Benefits of teeth polishing in Islamabad

  A whiter, more radiant smile!

Teeth are the major feature of facial aesthetics. If you are young and beautiful but your teeth are pale with a yellowish hue, then it is certain that you will lose confidence in front of everyone. This is the main feature of your face that boosts your confidence. White pearly teeth are a symbol of self-confidence. They boost the charm and do wonders for your personality. All of this can be achieved by consulting the best dentist in Islamabad. The answer to all your questions lies in the field of cosmetic dentistry. This blog will help you get insight into the process of teeth polishing and benefits of teeth polishing in islamabad. 

What is Teeth Polishing?

Some individuals might conflate teeth cleaning and teeth polishing and think the two procedures are interchangeable. There is a thin line between the two, and you are more likely to get an accurate definition of dental polishing if you ask a qualified dentist. The short answer is that it is a procedure that is typically done after teeth cleaning and whitening. Additionally, polishing is employed to get rid of surface stains and, on the occasion of bacterial growth after dental surgery. A small rubber cup and polishing paste in fine, medium, or coarse grade are commonly used.

Procedure of Teeth Polishing:

The procedure of teeth polishing in islamabad is an in-office procedure and you can have it done by just visiting once. The process of cleaning teeth comprises many steps; teeth polishing is the final step of this process. The major steps of teeth polishing are described as under:

Step 1: This step comprises of inspection of teeth. They are examined for any sort of decay or breakage. The enamel is basically examined. 

Step 2: This step comprises of removal of plaque and tartar from teeth with the help of scaling.

Step 3: Then the teeth are polished and buffed to remove any sort of staining. 

Dental Polishing Methods:

There are two approaches.

Plastic cup:

Your dental hygienist uses a rubber cup or brushes with a slow drill. Your teeth are polished using the cup after it has been dipped in some dental polishing paste. Plaque and stains are scrubbed away by the paste’s abrasive nature. 

Air-based polishing: 

With this, they will polish your teeth by applying air and water pressure to a slurry of water and baking soda. It can occasionally be combined with an ultrasonic plaque remover.

Benefits of Teeth Polishing in Islamabad:

Do you desire smooth as well as shiny teeth? Do you wish to have pearly white teeth? Then the best option is to have your teeth polished. The procedure of smoothing the exposed teeth surface with a low-speed dental tool is known as teeth polishing (or coronal polishing). The top six reasons to regularly polish your teeth are as follows:

Prevents cavities

Teeth decay is a result of plaque buildup. Your teeth enamel is eaten away by plaque. Cavities in the teeth may result if neglected. The whitish film on your teeth is removed by routine teeth polishing.

Stops teeth loss

Gum diseases can be brought on by plaque buildup. In severe cases, it results in teeth loss. The jaw’s supporting bone is destroyed as gum disease progresses, which causes your teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. By regularly polishing your teeth and practising excellent dental hygiene, you can lower the risk of this happening.

It freshens your breath

Maintaining good oral hygiene will help you avoid having bad breath for a long time. It is insufficient to simply brush and floss every day. The ideal way to maintain a fresh, healthy mouth is through teeth polishing.

Brightens your smile

Berries, red wine, tea, and coffee are just a few examples of foods and beverages that can stain your teeth horribly. Your confidence and self-esteem may be impacted by this. Dental polishing eliminates accumulated stains. You’re left with teeth that are clean and beautifully polished. 

Boosts your overall health

Your oral and general health are interconnected. Your risk of developing several diseases, including heart disease and stroke, can be reduced by regularly having your teeth polished. Some of these medical conditions pose a serious risk to life. Your dentist can assist in identifying the early stages of a specific disease during your routine dental cleaning appointments. This aids in preventing risks before they manifest.

Helps you save money

You can prevent costly dental problems in the future by taking care of your oral health. Your dentist will have the chance to identify any serious dental issues with repeated polishing visits. He can then take the necessary actions to resolve the problem, sparing you from having to undergo further expensive procedures.

Cost of Dental Polishing:

The cost of dental polishing in Islamabad may vary, depending upon the condition of the teeth. The usual cost may depend upon several factors like the locality of the clinic or the experience of the dentist. Cost may also depend upon the type of procedure being carried out. 

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