of collagen. Live with optimism, for this therapy will be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is Lip Micro-needling?

An aesthetic procedure for refreshing and enhancing the lips is Lip Microneedling. It makes tiny punctures on the lip floor using premium needles. These little wounds encourage the body’s natural healing process. Increased synthesis of collagen and elastin results from this, which may be essential for smooth and firm skin.

Lip microneedling can help improve the lips’ colour and texture. It could give the lips a more youthful, full appearance. Additionally, treatment may delay the onset of fine wrinkles across the mouth. In contrast to lip fillers, microneedling provides a more potent natural boost.

The procedure usually requires minimal recovery and is very safe. Some people may also notice mild redness or swelling, although those adverse effects usually go away quickly. Following a few sessions, lip microneedling results may be apparent. It’s a well-known goal for people looking for a modest but effective lip boost.

How Soon Will I See Results on My Lips?

The period that it takes to see results from lip microneedling might vary based on many individual factors, such as age, the severity of any lip issues, and the kind of pores and skin. Normally, noticeable effects occur soon after treatment, with lips appearing somewhat puffy and red from the little mistakes made along the way. These effects usually go away in a few hours or a few days. Gradual improvements in lip smoothness, texture, and expansion may become more apparent over the coming weeks as collagen synthesis rises. The best results are usually obtained after many classes, and long-term benefits are maintained by continuing to synthesize collagen. Later on, maintaining the preferred lip look and texture may require regular treatment.

The Process Starts for Lip Miccroneedling:

  • Applying topical numbing oil to the lips before the surgery helps to reduce discomfort.
  • Effortlessly cleansed and sanitized lips reduce the risk of illness.
  • Gentle rubs over the lips using a large-needle microneedling tool cause microaccidents.
  • The method enhances the amount and texture of lips while boosting the production of collagen.
  • Following microneedling, the lips might benefit from the use of a calming serum or moisturizer to aid in recovery.
  • Because the micro-accidents are so small, sutures or wound dressings may not usually be necessary.
  • It may be necessary to arrange follow-up consultations to assess progress and decide whether more treatments are required. 

Identify the Benefits of Microneedling:

  • Lips undergoing microneedling might feel softer and smoother to the touch.
  • The procedure can increase lip volume, giving the lips a plumper look.
  • Microneedling makes it possible to delay the appearance of noticeable wrinkles and creases around the lips.
  • It can also improve the tone and colour of your lips, giving you a younger-looking appearance.
  • Increased confidence: Getting smoother, fuller lips might help with self-belief.
  • Microneedling at the lips has little recovery time, so you can get back to playing regular sports right away.
  • When properly maintained, lip microneedling can produce benefits that last for several months. 

Cost of Lip Microneedling Treatment in Islamabad:

 A typical cost of Lip microneedling in Islamabad ranges between PKR 15,000 to PKR 25,000. The ultimate charge is decided by the qualified dermatologist following the first examination and creation. Many factors, some of which may be explained by our expert team after your examination, influence the rate.

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