What is the best way to fix protruding teeth

Proper alignment of teeth gives the ok sign to you to create an aesthetically pleasing and attractive smile. Teeth symmetry and alignment are also deemed paramount for functional and aesthetic reasons. The arrangement of teeth influences how you speak, eat and express yourself. Many people have buck teeth that bother them. Protruding teeth treatment in Islamabad rearranges the teeth pattern, resolves functional issues and also improves the aesthetics of the teeth.

Let’s Understand This Issue!

Buck teeth refer to teeth misalignment or symmetry. The upper teeth move outside or forward from their normal placements, creating a gap or misalignment of teeth. Basically, the upper front teeth move away from their normal positions because of several reasons, such as thumb sucking, etc. Protruding teeth disturb the aesthetics of the smile and also lead to numerous functional issues such as speech and bite-related and health issues. 

Causes Of Overjet Teeth

  • The lack of space
  • The size of the jaw
  • Injuries or Trauma
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Habits like Thumb sucking

Why Should I Fix Protruding Teeth?

  • When it comes to treating these buck teeth, there are a plethora of reasons to get an appropriate treatment, and given the importance of fixing this issue, you cannot neglect even a single reason.
  • Misalignment of teeth decreases the grace and elegance of your smile and creates an element of self-consciousness. Its treatment not only abolishes those negative senses but also reestablishes the foundation of a brighter and more dazzling smile
  • This issue makes it difficult to maintain oral health and makes teeth more susceptible to damage or injuries. If you deal with this issue, not only will it reduce the risks of side effects and danger, but it will also improve overall oral health
  • Functional issues such as chewing, biting and speech-related problems caused by dental protruding can only be addressed by dealing with buck teeth because misalignment of teeth leads to those defects

What Is The Best Way To Fix Protruding Teeth?

If you are wondering how to fix protruding teeth and regain the aesthetics of your beautiful smile, then, first of all, you should consult with an expert at Royal Cosmetic Surgery. He will analyse the severity of the issue and inform you about the most suitable treatment accordingly. 

There are several effective treatments to address this dental issue. Every procedure entails a unique approach and is carried out based on the specific requirements of an individual. So, the best way relies on the severity of the issue, personal ambitions, overall dental health and the recommendations of an orthodontist.

You can consider the following treatments and choose the most suitable one

Dental Braces

Braces are basically orthodontic devices that are used to apply gentle yet persistent pressure to the teeth in order to correct their misalignment. These devices gradually shift the positioning of teeth by applying continuous pressure. Dental Braces are quite helpful in regaining proper alignment or improving the symmetry of teeth. Whether you are concerned about the aesthetics or functions of your teeth, this treatment can help you meet your objectives.


This is also an orthodontic treatment used to correct buck teeth and improve the alignment of teeth. These are dental appliances that offer desired results in a better way as they are removable and almost invisible devices. This treatment is quite effective if you have minor teeth misalignment.

Furthermore, orthodontic headgear and orthodontic surgery are also effective treatments to address this dental problem. Several treatments are there to address this issue and recreate the symmetry and alignment of teeth. You must consult with a professional to find the most suitable and effective treatment based on your specific conditions and requirements.

The Bottom Line:

Many people face protruding teeth or buck teeth. This dental condition leads to numerous functional and aesthetic issues. It is essential to treat this problem in order to regain the lost confidence, the attractiveness of a smile and the normal functionality of teeth. Though surgical procedures are also there to improve the placement of teeth, there are also several non-surgical protruding teeth treatments in Islamabad to address this problem effectively. You should consult with a professional to find the most suitable treatment based on your specific requirements.

Book your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to get the best advice and most suitable treatment to rejuvenate your appearance and embellish yourself with an appealing smile! We prioritise the demands and needs of our patients and strive to meet their stated ends. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and make an educated and well-informed decision!


What is the best way to fix protruding teeth?

You do not need to extract or remove your teeth to recreate the symmetry and alignment of your teeth. You can consider dental braces or Invisalign to address this dental problem and improve the placement of teeth.
Braces apply gentle yet continuous pressure to the teeth to shift them. It is a time-consuming procedure. Normally, a person needs to wear braces for about one and a half years or even more based on his specific requirements.
Everyone likes properly aligned and symmetrical teeth because they look attractive and also make you wear an appealing smile. Misalignment of teeth looks unattractive because it alters the placement of teeth and also leads to several functional issues.