bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery in Islamabad leads to quality life by reducing excess weight and improving the physique of an individual. This surgical procedure involves a number of treatments that are performed based on the specific conditions and requirements of a specific patient, his suitability and particular concerns. Given that this surgical treatment rejuvenates your appearance, improves your mobility and lowers the risk of several medical conditions, but still, this is not a simple procedure and is deemed quite challenging. 

If you choose this surgical procedure, you do not directly undergo this treatment. To get optimal and desired results, people have to undergo a series of examinations before getting bariatric surgery. In this blog, you will learn about assessments or tests required to get weight loss surgery in Islamabad

Bariatric Surgery In Islamabad:

No one likes being obese, but many people are. People who are overweight or obese are not comfortable with their normal routine and strive to get their normal physique back. Many people restore their appearance through a proper diet and exercise, but many cannot. Those people can consider surgical solutions to get rid of obesity or fatness. Bariatric surgery is performed to remove excess fat or improve the physique of an individual. This surgical procedure involves altering the shape and size of the stomach to reduce the nutrient intake or produce an early sensation of fullness.

Initial Consultation And Evaluation:

At Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad, Our practitioners hold an initial consultation. Firstly, our surgeons explain the intricacies and procedures of different procedures involved in this larger context- bariatric surgery. It means we share the entire procedure with a patient to help him understand how this treatment works and make an informed decision. 

Furthermore, Our surgeons evaluate the physical conditions of a patient to find out the suitability for the surgery. They also consider the medical history of a patient, previous surgeries, and weight loss attempts of the patient.  Following that, a patient informs about his specific objectives with weight loss surgery in Islamabad, his concerns and expectations.

The primary purpose of this comprehensive consultation and evaluation is to determine or find out the suitability of a patient for this treatment and to help the patient to have realistic expectations. Following this session, a number of medical examinations are performed to further evaluate the health status of an individual and find out the conditions that may impact the surgery. 

Medical Examinations Required Prior To Undergoing Weight Loss Surgery:

We need to follow a multidisciplinary approach to get optimal results and reduce the risks of complications. These medical tests are imperative for this surgery because they help a practitioner to evaluate the suitability and predict the possible outcomes.

Blood Tests

This test may include a complete blood count (CBC), Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), etc. Blood tests inform about general health conditions and minerals, cholesterol and vitamin levels in the body.

Liver Functions Tests

In order to evaluate the status of the liver and its functioning, some tests are performed. These tests assist a practitioner in analyzing the functioning of the liver and the possible impacts of the surgery on its overall status.


This test is performed to assess the digestive capacity of an individual by visualizing the structure and functions of the digestive tract. 


The surgeon also conducts X-rays to evaluate the general status and functioning of lungs, intestines and other organs of the body. Furthermore, X-rays also help in detecting any blockage in the digestive tract.

Cardiac Testing

The health of the heart cannot be compromised in any case. Before bariatric surgery in Islamabad, a surgeon also performs cardiac testing to detect heart problems or to assess the possibility of risk factors. Monitoring heart conditions is essential before undergoing this surgical procedure.

Summing Up:

Bariatric surgery in Islamabad is a surgical procedure that is carried out to remove excess fat or address obesity by altering the shape and structure of the stomach. This is a complicated procedure, and a surgeon requires a comprehensive evaluation and testing before moving to the surgery. At the start, an initial consultation and evaluation session is held, and after that, a series of medical tests, including but not limited to X-rays, cardiac testing, blood tests, etc, are performed.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to remove excess fat from your body and get the desired shape. We do not only provide personalized treatment but also ensure best practices to ensure the safety and general health of our patients.