teeth overlap

Teeth alignment is very important for an individual because it contributes to speech clarity, efficient chewing, jaw alignment, and healthier bite. Some people face the issue of teeth overlapping. Notably, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. This condition stems from numerous factors such as genetic issues, child habits that include thumbsucking, developmental conditions, etc. Teeth overlapping has multifaceted impacts on an individual that can even cause pain and discomfort. Teeth overlapping treatment in Pakistan improves chewing, brings speech clarity, and ameliorates overall oral health 

The Phenomenon of Teeth Overlapping:

Also known as dental crowding or dental overlap, teeth overlapping is a condition that refers to crooked or misaligned teeth. This situation occurs when there is a lack of required space for teeth to fit properly in the jaw, and they become crowded or overlapped, leading to uneven or lopsided distribution of the teeth .

Impacts of Teeth Overlapping:

  • Individuals experiencing this condition can face difficulty in maintaining oral health
  • This issue can contribute to gum disease and other oral issues
  • It disturbs natural teeth alignment, creating malocclusion
  • This can cause excessive pressure during biting and chewing
  • Teeth overlapping also disturbs tongue movement
  • With this problem, it becomes difficult to maintain oral hygiene
  • This condition can dismantle the appearance of the smile
  • The appearance of this condition can lower the confidence and self-esteem of an individual
  • Even can lead to the feeling of self-consciousness

Why Did My Teeth Overlap?

There is no single reason for teeth misalignment, as several conditions cause dental crowding or overlap. A myriad of factors can disturb the normal functioning of an individual’s jaw, such as inheritance or child habits. If you are experiencing this issue and worried about its causes and treatment, then the following are a few causes of teeth overlap.

  • Genetic factors play a significant role in determining the size of an individual’s jaw and teeth alignment. Inherited traits are major reasons for teeth overlapping
  • Insufficient jaw space does not allow teeth to develop properly, leading to this condition
  • Child habits, such as thumbsucking and pacifier use, affect teeth development and placement and even can cause dental crowding
  • Premature teeth loss may also develop it because it can drift neighboring teeth
  • If teeth development is not in the lineup with the dental arch
  • If dental care is not given due consideration, then you may also encounter this problem

Teeth Overlapping Treatment in Pakistan:

Orthodontic treatment is involved in treating teeth crowding and achieving the required alignment. Several treatments are performed to address this problem based on the severity of the overlap, the patient’s oral health, age, etc. 

Orthodontic Braces

The application of this treatment addresses several oral issues that include teeth overlapping, overbites, crooked teeth, etc. Braces are installed to correct the alignment of the teeth. They consist of several components, such as brackets, archwires, etc. These wires or brackets gradually move teeth to correct their position in overlap. 

Clear Aligners

These are basically transparent and removable trays. This is a modern orthodontic procedure used to address teeth overlapping. These are custom-made trays that are designed to create proper teeth alignment and shift teeth.


These are thin sheets or layers made of porcelain or composite resin. Veneers in Islamabad are also custom-made and tooth-colored materials used to treat numerous issues, such as teeth overlapping

Tooth Extraction

If you are experiencing severe crowding and other treatments are not feasible or effective, then in order to correct teeth alignment, your dentist may remove or extract teeth from your mouth to produce more space required for proper teeth alignment

The Bottom Line:

Teeth overlap, or dental crowding may occur because of several reasons that include genetic factors, child habits, poor hygienic practices, etc. This may create several issues and even disturb the aesthetics of your smile and develop self-consciousness. Teeth overlapping treatment in Pakistan effectively addresses this condition, contributing to speech clarity and efficient biting and chewing. Furthermore, its treatment improves your facial appearance, boosts your confidence, and lets you exhibit your radiant smile. 

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